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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 118: Testing Gate Part 2

Seeing this, the Guard said: “Little kid, it’s impossible for you to push it open, give up.”

“I want to try.” Gon said stubbornly, completely unaffected by the Guard’s words.

“By the way, uncle, how many doors can Killua open when he came back?” Gon suddenly turned around as asked.

The Guard thought for a bit and said: “When Master Killua came back, he opened the third gate.”

Hearing this, Gon looked a little irritated and refused to admit defeat: “Then I won’t lose to KIllua.”

Allan saw that Gon was serious. He knew that Gon was irritated because Killua surrendered in Hunter Exam.

He didn’t come here just to play with Killua, but to say that he won’t lose.

Gon was growing up, and he paid more attention to winning and losing. As Killua was his peer and was better than him, he naturally wanted to catch up.

Gon put his hands on the door and exerted all of his power along with the Nen in his body.

Suddenly, a cloud of golden Nen emerged from him as he started to push the gates.

The Guard looked at the Aura erupting with Gon in the center, shocked.


The first Gate opened!


The second Gate opened!


The third Gate opened!

With a full burst of power, Gon pushed open three gates in a second.

Moreover, he was still pushing the fourth Gate with all his might.

“This is scary.”

The Guard was stunned, and Allan looked calmly as if it was natural for Gon to do this.

After all, the current Gon surpassed the Gon that should’ve reached this place in the show due to his training.

So opening the fourth Gate was no longer a problem.


Sure enough, Allan pushed open the fourth Gate.

“He really opened it?”

The Guard’s mouth was opened wide as looked at the kid opening the fourth Gate that weighed 32 ton.

Hancock was a little surprised by Gon’s performance and said: “That kid is stronger than before.”

“Of course, he will continue to grow stronger in the future.” Allan laughed.

After opening the fourth Gate, Gon stopped. He was breathing heavily as he said: “I’m so tired, this gate is too heavy.”

Allan patted his shoulder and said: “But you finally proved that you’re not weak, right?”

“Yeah.” Allan nodded.

At this time, Gon admired Allan even more because Allan opened the fourth Gate in a second, and he could only do it after exerting all of his power.

The Guard came over and said: “Gon, you’re so amazing. You actually opened the fourth Gate.”

Gon said: “I just wanted to prove that I don’t lose to Killua.”


The Guard was surprised.

Allan laughed: “Gon just wanted to prove that he wasn’t weaker than Killua, so he pushed open the Testing Gate.”

“This…” The Guard was a little dazed.

Allan said seriously: “Okay, uncle, we should be able to enter now, right?”

Hearing this, the Guard said: “You can open the Testing Gate, of course, you can enter. But that’s the private property of the Zoldyck Family, other than Mike. There are many professionally trained butlers. It’s best to be careful inside. I hope you can get to meet Master Killua smoothly.”

“Don’t worry, uncle, we will definitively meet Killua.” Gon assured confidently.

Allan directly pushed open the first Gate and entered along with Gon and Hancock.

The three of them found themselves inside a forest.

“Wow, is this a forest inside of Killua’s house? It’s so big.”

Gon looked at his surrounding with surprise.

“The place where Killua lives should be far from here. Let’s get through the forest first.” Allan said.

“Ah, look at that.” Gon exclaimed.

Looking at where Gon was pointing, they saw a pool of blood and bones not far away.

“It should be the corpses of the tourists who entered just now,” Allan said.

“Is Mike the one who ate them?” Gon muttered.

“It’s disgusting,” Hancock said.

Allan looked around and said: “Be careful, guys.”

At this time, Allan was vigilant and alert.

He seemed to feel something and suddenly turned his head and said: “It’s here.”


A huge beast suddenly appeared from the woods and stood in front of the trio.

Seeing this, Gon was slightly stunned.

Hancock looked somewhat wary of the beast.

“This dog is really big.” Allan sighed as he looked at the behemoth in front of him.

This dog was Mike, the watchdog raised by the Zoldyck Family.

At this time, Mike’s scarlet eyes stared at the trio.

Suddenly, a notification from the system echoed in Allan’s mind.

[Ding! Make a choice]

[1: Kill Mike. Reward: Devil Fruit, Dog-Dog Fruit, Model: wolf.]

[2: Knockdown Mike. Reward: Devil fruit, Dog-Dog Fruit, Model: Dalmatian Dog!]

[3: Defeat and Tame Mike. Reward: Devil fruit, Mythical Zoan, Dog-Dog Fruit model: Cerberus!]