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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 105: Testing Ice Fruit Part 1

Ice Ice Devil Fruit was one of the top Logia fruits in One Piece, like the Magma and Lightning.

Whoever has this fruit can freeze the sea. When the Freezing ability is developed to a certain extent, it can change the natural environment and climate of a country.

Allan ate that kind of Devil fruit. Furthermore, he has Armament Haki, Observation Haki, and Conqueror Haki, which made him as strong as an Admiral from One Piece.

No, he is stronger than an ordinary admiral since he had other abilities like Flash Steps, his swordsmanship, and Leaf’s Taijutsu techniques.

Hancock was quite surprised that Allan had that fruit, and what made her even more surprised, Allan seemed to have good control of that ability.

As far as she knew, anyone who gets an ability as strong as the Ice Ice fruit won’t be able to control it so well as soon as they ate it.

Aside from that, she knew for sure that Allan got the Ice Ice fruit, but there is no way a fruit will be duplicated, and Aokiji had that fruit, which made her wonder how did Allan had the Ice Ice fruit.

“As far as I know, no devil fruit had the same ability as another one, and the only way to obtain a certain fruit is to kill the current user and wait for it to form again somewhere in the sea. Could it be you killed Aokiji and took his fruit?”

Allan shook his head in denial: “I didn’t take it from Aokiji, but you don’t need to know where I got it now.”

Although Hancock was curious, she didn’t ask again.

Allan wasn’t going to say that he has a system that can give him awesome rewards.

Right now, he couldn’t wait to find someplace to try the Ice Ice fruit’s power.

He could feel that he was really strong right now. He felt that he could freeze a few miles with a wave of his hand.

The Devil Fruit ability was stronger and more convenient than turning his Nen into Ice.

Not to mention, the greatest function of a Logia fruit is turning into an element.

That is something Nen can’t do. He is immune to physical attacks.

Furthermore, even if he encountered a transmuter like himself, that latter’s attacks won’t affect him unless it’s his counter element.

Just when Allan was quietly thinking about the advantages of the Ice Ice Fruit, he heard a voice from the side.

“Hey Beauty, do you want to enjoy a drink with me?”

Allan looked up and saw a blond man inviting Hancock to a drink.

The blond was quite handsome.

There were two bodyguards behind the blond man, who made Allan conclude that the blond wasn’t an ordinary person.

At this time, many people noticed the blonde and started whispering amongst each other.

“Look, isn’t that the big star Edward Wells?”

“Yes, that’s him, he seems to be after that black haired beauty in cheongsam.”

The beauty they were talking about was, of course, Hancock, and this Edward Wells was the blonde man.

From the moment Hancock entered the restaurant, the guests were glancing at him and never stopped. But those guests were somewhat polite and had common sense, so they just looked from a distance and didn’t dare come to talk to her.

However, Allan didn’t expect that someone would have enough courage to actually talk to Hancock.

Seeing that Hancock ignored him, the blond was embarrassed and said: “Oh, I didn’t introduce myself yet. I’m Edward Wells, you should know me from the two Movies [Love in the City] and [Flowers of Tomorrow], I starred in both.”

However, Hancock didn’t spare him a glance as she looked at Allan as if nothing else there mattered.

No, she occasionally looked at the food as well.

She was the same arrogant Hancock that didn’t put anyone in her eyes, and currently, not many could make her pay attention to them.

“So, do you want to join me for a drink?” Edward still asked again.

“Disgusting Fly, get out of this Empress sight.” Hancock suddenly said with a disgusted expression without even looked at Edward.

Edward froze for a moment, as he didn’t expect the other party would say he was disgusting and describe him as a fly on top of that.

Suddenly, malice flashed in his eyes, but he still squeezed a smile and said: “I just wanted to buy you a glass of wine, nothing else.”

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