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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 116: Genjutsu Part 1

Allan didn’t immediately cancel his Heaven’s Eye. After observing Machi for a while, he didn’t see any other member of the spiders.

She was dressed the exact same way the hotel manager described her, which made him certain that machi was the one who left the suitcase for him.

But there is a problem. He didn’t know what is inside the suitcase.

Allan decided to open the suitcase and take a look. Even if there is something dangerous inside, Allan was confident that he could react quickly.

However, it seems like he was overly cautious.

After opening the box, he found money inside with a note.

It was a message that said: “I’m Chrollo. These are the one hundred million Jenny that I promised before.”

Seeing the note, Allan remembered the deal with Chrollo in the Exam.

Allan smiled. He didn’t expect Chrollo would keep his end of the deal and send 100 million Jenny.

However, the question was, why didn’t the spiders give him the money directly?

Allan thought for a bit and concluded that Machi didn’t want to show her face.

Allan directly put the money in his storage ring.

After that, he looked at Machi again.

Machi was inside a coffee sitting as if waiting for someone. She ordered a cup of tea and looked at the scene outside as if enjoying it.

Just when Allan was about to leave, the System stopped him.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Kill Machi, and become an Enemy with the Ryodan. Reward: Paramecia Devil Fruit, Cut Cut Fruit.]

[2: Take the initiative to talk with Machi and make her have a deep impression of you. Reward: Light Light Fruit experience card!]


Seeing the options, Allan was a little shocked.

He wasn’t Kurapika. There is no hatred between him and the Ryodan, apart from the conflict with Uvogin and Pakunoda during the test.

Now, if he kills Machi for the devil fruit, it would just make him the Ryodan’s target.

But he wasn’t a demon who would kill needlessly.

He could kill Machi easily, but he had no reason to kill her. Even if he got the Devil fruit, he wouldn’t be able to eat it since he already got one, and there is no need to become an enemy of the Spiders.

The Second option was better since the reward was an experience card for one of the top devil fruits.

Even if that ability can only be used once, it would be a good trump card.

Therefore, Allan decided on the second option.

Making Machi remember him and have a deep impression of him won’t be easy.

Even though she looked cute, she was cold-hearted.

It wasn’t an easy task, but Allan had away.

There are many ways to make someone have a deep impression of you. And Allan knew of those ways.

But he still hesitated, the first method was rough and will hurt Machi to make her remember him, and the other one is sneaking toward her and lifting her skirt up before giving her butt a good slap and run away.

But that would make her pester him almost every day, and it will cause quite a headache for him. It was the way to gain a stalker who wanted to kill you.

As for crushing her using strength, it will make her uncomfortable, but it will make her remember him.

Allan already formed a plan in his head and immediately released Heaven’s Eye and walked toward Machi.

Machi was sitting in a coffee, quietly drinking tea, and eating a dessert cake, but suddenly she noticed someone approaching.

A handsome young man was approaching her.

Allan stood in front of Machi and asked: “Do you mind if I sit here?”

“I mind,” Machi said indifferently.

Although the young man was handsome and an ordinary woman couldn’t resist him, she wasn’t an ordinary woman.

Allan didn’t seem to hear her words and pulled a chair and sat down in front of Machi.

Machi frowned and said: “There are many seats here.”

“But I want to sit here. I can’t?”

Allan’s willfulness made Machi unhappy: “I will give you three seconds to move away.”

“What if I refuse?”

Machi didn’t answer, but she started counting down in her head.




As the three seconds passed, she immediately attacked Allan.

However, something strange happened, Allan’s figure disappeared.

Machi was shocked, and before she could react, she was horrified to find tree branches growing from below her and restraining her movements.

In the blink of an eye, she was bound to a tree, completely restricted.

Machi was surprised.

Only a short second passed since she attacked Allan, but in that second, she was already bound to a tree.

Allan used a Genjutsu on Machi, Tree binding death technique.

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