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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 126: Double Reward!

The collision between the Glacier Dragon and the Golden Purple Dragon caused a massive explosion.

Many in the Zoldyck Family ground felt the tremor and were startled.

Zeno was the most surprised at this moment.

Zeno and Allan looked at each other after the explosion resided.

After a few moments of silence, Zeno said: “It looks like this old man lost.”

Allan was a little surprised at hearing this: “Master Zeno, are you giving up now?”

Allan knew that it was at most a tie, and they both were unharmed, which made him puzzled by Zeno’s words.

Zeno explained: “Although it looks like we are equally matched, you can beat this old man at such a young age, which proves your power. You should know that when this old man was your age, I wasn’t as strong as you are. Moreover, I can see that you still have other things ready. In other words, you went easy and didn’t use all of your power when facing me. That shows how strong you are. If we continue to fight, I might lose even after going all out. So it’s my loss.”

Allan didn’t expect Zeno to give up so easily, but he knew that Zeno was old, and he wasn’t Netero, who could still be so powerful even after passing a hundred years. Allan also knew that Zeno still preserved 30% of his power, at least.

However, since Zeno didn’t want to fight anymore, Allan didn’t insist on continuing.

As a result, the fight ended in Allan’s victory.

Milluki couldn’t believe that his grandfather lost and looked at Allan in surprise.

His previous arrogance fell. There is no way he could maintain that haughty air in front of him when he is so young and already won against his grandfather.

[Ding! You successfully provoked Zeno, fought him, and won. Reward: Golden Treasure Chest, Wolf Fang Fist]

‘What?!! I got two rewards?’

Allan was shocked.

‘Is it because I insisted on fighting Zeno and also provoked him?’

Allan happily took the reward; the wolf fang style was Yamcha’s fighting style from Dragon Ball. The moves of this style are simple and crude. It was simply a style that imitated wolf attacks.

Even though it was simple, it was a fierce style, and it made Allan satisfied.

Next came the golden chest, which wasn’t the same as a Mysterious Treasure chest because the probability of something good coming out was 100%.

[Ding! You opened a Golden Treasure Chest and obtained the pure version of the A level Ninjutsu, Chidori.]

‘Ahhh! I got Chidori!!’

Allan was so excited that he almost yelled out loud.

The information about Chidori poured inside his brain, and he instantly mastered it.

The Chidori was an A-class Ninjutsu that formed lightning around the hand of the user. It’s named Chidori due to the sound it makes, which resembled a thousand birds chirping.

Although it’s somewhat hard to control due to the tunnel vision from the speed it requires, it is an assassination technique. But if it hits its target, it’s a one-shot kill technique.

Allan slowly raised his right hand and opened his palm. After a short while, blue light emerged from his hand.

The chirping of birds filled the place as lightning covered Allan’s hand.

This was the Chidori!

Zeno saw Chidori and was stunned: “That’s… Lightning?”

Allan nodded: “It’s called Chidori!”

“It seems dangerous. I can tell that it would cause quite the damage if it hits.”

Seeing Zeno’s look, Allan smiled and dispersed the Chidori.

Zeno looked deeply at Allan and said: “Fortunately, I gave up early. Otherwise, it would’ve been bad if that hit me.”

“Master Zeno, we are just sparring to be friends, so why would I use something like that in a spar,” Allan said.

Zeno nodded and turned around: “You’re very strong. How about becoming an Assassin?”

Allan was stunned for a bit as he didn’t expect Zeno would ask this. After thinking about it, he said: “Does it bring a lot of money?”

Zeno was stunned for a moment, as he didn’t expect Allan to ask something like this, then he smiled and said: “Haha, of course, you can make a lot of money. Otherwise, how would the Zoldyck family survive for so long?”

“That’s true.” Allan nodded.

He didn’t know how long the Zoldyck family stood in the world, but he was certain that Zeno’s grandfather was an Assassin as well as the strongest man known in the world. So Killua was already a fifth generation of the Assassin family.

Allan didn’t know how much money the Zoldyck got, but it should be a vast fortune.

But they are the top Assassins in the world. Their income can’t be compared to ordinary Assassins.

Seeing Allan’s doubt, Zeno said: “Ordinary Assassins can’t make much money because there are two things that are needed to be a professional Assassin.”

“What are those two things?” Allan asked curiously.

Zeno said earnestly: “To become a professional assassin, you need to be strong because if you’re not, you won’t be able to finish the mission, and you need to be famous. If you’re not famous, you won’t be able to receive a good mission and only go to the black market looking for small targets that didn’t bring much money. Only by accumulating fame can you make a living from this profession.”

“I see.” Allan nodded in understanding.

Zeno said: “With your current power, you’re more than enough to join the business. The only thing you lack is fame. No one will know about you, and you won’t receive good missions.”

Allan raised his head and said: “In other words, I must start as an unknown Assassin and climb the ranks?”

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