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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 111: Ice Mirrors

Allan didn’t dare to look down on Netero with his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva out!

He knew that Netero couldn’t use killer moves against him, which was the best assurance he had.

After a short break, Allan got up and continued his attacks.

Rankyaku: Silver Fox form!!

Allan kicked the air and sent an air slash that took a fox form.

This was his original technique derived from the Rankyaku and swordsmanship.

Netero slapped the fox away, easily destroying it.

Taking advantage of the time he bought, Allan used another version of Rankyaku.

Rankyaku: Silver Wolves pack form!

Allan quickly kicked five times, sending five slashes that turned into wolves rushing toward Netero angrily.

Netero’s eyes brightened slightly as he looked at the wolves.

“Those attacks are good, but they can’t work against this old man.” Netero looked at Allan in the distance before slapping the wolves away with ease and smiled.

“Really? Let’s see then, Chairman!”

Allan sneered. He knew that the Rankyaku attacks couldn’t hold a candle against Netero, but he only attacked to by time for his next move.

Netero saw Allan’s expression and felt a bad omen.

He looked around to release that around him. Countless mirrors made of Ice sprung out from the ground, ceiling, and walls.

There were hundreds of Mirrors and no apparent pattern to them as they filled the room.

Those Ice Mirror were the same as normal mirrors. Netero could see his reflection on them.

As an old man, Netero’s eyes shouldn’t be that good!

Netero had a thoughtful look as he wondered what Allan planned to do.

He could feel that Allan planned something, but he didn’t know what exactly.

Therefore, he raised his vigilance to the highest level and looked at the Mirrors around him.

At this time, Allan’s figure breaks like a mirror before he appeared behind Netero, coming out of a random mirror like a ghost.

As soon as he emerged out, Allan used Armament Haki to cover his leg and kicked Netero, who felt the danger too late.

Allan took less than a blink to appear behind Netero, which caught the latter by surprise even though he was extremely vigilant.


Netero was sent flying.

As he stabilized his figure, and before he could regain his calm, Allan appeared from another Mirror and attacked Netero’s side.

While approaching Netero, Allan used [Zetsu] to eliminate his presence and avoid Netero’s senses.

Once again, Allan’s attack connected with Netero.

Allan heard a dull crack sound, and he knew that some of Netero’s bones broke.

Netero’s body was sent away like a cannonball, as Allan almost used all of his power in this punch.

Allan knew that if he didn’t go all out against an old monster like Netero, it would be like insulting him.

“Oops, it seems that attack was too much. I hope Chairman isn’t angry.”

After that punch, Allan didn’t continue his attack. After all, he knew that if Netero took him seriously, he wouldn’t last a second.

He directly turned into Ice and hid inside the Mirror, intending to observe Netero’s emotion before considering another attack.

“Oh, my old bones almost shattered.”

At this time, Netero got up and said jokingly.

Of course, he didn’t take damage to that extent as he used Nen to block most of Allan’s power and he was only slightly damaged.

He was filled with joy as he felt real pain after so long.


At this time, Netero realized that Allan’s figure was gone again.

But he guessed what Allan did. He could tell now that Allan was hiding in the Ice Mirrors, and by now, the old monster should’ve probably concluded Allan’s fruit ability.

He also knew that Allan’s power wasn’t Nen but another system completely.

This kind of power is like a supernatural ability.

“Chairman, I’m sorry, are you okay?” At this time, Allan’s voice appeared from inside a Mirror.

He was observing Netero’s change, and as soon as he saw him not angry but laughing instead, he directly spoke.

‘Did I hit him too hard and made him silly?’

Of course, Allan was joking. He knew the real reason for Netero to laugh.

It’s probably because no one was able to actually hit Netero for a long time.

Hearing Allan’s voice, Netero turned around and replied: “Hahaha, This old man is okay. It’s just that I haven’t felt this kind of pain for a long time now.”

‘So it’s really like that, huh!’

Allan once again spoke: “Chairman, do we continue the fight?”

“Of course, we need to do that. It’s been a long time since I could have this much fun.” Netero stretched his arms excitedly.

“Well then, be careful, chairman!” Allan kindly said.

“Hahaha, come on, this old man will be serious.” As soon as Netero’s voice fell, Allan appeared behind him again.

Armament-Type: Hardening!

His fist was covered in Haki as he punched.

Netero avoided the attack by jumping back without even looking behind.

He looked at the Ice Mirrors vigilantly as he knew that Allan would appear from one of them.

Allan was imitating Haku’s Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals Technique.

And since Allan is an Ice human, he had more control over Ice than Haku.

So, the Ice Mirrors can be easily repaired and rebuilt, unlike Haku’s.

As for his speed, Allan almost reached teleportation, as he can move between one Mirror and another in less than 0.3 seconds.

This caused an after-image effect as Allan’s figure appeared into all of the Mirrors, making it harder for Netero to determine his exact location.

Suddenly, Alan launched another surprise attack as his body emerged from a Mirror on top of Netero’s head. He was holding an Ice Sword in his hand, intending on piercing Netero’s shoulder.

However, as soon as the sword touched Netero, immense Nen covered him as he relied on it to block the attack and launch his own attack.

Allan already stopped attacking by the time Netero launched his own attack and directly teleported inside a Mirror in the wall and waited for another opportunity.

He knew very well that with Netero’s wits, he could adapt to any situation and deal with it almost instantly.

If he launched another attack directly, he knew that Netero wouldn’t give him another opportunity.

Indeed, Netero already regards Allan as a serious opponent, and therefore, he won’t give Allan other opportunities to attack him freely. Once Allan appears, he will instantly attack.

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