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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 137: Challenging Hisoka

Under Allan’s guidance, Killua quickly controlled his Nen smoothly.

“Now that you learned how to use Ten, you can maintain your current state and challenge Hisoka.”

“Is this really enough?”

“Well, you should feel it already. You’re already different from the past, and blocking his killing intent won’t be a problem.”

Allan assured Killua, who thanked him gratefully and left to register on the 200th floor.

Hisoka was leaning on the wall in the corridor leading to the registration window playing with his cards, and Gon was there as well.

“Gon, don’t you want to go search for Killua?” Hisoka asked.

“No, I believe that Killua will come here soon.” Gon said firmly.

Time passed slowly, and half an hour before midnight, Killua arrived.


Seeing the aura around Killua’s body, Hisoka was slightly surprised, but his expression turned playful soon.

Gon finally relaxed as he saw Killua.

“Come on, Hisoka, I won’t back down this time.”

Killua looked directly at Hisoka and challenged him.

“Okay, let’s see if you can pass through here.”

Hisoka raised his hand and used Nen. A Strong Killing Intent mixed with Nen erupted and filled the corridor.

Killua didn’t back down and blocked it with his Nen without flinching.

“Good job.”

Seeing that Killua successfully blocked his Killing Intent, Hisoka smiled: “Well, how about going up a notch?”

Hisoka used Hatsu to form a wall of Nen in front of Killua. To pass, Killua had to break through the wall.

The corridor wasn’t long, but it became harder for Killua to move forward with each step he took because Hisoka’s Nen got stronger the closer Killua got.

However, Killua didn’t give up. He moved forward through the wall of Nen step by step and finally reached Hisoka.

Hisoka looked at Killua and smiled: “Good job, Killua.”

“Stop talking nonsense. I am qualified to stay on the 200th floor now, right?”

Killua looked at Hisoka coldly.

“Of course, since you learned the basic of Nen, but there is still a large room to improve.” Hisoka laughed.

Killua snorted coldly: “You wait and see, sooner or later, I will master Nen.”

“Nen is a profound art, and it’s not simple to learn, don’t be too proud, or you will fail.”

Killua didn’t appreciate Hisoka’s reminder at all, and at this time, Gon directly came over and said: “Killua, you need to register, quickly.”

Hisoka stood up and said: “Okay, then I will go first. Have a good time. We will see each other again.”

“Stop Hisoka!” Gon called out.

“What is it?” Hisoka stopped.

Gon replied: “I want to challenge you to a fight.”

Hearing this, Hisoka smiled: “Hahaha, are you serious, Gon?”

“Of course.” Gon said firmly.

Hisoka smiled: “Well, if you can win ten matches on the 200th floor, I’m willing to accept your challenge.”

“No problem, just wait and see.” Gon agreed without thinking.

“I will see you then.” Hisoka directly left.

After Killua finished his registration, he came back only to find out that Gon challenged Hisoka. He looked at Gon speechlessly for a while before he reprimanded: “You Idiot, you can’t beat Hisoka as you are.”

“But I want to fight him. That guy actually dared to bully us because we are young. I want to fight him and punch him hard in the face.”

Seeing Gon waving his fist, Killua was amused: “Haha, Gon, you are really an idiot. Do you know how terrifying Hisoka is? You actually said you want to beat him?”

Gon’s face was serious: “I have already talked to Hisoka. As long as I can win ten matches on the 200th floor, he is willing to fight me.”

Killua was surprised. He knew that Gon was straightforward and very stubborn, so he couldn’t say anything to change his mind.

“By the way, Gon, do you know how difficult it is to win ten times above the 200th floor?”

Gon scratched the back of his head and said: “It doesn’t matter, does it? I will give it all I have, and we can become stronger, right? If we don’t try, how can we become stronger?”

“Okay.” Killua was defeated.

On the other side, Allan also knew about Killua passing Hisoka’s test and Gon challenging him.

He went to meet Hisoka to get his 10 Million Jenny after he won the bet with Hisoka.

Hisoka transferred the money and said: “Allan, this is the first time I actually bet with someone and lost.”

Allan replied: “You lost because you underestimated an amazing talent, and you underestimated me as well.”

“Hahaha, it seems so. However, if I bet with you again, I will definitively win.” Hisoka said.

“What do you want to bet on?” Allan asked curiously.

“We bet on whether Gon can win ten games on the 200th floor in 5 months or not.” Hisoka suggested before continuing: “It won’t be easy for Gon to win ten matches with his current power.”

Allan said: “If he wins ten games, then he can challenge a floor master, so that means you’re a floor master, right, Hisoka?”

“Yes.” Hisoka nodded.

“I don’t think that Gon can win ten matches,” Hisoka said.

“Then let’s bet on that,” Allan said.

“Okay.” Hisoka nodded.

“So, if Gon can win ten matches in 3 months, I will win. On the other hand, if he doesn’t, you will win.”

Hisoka nodded again as he accepted that.

“5 months isn’t short, but it’s not long as well. We will wait and see.” Hisoka said.

“We bet 100 Million Jenny, Hisoka, don’t go back on your words if you lose.”

Allan said, and Hisoka laughed.

“I won’t lose to you this time.” Hisoka looked at Allan’s back as the latter left and thought.

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