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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 127: New Nen Ability

Zeno said: “Newcomers entering this industry start from the bottom, but with your power, you don’t need to do that.”

Allan asked: “So, you’re going to help me at the start?”

“I can get you acquainted with a few bosses that can pay good money,” Zeno explained.

Allan nodded.

He is now a professional Hunter. If he changes his job, it wouldn’t be good for him.

Seeing Allan hesitating, Zeno patted his shoulder and said: “With your power, I can guarantee that you will become famous in no time. How about it, are you interested?”

[Ding! Please Make a Choice]

[1: Accept Zeno’s offer and become a Professional Assassin. Reward: Increase Nen by 10,000 Points.]

[2: Accept Zeno’s Offer, and become an Assassin driven by interest. Reward: Ability Treasure Chest x1]

[3: Reject Zeno’s offer and explain that you’re not interested in becoming an Assassin. Reward: 10 Million Jenny.]

Allan’s heart pounded in his chest as he saw the second option. It seems like he can gain an ability from that Treasure Chest, which he was greatly interested in.

Allan decisively chose the second option and said: “Well, I can’t become a professional Assassin since I’m a professional Hunter now. Instead, Assassination will be my side job. I will accept the jobs I’m interested in.”

Zeno nodded: “Well, that is also good. You can retain your original occupation and have a side job.”

“Then let’s do it like that for the time being. If you want anything from me, just ask me.”

Allan and Zeno took their phones and added each other’s contact members. After that, Zeno went with Milluki after saying he’d contact Allan directly later.

Seeing Zeno leave, Allan couldn’t wait and instantly opened the Treasure Chest.

[Ding! You obtained a specialist’s Ability: Devour!]

Allan’s eyes lit up as he looked at the description of The Devour.

[Devour: After activating this Ability, the user will be able to devour the target’s Nen and enhance his own with no upper limit to the process.

There is a certain chance to obtain the target’s Nen ability after devouring his Nen.

Risk: When activating this Ability, the user will be in a state of Zetsu and can’t use Nen.

Also, if the target has made an oath or has some lingering obsession, there is a significant risk for a backlash to occur.]

Allan frowned. This Ability was pretty good as it can enhance his Nen greatly by swallowing the Nen of others.

And there is no limit to devouring, and there is a chance to obtain the target’s Nen ability, which was great, but the shortcoming of this Ability is obvious.

He didn’t care about Zetsu since he has the Ice fruit and many other abilities he can use without Nen, but the problem was getting the target’s Oaths and Obsessions.

The Oaths can provide great power to the user but at high risk. The first person who used an Oath in the show was Kurapika; he limited himself to use his chains against the spiders, which provided him with great power when facing them.

The second was Gon, who sacrificed his future and everything to obtain the power to defeat Pito.

The third was Pito, who Gon killed, but due to her fear of Gon threatening the Ant King, and her loyalty to him, she activated her Nen after death which can be said as her obsession to protect her king.

The fourth was Hisoka, who placed used an Oath before he died to Chrollo and, as a result, was resurrected after.

Allan had quite the impression of the Oath. Therefore, devouring one will be dangerous. The Devour ability is a double-edged sword. He had to be careful on who to use it or else it will bring him a great risk.

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