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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 141: Kastro

There was a great gap between Gon and Kastro. Whether it was skills, experience, or Nen, Kastro was better.

One was strong, and the other was weak. Even the ordinary audience could tell this.

However, facing such a powerful enemy, Gon wasn’t discouraged at all. Instead, he was excited to win.

The stronger his foe, the stronger he could become.

The battle lasted for about ten minutes. Gon only hit Kastro once and scored two points.

However, Kastro didn’t want to kill Gon, so he just accumulated 10 points.

After the game, Gon was taken to the hospital without any delay.

Gon was admitted to the emergency room directly because the last blow landed on his head.

“Hello, I’m Kastro, who fought Gon previously. I come to visit Gon. How is he?”

Allan saw Kastro and heard his word. He could tell that the latter was sincere.

“Although Gon is still young, he is tough and determined, and I learned much from the fight.”

“I don’t need you to care about him. Please leave.” Killua said as he glared at Kastro.

If he didn’t know that Gon would get angry if he did anything, Killua would’ve already pounced on Kastro.

Kastro looked at Killua and said: “You must be Gon’s good friend. Sorry, I hit him slightly hard.”

Killua said coldly: “Leave, I don’t want to see you.”

At this moment, Allan stood up and said to Kastro: “Don’t worry, Gon won’t die that easily. I’m not sure what you want, but please come back later.”

“Okay, I will go back now and hope we can meet once again.”

After saying this, Kastro left.

“Damn that guy. He even dared come here and lie about seeing Gon.”

“I think he was sincere.” Allan laughed.

“I want to fight him,” Killua said suddenly.

Hearing this, Allan immediately looked at him and said: “You can’t.”

“Why?” Killua looked at Allan, confused.

“Do you think I will lose?” Killua asked him.

Allan nodded: “That right, you’re still not strong enough for someone like him.”

“I won’t necessarily lose.” Killua retorted.

“Ninety percent probability that you’d lose,” Allan said.

He didn’t say one hundred percent only because Killua had great potential.

But under normal circumstances, the current Killua wouldn’t be able to win against Kastro.

Although Killua didn’t want to admit it, he knew that Allan was right after calming down.

Allan patted him on the shoulders and asked him to concentrate on his battle tomorrow.

The next day, It was time for Killua’s battle.

This was his second match after arriving on the 200th floor.

After a month, he stood on the ring again with his confident expression.

He was always confident about his power, and now that he learned the basics of Nen, he was even more confident.

This time, Killua’s opponent was Takeuchi, with an impressive record of four wins and zero losses.

This made him look at Killua with contempt because Killua seemed to be a kid.

However, Takeuchi wasn’t good. He clearly knows anyone who reaches the 200th floor. It isn’t simple.

The little kid in front of him must also be extraordinary.

When he saw Killua’s confidence, he knew that the kid was confident about his own strength.

This made Takeuchi feel excited as he wanted to crush Killua’s confidence and defeat him.

At the start of the match, Killua used Ten which effectively improved his attack and defense.

Maintaining [Ten] when fighting was the most basic ability of Nen users.

Takeuchi was doing the same. Nen covered his body like a layer of armor.

Killua’s figure disappeared suddenly. He appeared in front of Takeuchi and slashed at him with his hand.

Takeuchi was surprised by Killua’s speed, but he could still react and leaped back, avoiding Killua’s attack.


Killua was slightly surprised and smiled: “Not bad, your reaction is good. It seems that this match will be interesting.”

Takeuchi is a young man in his twenties, but Killua didn’t say his words to mock him.

Takeuchi won’t allow himself to lose against a twelve years old kid. He directly shouted and punched Killua.

Killua’s figure disappeared, and Takeuchi’s fist landed on the floor and created a hole.

“Oh? You’re an enhancer, it seems.”

Takeuchi was indeed an enhancer, so his fists were his weapons.

Enhancers strengthen themselves and use their bodies as a weapon.

Takeuchi was attacking Killua’s fiercely while the latter used his agility and movement skills to evade.

“Stop hiding and face me head-on.”

Takeuchi became frustrated and shouted.

“Well, I will attack then.”

Killua’s expression changed, and his face turned cold.

After a while, Killua hit Takeuchi five-time and won directly.

“Impossible.” Hearing the Referee’s decision, Takeuchi couldn’t believe it.

He yelled loudly: “I actually lost to a kid.”

Killua frowned and said: “Please be careful of what you say. Although I’m a kid, it’s in your best interest to not treat me as one, or you will regret it.”

“Sorry.” Realizing his behavior was bad, Takeuchi directly apologized.

“It’s okay.” Killua waved his hand and then walked out of the stage.

Allan was waiting for him and said: “Good match.” Allan smiled.

Takeuchi was a good opponent for Killua.

“Thanks.” Killua raised his head triumphantly when Allan praised him.

Ten days later, Gon recovered fully.

The doctors couldn’t understand Gon’s terrifying resilience.

“This child will probably be back and trouble you again in the future. Please take care of him.”

“Of course.”

Although the doctor found Allan’s word a little weird, he replied politely.

As soon as Gon recovered, he applied for a game directly.

Because he lost previously, his current record was three wins and one loss.

Any participant who loses four times on the 200th floor will lose the qualification to stay on the 200th floor, and his win record would be deleted.

Fortunately for Gon, this game went smoothly. Although his opponent was good, he wasn’t strong enough.

While Gon kept competing for his ten victories, Allan applied for a match as well.

According to Killua, Allan was too strong for the normal matches in The Heavens Arena. He was only here to kill time and bully some participants.

Allan’s opponent was someone with a five-win record. He never lost, and his record was very good. He was quite famous on the 200th floor and was regarded as a rookie who will be a floor master in the future.

On the day of the match, thousands of people filled the Arena awaiting the exciting match.

Allan walked up the ring, but his opponent was late for several minutes.

Allan decided to teach him a lesson since he wants to be late.

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