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H.R.P Chapter 91: Sealing the Yonbi

During the month they’ve spent training Anko, Orochimaru learned that Ryo had learned all the main seals of the Uzumaki Clan, and that he was even better than him when it came to Fuinjutsu.But on the other hand, although both were Kage Tier, Orochimaru was much stronger than Ryo.

And tailed beast is a physical gathering of Chakra. It could feel pain, and be killed, but only to be resurrected. Therefore, Manda’s Poison can cause it damage, but the best way to deal with it is to seal it.

Orochimaru’s idea was to restrict Sun Wukong’s movements with the help of Manda’s poison, and then use Ryo’s advanced Fuinjutsu to seal it back into Roshi’s body.

If Roshi cannot rely on the Yonbi’s strength, he’d be low Kage tier. With two other Kage tier Ninjas facing him, killing him becomes a possibility.

Although Manda’s character was bad and hard to deal with, his cooperation with Orochimaru over the years made the two golden partners that are well in sync.

The Yonbi got over whelmed by the two of them, and Manda’s venom began to erode its body, and make his movements slower and slower.

“Ryo kun, are you ready?” Orochimaru asked.

“The seal is ready, the high level Uzumaki [Four Symbols Seal]. I can use it whenever it’s needed.” Ryo replied.

Orochimaru nodded, and Manda continued to attack. It started reducing the amount of venom secreted, while changing its character at the same time. With that, the Yonbi finally lost control of its body and fell to the ground.

“Bastard, abominable human, I shall kill you.” The Yonbi was only paralyzed, and its consciousness was still awake.

Orochimaru didn’t pay attention to the Yonbi’s words, turning to Ryo and saying: “Ryo kun, it’s your chance!”

“Alright!” Ryo’s hands formed the hand seals required and he launched [Four Symbols Seal]. In the Manga, Minato used two Four Symbols Seals combined into the [Eight Trigrams Seal] to e able to seal the Kyubi within Naruto’s body. Ryo speculated that it would enough to use a simple Four Symbols Seal to seal Sun Wukong.

“Abominable human!” Under the Yonbi’s cursing of Ryo, [Four Elephant Seal] was launched. The Biju ended up disappearing, leaving only Roshi behind on the ground.

With the Yonbi’s sealing, Roshi regained consciousness. He found that he had no escape, and sounds just a little surprised as he said: “I didn’t expect you to be able to subdue the Yonbi so quickly!”

Ryo was stunned to find that Roshi looked calm; he felt that there was something wrong. The man was facing two Kage tier Ninjas, without his Biju’s help. He had no chance of winning, and his life was in danger. However, he didn’t even try to escape.

Ryo entered Sage Mode to strengthen his perception abilities, and checked on the situation in Konoha’s camp.

He was shocked by it, and his face changed greatly!

While they were facing the Yonbi, Onoki, along with the Rock’s Jonins, were attacking Konoha’s camp. Konoha Ninjas had no heads, no command, and the camp was in absolute chaos. They were falling to Onoki’s Dust release, with over a 100 Ninjas “evaporating” under his attacks.

“Orochi san! Onoki has taken the chance to attack our camp. Let me handle Roshi! You should get back to the camp first!”

“Didn’t expect this move from Onoki! Ryo kun, I’m going back!” After that, Orochimaru rushed towards Konoha’s camp.

With it less than a kilometer away, he reached the camp in no time.

Onoki’s initial plan was letting the Yonbi stall the two until he was able to destroy the entirety of the camp. What he didn’t expect was that the Yonbi would be subdued in such a short time.

He had just started his attack, when Orochimaru was already back fending off one of his Dust Release Jutsus.

Konoha’s Ninjas morals returned when they saw that Orochimaru had returned. The Rock’s sneaking team’s main force was Onoki. While the rest of the Ninjas were all powerful, they relied on Onoki’s Dust Release to hold Konoha’s Ninjas off. Against over 4000 of Konoha’s Ninjas, they stood no chance of winning without him.

But Ryo detected their plot.  By the time they snuck in, Orochimaru was back. Their mission was doomed to be over.

Roshi intended to retreat, but Ryo did not want to let him go. He blinked in front of him, blocking his way out.

There was no doubt that Ryo had great hatred within his heart towards Roshi. His grudge for the death of Yamanaka Akahito was engraved deep within his heart. This was his chance to get his revenge, and he was definitely unwilling to let his foe escape.

And without the Yonbi’s power, Roshi’s power was greatly decreased. This was the ultimate chance for Ryo to kill his and avenge Akahito.

Ryo seemingly went for the same style of attack, leaving an Ice scalpel where he used to be, and using Lightning to approach Roshi.

Although Roshi didn’t have the Tailed Coat Mode to protect him, but to avoid any incidents Ryo changed the last step of his attack, stopping at a three meter distance from his fow, and using [Chidori Eiso] to attack from a distance.

At the moment of release of Chidori Eiso, scorching lava suddenly appeared all over Roshi’s body, and his Lava composed armor was able to fend off Ryo’s attack.

This Lava Chakra Mode also appeared in the Manga. With Edo Tensei, he was forced to fight the allied forces in the 4th war and faced Naruto.

In that state, even Naruto’s Rasengan couldn’t break this Lava armor, and even Naruto was burned by it.

Originally, Ryo though that it was a power dependent on the Yonbi; he didn’t expect Roshi to be a user of Lava release by himself.

Facing the Lava Chakra Mode, Ryo had nothing to do. Facing this armor, he seemed to be in a very helpless situation. He couldn’t face its heat, let alone break through it.

“Kid, looks like you cannot keep up with me!”

“That’s not necessarily the case. I don’t know how long you can sustain this mode without the Yonbi’s Chakra. Also, when I sealed it within you, I’ve also sealed much your own Chakra stores!”

Ryo said those words, while keeping an eye of Roshi’s expression. Sure enough, when he mentioned the fact that his Chakra was sealed, Roshi panicked a little as well.

“Hiro, let’s attack him nonstop! You with your Water Gunshots, and me with my water release as well. Let’s see how much it takes us to burn him out!” Said Ryo, as he once again blocked Roshi’s way out.

Gamahiro heared Ryo. As he understood his intentions, he immediately started releasing consecutive Gunshots towards him.

With the joined effort of man and toad, Roshi’s Lava Chakra Mode was eventually extinguished by the onslaught of water attacks.

“Old man, without your mode, what will you do now?” Ryo was interested in how Roshi, who was drenched in water, would react.

His face was really heavy indeed. Just like Ryo had just said, his Chakra had already bottomed out, and there was a possibility that he would die there.

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