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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 139: Compete Victory Part 1

Ten days later, the team battle officially started.

On the Heaven’s Arena 212th floor, Allan, Gon, and Killua were on one side of the ring, while GIdo, Sadaso, and Riehlvelt were on the other side.

The place was filled with people as this was the first-ever team battle in The Heavens Arena, and more than 8,000 spectators were here to watch it.

If it wasn’t for a limited space, more than ten thousand people would be on the stands.

Therefore, The Heavens Arena opened a broadcast mode so that whoever couldn’t enter The Arena could still see what happened.

Inside the ring, the two teams were ready.

Sadaso looked at Allan and said: “Do you plan to fight altogether, or one on one separately?”

“Do as you like. We don’t care.” Allan shrugged.

“Then, let’s go one on one. Since you are newcomers, we will let you decided who you want to fight.”

Allan smiled at the confidence of the trio. He looked at Gon and said: “Gon, who do you want to fight?”

“I will pick Gido.” Gon said.

Allan looked at Killua and asked: “What about you, Killua?”

“Sadaso,” Killua said.

Allan nodded. Since they both picked their opponent, he was left with Riehlvelt.

The game soon started, Allan and Killua moved back to the edge of the ring to watch the match.

Sadaso and Riehlvelt did the same and retreated.

Gon and Gido moved to the center of the ring, and the match started.

Gido instantly launched Ten of his Nen-enhanced tops from his sleeves.

The ten tops surrounded Gon as they span crazily under Gido’s control.

Facing the fast-moving tops, Gon decisively twisted his body and vigilantly looked at the spinning tops.

At this moment, a top attacked Gon from behind and slammed on his back at high speed.

One after the other, Gon’s back was hit constantly by the tops.

Gon groaned painfully as if he was hit by a car.

The impact from the tops was unexpectedly strong.

Fortunately, Gon used Ren to improve his Defense, and this helped him defend against the tops.

However, because Gido landed a hit on Gon, he gained two points.

According to the rules, whoever can accumulate ten points first win.

Gon didn’t care at all.

His gaze caught up to the spinning tops around him, trying to capture their trajectory.

Facing so many spinning tops at the same time, Gon knew that he wouldn’t be able to see all of them with his eyes. At this time, Gido launched another attack.

When the Top was about to land on Gon’s unprotected back, the latter sensed something and moved sideways, easily escaping from the attack.


Gido immediately manipulated the tops to attack Gon again.

Gon’s eyes saw the Top moving from his left and directly kicked it.


The Top was sent away by Gon’s kick.


Gido was shocked.

Gon blocked his sneak attack and sent his Top out of the ring.

As soon as it landed outside the ring, the Top quickly stopped spinning and fell.

“You still have nine more.” Gon glanced at the remaining tops around him.

“Asshole, you dare destroy my tops.”

Seeing one of his tops destroyed, Gido was furious.

At this moment, three tops collided behind Gon and rushed toward him. Gon fought back for the first time as he clenched his fist and punched the spinning Top.


The Top was destroyed again, and at this time, another two tops collided with each other and rushed toward him.

Gon directly jumped up, avoiding the tops before kicking them fiercely.

Another two tops were destroyed.

“Six remaining.”

Gon landed on the ring and once again kicked another top.

In less than a minute, Gon destroyed five spinning tops from the original ten, which made Gido furious.

He finally figured out that Gon was planning on destroying all of his tops.

“Damn fellow, I’m going to kill you.” Since his beloved spinning tops were destroyed one after the other, Gido planned on killing Gon.

Suddenly five tops surrounded Gon, cornering him.

“They are faster than before and seem more powerful as well.”

Gon thought.

If he is hit once, Gon wouldn’t be able to defend against them.

He directly activated his Ren and Nen erupted around him like crazy.

Seeing this, Gido was surprised. He didn’t expect Gon to not only know Ten, but also Ren.

If using Ten can greatly increase Defense, Ren can increase explosive power and durability to another Hight.

Right now, Gido was feeling panic.

Feeling fearful of Gon’s power, Gido took the lead and attacked in one full swoop intending to kill him.

The five tops hit Gon at high speed from different directions.


Gon shouted violently as the five tops slammed against his body, but it was like hitting an iron wall.

“What?!” Gido’s eyes widened.

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