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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 117: Kukuroo Mountain Part 1

Allan looked at the time as they reached the airport and found out that there is still an hour before their flight. So, they just went to the waiting area.

The technology in the Hunter X Hunter world was weird. They didn’t have planes, but aircraft instead.

In fact, there is no difference between a plane and an Aircraft. Both were developed by humans to fly in the sky.

Of course, the aircraft wasn’t as good as a plane, but it was the main flying vehicle in the Hunter X Hunter world.

At this time, Allan, who was waiting, felt a thin threat moving around.

He looked up and saw a woman staring at him.

It was Machi who Allan abused in the Genjutsu.

“Who is she?” Hancock frowned as she noticed Machi staring from a distance as well.

“A tigress,” Allan said. He didn’t expect Machi to find him so quickly.

“She’s coming,” Hancock said.

Allan looked up and saw Machi walking toward them. He knew that she wanted revenge, but he stayed calm as she didn’t pose a threat at all.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Let Hancock deal with Machi. Sit and watch the two women fight. Reward: String String experience card.]

[2: Let Gon deal with Machi. Sit and Watch Gon getting Abused. Reward: Chop Chop experience card.]

[3: Deal with Machi yourself. Reward: Increase Nen by 3,000 Points.]

Allan chose the first option and looked at Hancock.

“Hancock, do me a favor and deal with her.”

Hancock said: “Why?”

“I don’t hit women,” Allan said casually.

There is no such thing in Allan’s dictionary. He believed in gender equality, after all. If someone provoked him, it didn’t matter if it was a man or a woman.

But Hancock believed his words and stepped ahead: “What a gentleman. Okay, I will make an exception and help you this time.”

In fact, regardless if Hancock wanted to or not, as long as Allan gave his order, she wouldn’t be able to refuse.

However, Allan didn’t do this. After the time he spent with Hancock, their relationship improved a lot, and Allan no longer controlled her forcibly.

Hancock’s willingness to help was the biggest proof.

Seeing Hancock walking straight toward Machi, the latter felt ashamed. At this moment, Hancock beat her in both appearance and figure.

She was like a small star beside the moon. She seemed insignificant.

At this moment, Hancock said: “What do you want?”

Machi looked at Allan behind Hancock and said: “I want to kill that man.”

After saying this, she walked beside Hancock and prepared to attack Allan, but Hancock kicked.

Perfume Femur!

Machi directly avoided the kick and withdrew.

Hancock was a little surprised by Machi’s reaction speed, but she didn’t stop her attacks and kicked again.

Machi moved away and looked at Allan behind Hancock.

Allan was just sitting down and watching both women fight with interest.

Seeing the playful expression on Allan’s face, Machi was even angrier.

At this time, Allan said: “You’re not my match. If you want to get revenge, go and ask Chrollo to come here himself. However, I don’t think he will. At that time, be prepared to be wronged again.”

The so-called wronging Allan talked about was the Genjutsu he caught her in previously, which made Machi seething.

Machi gritted her teeth and said: “You wait for me; I will definitively settle this account.”

After saying this, Machi glanced at Hancock again before she angrily left.

Hancock turned around and looked at Allan: “What did you do to that woman? She seems to hate your guts.”

Allan shrugged and said: “Nothing, I just teased her a little bit.”

When Machi left, Allan received his reward.

This card was the same as the other one. He could use it one time for five minutes.

As time passed by, their flight was ready as they boarded the Aircraft toward Kukuroo Mountain that belonged to the Zoldyck family.

After two days, Allan and the others reached Dentora Region and directly went toward Kukuroo mountain.

Kukuroo mountain was one of the most popular tourist sites in the Dentora Region, as well as the home for the most famous assassin family.

Although the Zolyck was an assassin’s family, they were different from others since they don’t conceal their profession like other assassins.

To outsiders, this family was very mysterious.

Allan directly took Gon and Hancock toward the tourist bust, which was going to Kukuroo mountain.

An hour later, the bus stopped in front of the gate on top of the mountain.

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