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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 139: Compete Victory Part 2

Then Gon waved his hands and hit the spinning tops one after the other.

All the spinning tops were destroyed.

“A madman!! You’re a madman.”

Gido shouted.

Gon’s actions were indeed crazy. When he knew that he couldn’t avoid the spinning tops, he just defended with his body.

However, Gon didn’t care. Instead, he looked at Gido triumphantly.

“Your tops were defeated. You’re next.”

Gon looked at Gido and rushed toward him.

Gido snorted: “Do you think that you can defeat me by destroying my tops? That’s naïve.”

The next instant, Gido started spinning quickly like a large spinning top.

Seeing this, Gon stopped his momentum. If he rushed in carelessly, he would definitively be knocked up into the air.

Gon gathered Nen into his right fist and directly punched at the human spinning top.


With a loud noise, Gido was blown away out of the ring.

His entire chest sank, and his eyes were white.

Gon knocked him out with one punch.

Gido’s companions looked at this dumbfoundedly. They never thought that Gon was so powerful.

“Good job, Gon.” Killua looked at Gon and said.

Gon felt guilty and said: “It seems like I accidentally killed Gido!”

(T/N: Out of character much. He said previously that Allan was cruel because he killed his opponent, but now he did it.)

Killua replied: “He deserves it.”

Allan on the side looked at Gon and commented: “Gon, although that move was strong, it took too much time to accumulate Nen, so you need to use it with caution in the future. I think you should train in that skill for a long time so you can use it quickly.” Gon nodded at Allan’s advice.

The game wasn’t over, it was the first match of three, and immediately, it was Killua’s turn.

Killua moved to the center of the ring coolly.

When Sadaso saw Gido die, he was no longer confident.

Sadaso stared at Killua, not daring to look down on him.

“Go to hell! Shadow Snake Hand.”

Two black snakes sprung from Sadaso’s sleeves and launched an attack at Killua.

Killua’s figure flashed as he disappeared from his position.

Sadaso was shocked as he saw Killua’s image around him and could only order his snakes to attack.

Killua was using Rhythm Echo, the assassination skill that confuses an opponent’s eyes into seeing after images even though the user is walking.

Sadaso was frightened and couldn’t even react as Killua appeared behind him suddenly, and with a simple move from Killua’s hand, Sadaso’s heart separated from his body.

Sadaso’s heart was still beating in Killua’s hand. Sadaso looked in shock as he fell to the ground and died.

The audience was stunned. They couldn’t think that a twelve years old boy could be that cruel.

As Killua returned back to Gon and Allan’s side, Gon said: “Killua, you didn’t have to kill him, right?”

Killua shrugged: “Gon, this is The Heavens Arena, its only about winning and losing, regardless of like and death. Besides, Sadaso is more than guilty. What do you think happened to all newcomers after they reach the 200th floor?”

Gon couldn’t refute Killua’s words.

He already accidentally killed Kido, so he wasn’t qualified to say otherwise to Killua. So he shut up obediently.

“Next, it’s your turn, Allan.” Killua changed the subject, and Allan nodded and walked onto the center of the ring.

There was only one person left, who was very afraid right now, since his two companions died.

Facing Allan, Riehlvelt wanted to admit defeat directly, but he thought that maybe Allan wasn’t as strong as the other two, and he had a chance.

“Let me try the power of a new skill on you,” Allan said suddenly.

“What?!” Riehlvelt didn’t know what Allan was thinking, but he directly assumed a defensive position.

Almost instantly, Allan’s figure disappeared and appeared behind Riehlbelt.

Blue lightning danced in Allan’s hand, making a thousand birds chirping sound.

Before Riehlvelt could react, the Chidori penetrated his chest, killing him instantly.

Allan pulled out his hand and glanced at the corpse and thought: ‘Chidori is really great. It could one-shot almost anyone if it landed.’

Allan’s performance surprised the audience, including Gon and Killua.

Gon and Killua didn’t think that Allan was that strong. It was really an eye-opener for them.

The audience didn’t expect three from the same team to die so easily.

All that mattered in The Heavens Arena was winning, and death was a normal occurrence here.

The three of them dying can be attributed to them being too weak.

After that battle, Gon, Killua, and Allan made a name for themselves with just one match.

They called them the three evil stars now.

It means that they killed their opponent without mercy and decisively.

After the match, Allan won his golden Treasure Chest and was eager to open it.

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