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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 103: Visiting Gon

Allan brought Hancock, Kurapika, and Hanzo to the medical center to visit Gon.

Gon was happy about the visit, but he was stunned when he saw Hancock: “Allan, who is this beautiful Onee-san? Why haven’t I met her before? Is she your friend?”

Allan smiled and nodded. Unexpectedly, even the simple-minded Gon was stunned by Hancock’s beauty.

“Gon, she is my fiancée. You can call her Snake princess.”

Allan explained it to Gon.

“She’s a princess?” Gon looked at Allan in surprise: “And she is your fiancée.”

Allan nodded and took Hancock’s hand and said: “Yes, look, I even gave her an engagement ring.”

Wow, a pretty diamond ring.” Gon exclaimed.

Although Hancock was dissatisfied with Allan’s nonsense, she didn’t say anything to refute his words.

She can’t control her body if she resists, and most importantly, she liked the Diamond Ring.

Hanzo was irritated and said: “When I save enough money, I will go find a beautiful fiancée for myself as well.”

“Speaking of which, why did Killua come here?” Gon asked confusion.

He thought that they were good friends, Killua even surrendered in their fight, which means that Killua regarded him as a real friend tool.

So Killua not visiting him now made him worried.

Kurapika and Hanzo were a little hesitant about telling him, but they left that responsibility with Allan in the end.

Allan directly explained what happened to Killua, making Gon quite angry at Illumi.

He sat up from the bed and said: “I’m going to find Killua.”

“Don’t be impulsive, Gon.”

“Yes, Gon, Killua went back willingly. It’s better for us to not interfere in their family.”

“Moreover, Killua’s family is special. They are a family of assassins. If you go by yourself, I’m afraid that they will treat you as an enemy, and at that time, let alone seeing Killua, you won’t even get out alive.”

After some discussion, Gon was convinced that he shouldn’t look for Killua.

“Gon, Chairman Netero held a banquet at the nearby hotel so that new hunters can get to know their peers. Do you want to participate?”

“Yes.” Gon nodded.

“Okay then, rest for now, and we’ll come to get you later.”


After leaving Gon’s ward, Allan took Hancock and went to his room.

He couldn’t wait to eat the Ice Ice Fruit.

Hanzo and Kurpaika followed Allan for a bit before asking: Allan, now that the Hunter Exam is over, regarding your promise, when are we going to begin?”

“Eh? What is it?” Allan was a little puzzled.

Kurapika suddenly became embarrassed and said: “Allan, didn’t you promise to teach Kurapika and me how to use Nen?”

Allan remembered that promise, but he completely forgot about it as he was focused on the Ice Ice Fruit.

Allan thought for a bit and said: “Okay, you should find Leorio, and I will teach you both.”

Kurapika nodded as he didn’t have any problem.

“Then, I will leave for now.”

Allan was in a hurry to eat the devil fruit already, but at this time, Hanzo spoke: “Please wait.”

“Huh, you’re still here?”

Hanzo was speechless of a bit: “My presence isn’t that thin, okay.”
Allan didn’t both talking nonsense and directly asked: “What’s the matter?”

Hanzo glanced at Kurapika and scratched his head, and said with embarrassment: “Well, can you teach me Nen as well?”

Allan was stunned. He didn’t expect Hanzo’s request.

His relationship with Hanzo wasn’t that good, which is why Hanzo was currently embarrassed.

Seeing Allan not answering, Hanzo knew that he was pushing his luck, but he still said: “I know that this request is presumptuous, but I admire your power and hope you can teach me. I promise that I will do my best.”

At this time, the system gave him a choice.

[Ding! Make your choice]

[1: Promise Hanzo to teach him the Nen of Flame. Reward: Swordsmanship, Flying Slash.]

[2: Refuse Hanzo’s request. Reward: Increase Nen by 2,000 Points!]

Allan’s eyes flashed as he saw the Flying Slash.

For the sake of that reward, he looked at Hanzo and nodded.

“Well, since everyone knows each other, I will teach you. I will be your teacher from now on, so you better be obedient.”

“Of course.” Hanzo rejoiced.

He admired Allan’s strength, even more when he fought him and believed that Allan could teach him well.

Although he didn’t know anything about Nen, he noticed one thing about it. Once you learn it, you will get stronger.

“So when will we start?” Hanzo asked.

“After Kurapika finds Leorio,” Allan answered.

He didn’t want to teach them one by one as it is too time-consuming.

He already promised three, and adding Hanzo wasn’t a problem. The real problem is that Illumi took Killua away, so he can’t teach him for now.”

“What should I do now then?” Hanzo asked.

“Gon is still in the hospital now. I think he is quite bored, if you don’t have anything to do, you can accompany him to relieve your boredom.”

“Okay, I will go then.” Hanzo didn’t say anything else and returned to Gon’s room.

“Then I will go contact Leorio,” Kurapika said.

“Okay, go ahead.”

After dismissing Kurapika and Hanzo, Allan looked at Hancock, who was looking at him silently, and asked: “What? You didn’t see anyone as handsome as me before?”

“Humph, this Empress is just thinking about who you are. Also, what is that Nen thing that baldy was talking about with the Blonde? Why didn’t I hear anything about it?”

Allan smiled: “Of course you don’t know about that. You’re not from here after all.”

Hancock frowned and asked: “So, what is here exactly?”

“Do you want the truth?”

“Of course I want the truth.”

Allan shrugged.

“The truth is, you aren’t in your original world.”

Hancock’s expression changed when she heard this.

“What did you say?”

Allan spread his hand and said: “It means that in this world, although there are pirates, it isn’t the same as where you come from. There are no Shichibukai, no Yonko, no World government, no Marine Headquarters, and no celestial Dragons. Although there are seas in this world, there is no Grand Line.”

“Then, where is my country? how can I go to Amazon Lily, and where are my people?”

“Of course, none of them exists here,” Allan said simply, but this had a huge impact on Hancock.

“No, I don’t believe that. That’s impossible.” Hancock exclaimed.

This was too shocking for her, and she couldn’t believe it.

Regardless of that, Allan said: “Listen well, Hancock, this is another world entirely. Another dimension I call the Hunters world. Here the main profession is the hunter’s profession. That’s why no one knew about you.”


Hearing this, Hancock gritted her teeth.

“Then, how did you bring me here? What is your purpose?” Hancock asked grumpily.

“Of course, I summoned you. I don’t have any purpose in summoning you. I just wanted to try.”

“You bastard!”

Hancock wanted to kill him, and if she could, she would’ve already killed him. Allan smiled slightly: “Sorry, I was too straightforward.

Rest assured, as long as you listen to me. I will send you back. After, I’m a person who keeps his promise.”

“A$$hole!” Hancock glared at Allan.

“Hmm, even though you’re angry, you’re still beautiful.”

Allan smiled while Hancock still glared at him.

“You bastard, This Empress will kill you someday,” Hancock swore with gritted teeth.

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