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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 102: Getting Rid of Illumi’s Control Part 2

Allan directly pulled Killua to the side and called Hancock to block the view between them, which made her think: ‘What a terrible man, he wants this empress to block the view.’ But she still did it in the end.

Two minutes weren’t short or long, and that’s all the time Allan needed.

He looked at Killua and said directly: “Killua, listen closely, I will help you get rid of your bother’s control over you. I hope you will cooperate.”

Hearing this, Killua said, puzzled: “What do you mean? Are you going to help me deal with my big brother?”

Allan shook his head and said: “No, I’m going to make the long story short. Actually, there is a needle in your head right now. Illumi put it there to control you. That is the reason you are so afraid of him.

Now, what I’m going to do is help you take that needle out from your head, and your brother won’t control you anymore.”

Killua was doubtful because he didn’t feel anything abnormal at all.

As a professional Assassin, no one should know his body’s condition better than himself.

But now, Allan actually said that he had a needle in his head…

However, he knew that Allan seriousness, he believed him a bit, and he always wondered why he was always afraid of Illumi.

“Killua, do you believe me?” Allan asked.

Killua nodded: “Although I don’t understand this very well, I know you won’t harm me.”

“Okay, then you do as I tell you to take that needle out,” Allan said.

“So, where is this needle exactly?” Killua asked.

Allan said: “The needle should be in the center of your eyebrows. It shouldn’t be too deep. Use your Hand technique to sharpen your fingers and look for it. However, be careful not to insert it further and cause brain damage.”

Killua nodded.

Although it seemed impossible to remove a needle without surgery, Killua’s assassination skills were superb, and it wasn’t that difficult for him.

After all, he could easily remove a human’s heart with his bare hand without said opponent’s knowledge.

Killua took a deep breath and started looking for the needle inside his forehead.

After a few seconds, Killua whispered: “Found it.”

After finding it, Killua removed it in less than two seconds and raised his hand in front of him to look at the golden needle.

“Is this the needle that Illumi inserted in my head?” Killua asked with surprise.

Killua knew that if it weren’t for Allan, he wouldn’t even know about this needle’s existence, let alone remove it.

Allan checked the needle using Gyo and found a lingering Nen from Illumi.

“Yes, this needle controls you and dominates you. It makes you feel fear toward Illumi. But it’s okay now since you removed it.”

Killua nodded and looked gratefully at Allan: “Thank you, I won’t forget this favor.”

Allan waved his hand, gesturing that it was okay and he was welcome.

At this time, Allan heard the System’s voice that he came to enjoy.

[Ding! You successfully helped Killua take out the needle from his head, freeing him from Illumi’s control. Reward: Six Powers. Rankyaku.]

After learning how to use Rankyaku, Allan looked at Killua and asked: “Now that the needle is taken care of, you still want to go home?”

Killua nodded: “My family is a bit special, I did sneak out this time and injured my mother in the process, so I have to go back and apologize.”

“Okay, take care of yourself.” Allan didn’t say anything else as Hancock said: “That man is here.”

Allan looked up and saw Illumi arrive.

He looked at Allan and said: “The two minutes are up. I will take Killua now.”

Allan shrugged: “Go ahead.”

Killua cooperated with Illumi.

He was surprised that he didn’t fear Illumi like before. Although he was still fearful, it was his instinct warning him, Nothing else.

Of course, Killua didn’t show it. He acted very obediently, or else Illumi might discover what they did. Killua believed that Illumi would put another needle again.

That is the reason why he decided to act as if he was still under Illumi’s control for the time being.

He wasn’t worried about being discovered by Illumi, as the latter would only use that needle when Killua is disobedient.

And as long as Illumi doesn’t use it again, he won’t know that Killua has taken it off.

“Goodbye, Allan, Kurapika. Please tell Gon that I bid him farewell. I hope we meet again in the future.” Said Killua before leaving.

He gained a lot from his trip, he managed to get a hunter’s license, becoming a professional hunter, and he also made friends, which made him satisfied.

After seeing Killua leaving with Illumi, Allan took Hancock and left.

Kurapika frowned and asked: “Allan, what did you say to Killua? Although he still followed his brother, he didn’t seem as afraid as before.”

Allan was surprised by how observant Kurapika was as he managed to pick the little changes in Killua.

After all, even Illumi didn’t notice the change.

Allan briefly explained how he helped Killua take out the needle Illumi used to control him.

Kurapika frowned and said: “I didn’t think Killua’s brother is such a terrible guy. He actually wants to control his brother like that.”

Allan shrugged and said: “That guy is a super bro-con after all.”

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