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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 118: Testing Gate Part 1

Seeing the rewards, Allan was excited, especially the third reward.

Because as far as he knew, the Dragon Dragon fruit, Brachiosaurus, was the Fruit of Queen, one of the three plagues of Kaido.

This fruit’s defense and power were quite astounding, and it belonged to the Ancient Zoan type.

However, Allan chose the first option after pondering for a while.

Although the Ancient Zoan fruit was strong, Allan knew that Gon came to Killua as a friend. If he broke the Gate, it would be like provoking the entire Zoldyck family.

That wasn’t the development he was after.

Allan directly turned to look at the guard uncle and said: “Uncle, if we open the Testing Gate, will we be able to go in and find Killua?”

The Guard replied in a deep voice: “If you can open the Testing gate, of course, you can go in. However, this is Zoldyck’s private property, so I can’t guarantee what will happen after that.”

“Okay, I will give it a try.” Allan smiled and walked to the Gate.

“Little Brother, are you sure?” Upon seeing Allan walking toward the Gate, the Guard couldn’t help reminding: “There are beasts that eat people inside. I advise you to leave. Even if you go inside, it’s impossible to see Master Killua.”

“Well, I’m already here. It will be such a shame to return empty-handed, right? Let me try.”

Since Allan was serious, the Guard didn’t say anything anymore.

At this time, Gon asked: “Allan, do you want me to help?”

Allan shook his head: “No, I can do it myself, just stay there and watch.”

“Okay.” Gon nodded.

Hancock said: “Do you want me to help? I can just kick the door open.”

“No, I can break the door as well, but if we do, we will become enemies to the Zoldyck since we destroyed their door.”

Hancock didn’t say anything else after hearing Allan’s explanation.

“Okay, watch!”

Allan took off his suit, rolled up his sleeves, and put his hands on the Testing Gate.

After taking a deep breath, his whole body started exerting force.

There are a total of seven gates, and each one was heavier than the next.

At this moment, Allan’s muscles bulged out as he used all of his power.

With a low growl, a blue aura surrounded Allan’s body like a vast ocean.

The first Gate was opened!

The Second Gate was opened!

The Third Gate was opened!

The Fourth Gate was opened!

Allan directly opened 4 of the eight gates and pushed the fifth Testing Gate.

Since he achieved his purpose, Allan didn’t continue with the fifth Gate.

[Ding! You successfully opened three of the Testing Gate. Reward: Increase Nen by 10,000 Points]

Allan instantly felt his Nen increase greatly and estimated that his current max was 80,000 points.

As Allan let go of the gates, they closed with a bang.

“Allan, you’re amazing. You actually opened four gates.” Gon exclaimed with admiration.

“It’s okay if I worked harder, I could open the fifth, and a little more, I could’ve opened the sixth, and if went all out, I can open all seven.”

“Wow, that’s amazing!” Allan’s words didn’t just surprise Gon, but the Guard was also surprised as he stared at Allan with an open mouth.

The Guard knew that each Gate was heavier than the other, and each time you go up a gate, it will be double the weight of the previous one. The first Gate was 4 tons, the second was eight, and the third was 16. Allan opened the fourth, which was 32 tons. This was already scary.

But Allan actually said that if he went all out, he would be able to open all seven gates.

“It’s even hard for master Illumi to open all gates. I’m afraid that only the Patriarch and Master Zeno could do it. And you actually said you could open all seven?”

The Guard stared at Allan with surprise.

When Allan released his Aura, the Guard felt amazed, but that alone wasn’t enough to push the Seventh Gate.

Allan chuckled: “I just feel that I can do it. I have to try to know if I really can do it or not.”

“Then, can you give it a try?” The Guard asked.


Allan refused instantly.

The Guard was taken aback for a moment: “Why? Didn’t you say you can open them?”

Seeing Allan smile without saying anything, the Guard touched the back of his head in embarrassment: “To be honest, I didn’t see anyone open all gates before. If you can open them, I want to see it.”

Allan smiled and said: “Although I think I can open them all, it will consume a lot of power. I won’t gain anything from that, so it won’t do it.”

After hearing Allan’s words, the Guard didn’t say anything else.

He knew that Allan was right, the gates were heavy, and he wouldn’t gain anything from opening them.

At this time, Gon also walked toward the Gate and said: “I will give it a try as well.”

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