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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 125: Zeno’s Power

Allan’s and Zeno’s figures appeared and constantly disappeared in the Arena as they exchanged blows.

Both of them pushed their speed to the extreme and fought fiercely.

They only used the most basic fighting skills without using any abilities.


Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Allan’s fist constantly collided with Zeno’s palms, produced loud sounds of metal hitting metal.

Suddenly, their aura erupted, Zeno’s purple gold aura and Allan’s dark blue. Their Nen’s collision was like a gorgeous star in the sky.

After the collision, they separated.

The two stood ten meters apart with their eyes fixed on each other.

Zeno sighed and said: “I didn’t think you’d be so strong at such a young age. Compared to this old man, you’re talented.”

Allan smiled: “You praise me too much.”

Zeno then said solemnly: “I will be serious next, be careful.”

Allan nodded: “I’m ready, sir.”


With a low shout, Zeno’s Nen condensed into his hand as he sent a palm strike toward Allan.

Allan knew that Zeno was a transmuter like himself, but the latter used an emitter’s attack.

He was really strong.

Allan waved his hand in front of him and directly created an Ice wall to block Zeno’s attack.


Zeno’s attack hit the Ice wall, negating it.

At this time, Zeno’s eyes flashed with surprise.


“Is he a transmuter?”

To verify this, Zeno sent two attacks toward Allan simultaneously, which Allan faced without panic.

Allan simply waved his hands and created two Icicles, and sent them directly at Zeno’s attacks.

With a loud bang, both attacks canceled each other in the air.

“Is his Nen turning into Ice? It seems that he should be a Transmuter or else he is a specialist.” Zeno thought.

“Then let’s see if you can deal with this.”

Zeno stepped forward with his left hand behind his back, and his right lifted in a knife shape.

Nen erupted and covered Zeno’s extended hand. Seeing this, Allan was surprised as he thought: ‘That’s quite amazing. If the old man stabs me, my aura alone can’t block against that, but I could stop it if I add Armament Haki. Still, it’s not worth it.’

Allan decided not to contend head-on with Zeno.


Allan sent an air slash using Rankyaku, which made Zeno’s astonished.

He never thought that Allan, who was a Transmuter, could use a long-range attack.

Zeno jumped and avoided Allan’s Rankyaku.

As the air slash hit the wall behind Zeno, it directly split it apart.

Zeno’s complexion changed slightly.

Allan sent several other Rankyaku’s toward him, and Zeno couldn’t avoid all of them, so instead of dodging, he made a claw with his hands and waved them fiercely.

Zeno’s hands resembled dragon claws as he tore through the Rankyaku.

“As expected of a top-notch assassin.”

Allan appreciated Zeno’s power.

Zeno realized that Allan was stronger than he thought.

“If that’s the case, let’s try this.” As he said this, Zeno put his right foot forward, bowed his body slightly, formed a claw with his hand, and stretched his index and middle finger.

His thumb and ring finger were retracted, making his hand resemble a sword.

Seeing Zeno’s posture, Allan was slightly surprised.

‘Could he intend to use that?’

Sure enough, as Allan thought, Zeno’s Nen suddenly turned into a dragon head.

Allan narrowed his eyes, readying himself to block this attack.

In the next second, Zeno shouted: “Dragon Lance!”


A golden purple dragon directly rushed at Allan.

Allan directly jumped into the air!

“Where do you think you’re going.”

Zeno waved his hand, and the Dragon immediately turned toward Allan in mid-air.

Allan looked at the Dragon indifferently and quickly formed Icicles to meet with it.


The Dragon roared and directly shattered the Icicles Allan threw at it.

Allan directly returned to the ground and slammed both hands on the ground, creating five Ice walls.

“Come on, let me see how strong that Dragon is!”

Allan sneered.


The first Ice Wall broke, The second Ice wall broke, the third…

“Haha! Break it!”

Zeno pushed forward as he controlled the Dragon.

Only two Ice Walls were remaining, and as soon as they collapse, the Dragon would reach Allan.

Allan didn’t panic even though the last of the Ice walls were smashed. Instead, he smiled slightly and said: “It’s about time.”


A giant Glacier Dragon appeared above Allan’s head, and under the latter’s control, it collided with Zeno’s Dragon.

An avalanche sound was produced as soon as the two Dragon Collided with each other.

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