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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 140: Target and Opponent Part 1

After parting with Gon and Killua for a while, Allan turned back toward the Arena and asked the staff where the bodies were.

The staff directly said that they were brought to the morgue of a local hospital.

Allan directly left The Heavens Arena and changed his appearance along the way.

This was the skill Allan got in the Hunter Exam, Disguise.

It allowed him to easily change his appearance.

At the moment, Allan was disguised as a familiar person, Illumi.

Soon after, Allan arrived at the hospital’s first floor and was stunned by the guards and stuff inside. They didn’t block Allan, so he easily went to the morgue and searched for the trio’s bodies.

Finding them, Allan directly activated his predator skill. Allan felt like he became like a vacuum cleaner as his hand swallowed the Nen of the trio.

As soon as he started using that skill, Allan was forced into Zetsu State and couldn’t use Nen.

Fortunately, the predation process was fast, and in less than a minute, Allan felt his Nen increase.

Allan’s skill worked on a single target, and the first target was Sadaso’s corpse. After the absorption ended, Allan could tell that his Nen increases by 3,000 Points.

As for why there were so few points, Allan felt it was because Sadaso was dead, and Nen was a kind of life energy that dissipated with time after death.

So much of his Nen dissipated after an hour of his death.

Without further ado, Allan directly activated the skill on the other two, one after the other.

After finishing the absorption, Allan could tell that there wasn’t much difference between Sadaso and the other two.

This was the first time Allan used the predator skill, so no matter how small the amount of Nen he absorbed, it was worth it.

Adding the three of them, he took 9,000 Nen point.

Of course, using the predator skill was risky, but he dared to use it on them because he knew they were cowards. There is no way those cowards would use the restrains of Nen.

And he was right about that.

After leaving the Hospital, Allan lifted his disguise and changed to his original appearance before returning to The Heavens Arena.

Allan remembered that the last time he got a golden Treasure Chest, he received Chidori.

And he looked forward to what will come this time.

[Ding! You opened a Golden Treasure Chest and received Fishman Karate Secret Skill: Buraikan (Vagabond Drill)]

‘Is this Jimbei’s Buraikan? The skill that can send a shockwave through anyone by targeting the water in a person’s body that can ignore defense?’

Of course, this skill wasn’t all that good for the current Allan, but it was better than nothing.
After the team battle, Killua and Allan didn’t apply for further matches.

Killua used the time he had to learn from Allan all about Nen.

Allan acted as Killua’s training partner all this time and practiced with him.

Gon was injured by the spinning tops and was hospitalized for about half a month.

Originally, his injury should at least take three months for him to recover, but Gon’s regeneration was abnormal.

When he stayed in the Hospital, Gon couldn’t participate in any matches as the high intensity of the fights would damage his body further before full recovery.

So he practiced along with Killua and acted as the latter’s training partner under Allan’s supervision.

Killua made rapid progress in his Nen training and almost mastered the basics of Nen.

However, since he just learned Nen for a short while, his use of it was masterful yet.

In that regard, Gon was better since he started using Nen for half a year already.

As for Allan, he would train with Gon for a while before taking Hancock to watch the fights in the Arena.

As for training Nen, there was no need for special training at his current level, and he should pay attention to the amount of Nen and his control of it instead.

After a while, Gon applied for his second match, and on the day of the match, Allan brought three tickets to watch the battle.

This time, Gon’s opponent was Yamamaru, a strong man but seemed overweight.

He has a record of three wins and one defeat, so he was more famous than Gon, who was a fledgling rookie.

But many people supported Gon. After all, he could kill someone with just one punch which was something all the audience couldn’t forget.

As soon as the match started, Yamamaru rushed toward Gon.

Seeing this and being as stubborn as he is, Gon faced his head-on.


Gon’s small body actually blocked Yamamaru’s huge body. Gon only stepped back half a meter before stopping Yamamaru’s charge.

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