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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 116: Genjutsu Part 2

To people outside, Machi seemed suddenly nervous, as if it was because the young man was pestering her.

Allan was sitting in his seat without moving.

“Damn it, who the hell is that guy?” Machi, who was still inside the Illusion, couldn’t help wondering as she tried to free herself.

“A$$hole! Let me go.” Machi angrily yelled.

Allan smiled darkly and said: “It’s easy to do that, but let me ask first, don’t you know me?”

“I don’t know, let me go.” Machi gritted her teeth.

“If you don’t know, why would you send money for Chrollo to me?”

Hearing Allan’s words, Machi was taken aback.

She seemed to understand something and said:” So you are Allan, the one Chief talked about?”

“Yes, that’s me,” Allan said.

Machi replied angrily: “I’m just taking a trip to give you the money, Chief, promise you, and I’m not interested in knowing you, let me go.”

“It’s okay. You will remember me now.”

“I don’t want to remember you. Let me go.” Machi angrily said.

“You don’t have to resist; you must remember me. And In order for you to do so, I must do something.” Allan took out a paintbrush and put it on Machi’s face, drawing something…

The people looking at the two just saw Allan get upholding a paintbrush and drew something on Machi’s face.

In Machi’s mind, she was restrained by the tree branches and wasn’t able to move.

Machi angrily shouted: “A$$hole, what are you doing, stop this instant.”

However, even if she shouted with everything she got, Allan didn’t seem to hear her.

“Don’t get excited. I’m just doing some makeup for you.” Allan smiled.

After a while, Allan stopped his movement and said: “It’s done. It’s looking good.”

“A$$hole!” Machi’s face was matching a tigress at this moment.

However, no matter how fierce she was, she wasn’t able to break free from the Illusion.

“Okay, I’m leaving first. By the way, if you see Chrollo, tell him I’ve received the money.”

Allan directly turned around and left.

He believed that with this, Machi would remember him.

Soon after Allan left, the Illusion holding Machi dropped.

She glanced around and couldn’t see any big trees around, and nothing was holding her from start to finish.

She immediately understood what happened. She was inside an illusion.

She felt ashamed. The more she thought about it, the more shamed she felt, and that shame quickly converted into anger.

She looked around and found many people pointed at her and laughing.

She took out a mirror and looked at her reflection, and found out that she was wearing smokey makeup.

If it was pretty, she wouldn’t mind it, but she looked like a ghost.

Wiping off the makeup, she wanted to vent her anger, and she found a few people mocking her.

In a few seconds, seven or eight people died.

But it wasn’t enough for Maki to vent her anger.

“A$$hole, I won’t let you go.” Machi gritted her teeth and clenched her small fists as she remembered Allan’s smile.

On the other hand, Allan received his reward.

[Ding! You successfully made Machi remember you. Reward: Light Light Fruit experience card.]

A golden card suddenly appeared in Allan’s hand as he glanced at it.

This card can only be used once, and after that one time, the card will disappear.

This experience card was very precious. If he used it casually, he would waste it. Therefore, Allan decisively put it away and saved it for future use.

Allan walked back to the restaurant to where Gon and Hancock were and directly said: “After eating, let’s go and find Killua.”

Gon Exclaimed: “Great.”

Hancock asked: “Did you find who gave you the suitcase?”



“A woman.”

Hancock stayed silent for a moment and then asked: “What is in the box?”

Allan raised his and said: “Are you curious?”

Upon seeing his smile, Hancock snorted coldly and said: “If you don’t want to say it, then forget about it.”

Allan smiled and said: “Well, I will just tell you. It was money.”


“Well, about a hundred million Jenny, to be exact.”

Allan laughed.

The money Chrollo sent was enough to solve their current need for money.

“One Hundred Million Jenny? How much is that?”

Hancock asked, and Allan thought for a bit and said: “If you use the current from where you came, it would be around one hundred million Belly.”

Hancock nodded without asking again.

She was an empress and had her own island. Let’s not talk about one hundred million. Even one billion was nothing to her.

After eating, Allan, Gon, and Hancock returned to their hotel rooms and packed up their luggage, and directly made their way to the airport.

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