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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 101: The Eight New Hunters

Hearing Netero’s words, Hanzo was stunned for a moment, and then he thought he was lucky that he passed by forfeit.

This way, he wouldn’t have to fight now and wouldn’t get tired if he lost his match. He thought that Netero saw his potential and valued him.

After Netero’s announcement, Killua walked to the center of the venue with his hands in his pocket while Bodoro walked to the stands with a serious expression.

Different from Killua, who was a twelve years old kid, Bodoro was a middle aged man that is old enough to be Killua’s father.

He was also a martial artist. In the original show, Killua went crazy due to Illumi’s influence and attacked and killed Bodoro when Leorio was fighting him.

Illumi and Killua didn’t face each other since this time, Illumi didn’t drop his disguise.

He won’t attack Killua or reveal who he is now.

The reason he revealed himself in the original show was to make Killua admit defeat.

Since Illumi won’t be fighting him, so there was no need for him to show himself.

So now, Killua was mentally stable and quite rational. He won’t kill Bodoro.

“Come on, kid,” Bodoro said.

“Uncle, I’ll let you attack first,” Killua said with his hands inside his pocket. He didn’t put Bodoro in his eyes.

As a martial artist, Bodoro found Killua’s comment full of disrespect, and with a cold snort, he immediately sent his palm toward Killua’s chest.

Killua avoided his attack without effort, making Bodoro attack again.

Killua continued evading Bodoro’s attacks as all the latter could hit Killua’s afterimage.

This was one of Killua’s technique, Shadow Steps.

It’s a move that is most suited for assassination, but it can be used to avoid attacks as well.

Bodoro wasn’t bad. He was a well-known martial artist with 20 years of experience but faced a professional assassin with high talent like Killua. He wouldn’t be able to do much.

“Uncle, it’s my turn now.”

Killua flashed with his Shadow steps and quietly appeared behind Bodoro.

Bodoro’s expression changed slightly, and before he could react, Killua sent him flying.

Killua activated his Elder Abuse mode and started beating Bodoro without letting him fight back.

But Killua was merciful as he didn’t attack him with all of his power.

Whether it was strength, speed, or reflex, Bodoro was beaten in all aspects.

However, he still didn’t admit defeat.

His reason was simple, as a well known martial artist, he has his own dignity and pride.

He wasn’t willing to lose to such a small monster who didn’t hit puberty yet. If he admits defeat, he won’t be able to show his face in the martial arts world again.

Killua noticed this and reminded him: “Uncle, if you give up now, you will still have a chance to fight later, but if you don’t, I will attack seriously and at that time, let alone fight, you might have to spend some time in the hospital.”

As he said this, Killua released his Killing Intent. His target was Bodoro.

As a professional Assassin, Killua’s killing intent was potent that it made others feel their impending death.

Bodoro felt death near and could only sigh and said: “I admit defeat.”

“A wise choice, Uncle.” The killing intent disappeared without a trace as Killua’s expression returned to normal.

Netero directly announced: “Killua wins, please come up to get your hunter License.”

Killua put his hands on his pockets and walked with a relaxed face. He took the Hunter License from Cheadle and returned beside the others.

“Well, for the remaining three, how about we have a Rodeo between you three, and when someone is defeated, the other two become hunters. Is there someone who has something to say?”

“I do.”

Pokkle stood up.

Netero said: “You again, what is it this time?”

Pokkle glanced at Hanzo and Bodoro and said: “I’m maybe the weakest out of the three, so if we use that new rule, I will most likely lose, so why not follow the previous rule, which sounds fair?.”

Netero thought for a while and said: “No, we will use the new rule.”

Pokkle was speechless and wanted to say another thing but was denied.

This made him curse Netero in his heart, but he couldn’t do anything as Netero was the Association’s Chairman.

Quickly, Bodoro, Pokkle, and Hanzo stood on the stage in 20 meters circle.

The two remaining in the circle will become hunters, while the one thrown out will be disqualified.

Soon, the battle started.

Pokkle and Bodoro seemed to have agreed, and as soon as the match started, both attacked Hanzo.

One attacked from the right and the other from the left. Hanzo became serious as he felt the danger.

He avoided Bodoro’s palm and attacked Pokkle, who retreated immediately and aimed an arrow at Hanzo.


He shot an arrow at Hanzo, who easily avoided it, but at this time, Bodoro rushed from behind and sent a double palm strike at his back.

Hanzo leaped up and shouted: “Ninja Art: Shadow Clone.”

Two Hanzo stood on the stage. One of them was a clone, one rushed at Bodoro, and the other ran at Pokkle.

Both of them were fast. In the blink of an eye, they were in front of Pokkle and Bodoro.


At the same time, Bodoro and Pokkle were knocked out by Hanzo.

Everyone saw both Pokkle and Bodoro out of the circle at the same time.

Hanzo did a great job as he knocked both of them out at the same time.

Hanzo, who was still in the circle, showed a winning smile. If they didn’t team up against him, he wouldn’t have knocked both of them out like that. They were asking for it.

Therefore, in the match that was supposed to let two passes, only one passed.

And like this, the 287th Hunter Exam came to an end.

Eight people passed the exam. They were Allan, Gon, Kurapika, Illumi, Chrollo, Hisoka, Killua, and Hanzo.

Netero stood up and announced to everyone.

“There will be a celebration Banquet at eight tonight in the hotel next to the Association building. It for our new Hunters to get to know their colleagues.”

Netero then looked at Allan and the others and said: “If there is a problem, you can choose not to go.”

Kurapika directly asked Allan: “Allan, are you going?”

Allan replied: “Although the Chairman said that it was a celebration banquet for the eight of us, it is like a meeting between colleagues, and if we don’t go, we will be hated.”

Killua said: “There are a banquet and free food. If you don’t have anything else, you should go.”

“That’s it. We should go and take a look.” After saying this, Allan continued: “I’m going to the Hospital to see Gon. He would like to go as well.”

Hearing this, Kurapika and Killua both wanted to visit Gon as well.

At this moment, Hisoka raised his hand and said: “President, I have something to do so that I won’t go.”

“Is it urgent?” Netero asked.

Hisoka smiled! “I just don’t want to ruin the fun.”

Netero said: “Huh, what a silly person. Okay, Hisoka, you can leave first.”

Netero’s tone wasn’t like it used to be of that gentle old man, as Hisoka not going was like not giving him face.

And like this, Hisoka was the first to leave the room.

After this, Chrollo directly said: “Sorry, Chairman, I have something to do as well, so I won’t go.”

Netero was getting dissatisfied now and asked: “Is it urgent?”

Chrollo smiled and said: “My companions are still waiting for me, I must go meet them, so I can’t go.”

Netero said in displeasure: “Can’t you let them wait? This banquet is specially made for the new hunters.”

Chrollo said: “I’m really sorry.”

Netero waved his hand.

Chrollo was second to leave the room.

“Is there anyone else who can’t attend?” Netero asked with displeasure filling his face.

“Ah, I can’t go as well, I have something to do, so I can’t stay here,” Illumi said.

Netero frowned and said: “Is it an urgent matter?”

Illumi nodded and said: “Well, I have to assassinate someone before midnight, so I can’t really participate.”

Netero nodded slightly and said: “So you’re an assassin.”

“Yeah.” Illumi nodded.

He was still hiding with that disguise of his, so except Allan and Hisoka and the ones Allan told, no one knew who he was, not even Netero.

However, when he was walking out, he suddenly walked toward Killua.

Killua became vigilant for a moment as he stared at Illumi.

The aura around him made Killua feel inexplicably familiar.

“You, what do you want?”

“Killua, you still didn’t know who I’m?”

Illumi said in surprise.

At this moment, even his voice changed.

Killua’s expression changed when he heard the familiar voice.

He looked at Illumi nervously and asked: “Could it be that you’re Illumi?”

“You have to call me Big Brother, Killua.” As he said this, Illumi pulled the needles from his face.

Finally, he revealed his real face in front of everyone.

Black hair, black pupil, and a very handsome face.

Killua suddenly turned pale and said in horror: “Big… Big brother?”

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