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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 105: Testing Ice Fruit Part 2

At this time, Allan, who was sitting across Hancock, stood up.

Originally, he thought that this person would have enough self-respect and go away after being rejected.

He didn’t think his skin would be that thick and still bothered Hancock, which made Allan a little unhappy.

“She told you to go away. Are you deaf?”

Edward moved his gaze toward Allan with a gloomy face and said with polite words, but angry tone: “Sir, what did you just say, did you call me deaf? And you want to me go away?”

“It looks like you’re not deaf after all.” Allan sneered: “Since you’re not deaf, scram, or you will regret it.”

“Hahahaha, are you threatening me?”

“Oh, it’s not a threat. It’s a warning.” Allan said coldly.

“What if I don’t? What can you do to me?”

As soon as Edward said that, an invisible force instantly fell on him. His eyes rolled back as he fell to the ground, knocked out.

Suddenly, the whole restaurant erupted in an uproar.

The guests were horrified while the bodyguards rushed toward Edward.


The bodyguards almost fainted as they saw Edward on the ground, then they looked at Allan.

Although Allan didn’t do anything, they weren’t fools. Edward fainted for no reason, but Allan must’ve done something.

“What did you do to Edward-sama?”

One of the bodyguards stepped forward and put a hand on Allan’s shoulder to question him.

However, the moment his hand touched Allan’s shoulder, the latter sneered and used his Ice Ability, turning the bodyguard into an Ice Sculpture.

Another uproar filled the restaurant as the guests looked at Allan in horror.

They didn’t understand how the bodyguard turned into an Ice sculpture, but they were impressed.

The second bodyguard directly pulled out his gun and aimed at Allan, and said: “You, what have you done? Are you someone who can use Nen?”

“Oh? You actually know about Nen.” Allan said with slight surprise.

Then he smiled and said: “But, you don’t know how to use it.”

The bodyguard gritted his teeth and said angrily: “Damn it! No matter who you are, this is the Hunter Association’s jurisdiction, and Edward-sama is related to the Association, don’t think you can get out of this!”

“Why are you spouting so much nonsense? Go ahead and shoot!” Allan wanted to try the immunity he gained from the Ice Ice fruit.

The bodyguard was in business for more than ten years. This is the first time he heard someone urge him to shoot.

“If you don’t shoot me, I will attack.”

Allan pretended to raise his hand to attack, and the already nervous bodyguard directly pulled the trigger.


Suddenly, a bullet hit Allan’s body and directly passed through his chest.

However, there was no blood out of the wound.

Instead, Ice condensed from thin air and repaired the hole.

Even his clothes were intact.

Allan smiled in satisfaction.

“Monster!!” The bodyguard saw this and looked at Allan in horror.


He shot Allan twice, but the same weird thing happened, and the two holes closed up like it was nothing.

At this time, the bodyguard almost peed his pants as he turned around and ran out of the restaurant.

“Want to escape? No way!”

Allan sneered and thrust his foot on the ground sending a cold force into the ground that traveled directly toward the running bodyguard. As soon as he stepped out of the restaurant, he was caught and turned into an Ice Sculpture.

Hancock looked at Allan in surprise.

The Ice Ice fruit should be really hard to control, she could understand from the previous time Allan showed her his ability that he can control it well, but she didn’t expect his control to reach such high in such a short time.

After all, using a ranged ability and not losing control and freezing everything around him the first time he used this ability for real was an accomplishment.

But it wouldn’t be that surprising if she knew that Allan had experience in manipulating Ice before he got the Ice Ice fruit.

Although the power and effect were different, it still laid a good foundation for the ice Ice Fruit.

“Let’s go.”

Allan took Hancock’s hand and walked out of the restaurant under the jealousy of almost every male there.

As for Edward Wells, and his bodyguards, Allan didn’t really care much.

After all, he didn’t want to just kill him because he made him unhappy. If he was a threat to him, he would’ve killed him, but Allan didn’t put him in his eyes.

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