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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 150: Neon Part 1

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After a day, the aircraft finally landed at Yorknew City’s airport.

This is Allan’s first time in Yorknew City. Looking at this lively and prosperous city, Allan had a good impression of it.

Walking out of the airport, Allan first went to a hotel nearby and changed his face.

Since his Nen ability works with his imagination, he changed to a middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance.

He didn’t have anything outstanding. He seemed quite average and ordinary.

Allan was satisfied with his new look as he wanted that effect.

As to why he changed his appearance, he didn’t want any attention.

After coming out of the Hotel, Allan directly took a taxi and went toward Hotel Beitacle for his interview.

After he reached his destination, Allan bypassed the security and the reception and went toward the 23rd floor.

According to the information he received from Zeno, the interview was on the 23rd floor, room 2302.

Allan raised his head and knocked on the door twice, and after a while, a gloomy man opened the door.

The men looked at the disguised Allan the same way Allan was looking at him.

The man in front of him was the head bodyguard Dalzollene.

“Who are you, and what are you doing here?” Dalzollene asked while staring sharply at Allan.

“I’m here for an interview.” Allan deliberately changed his voice.

He changed his voice because it would seem unnatural for an old man to have his voice.

“Who introduced you?” Dalzollene asked in a deep voice.

“Zeno of the Zoldyck Family.”

Hearing Allan says that name, Dalzollene was shocked.

“You’re Allan?”

Allan nodded softly.

Dalzollene looked at Allan again and was confused. But since this person was introduced by the legendary assassin Zeno, he didn’t say anything and opened the door for Allan.

“Let me introduce myself.”

Dalzollene looked at Allan and said: “My name is Dalzollene. I’m the head bodyguard of the Nostrade Family. I’m responsible for the security, and anyone who is here to work for the Nostrade Family needs to pass my interview.”

Allan nodded and said: “My name is Allan. I’m a professional Hunter.”

“Professional Hunter? Do you have your license?”

“I do.”

With that said, Allan took his hunter License, which made Dalzollene nod his head. Although he wasn’t a professional hunter, he dealt with them before, and Allan’s license was genuine.

Allan put away his license and stared at Dalzollene, waiting for his answer.

“Although you are recommended by master Zeno, and you’re a professional Hunter, you will have to be tested according to the Nostrade Family’s rules.”

“No problem,” Allan said readily.

Dalzollene took out a list and handed it over to Allan before he said: “If you can get rid of the people on this list, I will recognize your strength and hire you on behalf of the Nostrade Family.”

“I can do that.”

Seeing such an easy-going answer, Dalzollene reminded him: “If you can’t complete this mission within 24 hours, then I’m sorry, but I can’t hire you.”

“Don’t worry, and I will finish it soon,” Allan said confidently.

Walking out of the Hotel, Allan glanced at the information in the paper before he tossed it away in a trash bin.

According to the mission he received, he needs to kill a man named ‘Guere.’

This ‘Guere’ was a gang leader that was competitive with the Nostrade Family.

And Allan’s task was to help the Nostrade Family get rid of him.

For Allan, this task was simple, and the first step was to find where this Guere was.

Allan checked through the internet using his hunter license and found relevant information about Guere and the industry under his name.

Guere’s full name is Guere Dahl. He is the head of the Dahl family and owns two casinos, ten chain hotels and five gambling halls, and various small businesses. His total assets were 100 billion Jenny.

At the same time, Guere was a well-known figure in the underground society, and his gang always competed with the Nostrade Family.

Both sides regarded themselves as deadly opponents and wanted each other dead.

However, both of them had equal strength and couldn’t get rid of each other.

After getting the information about Guere, Allan shook his head.

Dalzollene’s trick wasn’t hard to see. On the surface, he wanted to test Allan’s strength, but in fact, he wanted to use someone else’s sword to strike the enemies of the Nostrade Family, and even if he failed, Guere wouldn’t be able to link him to the Nostrade Family.

Although Allan was a little upset about being used like this, he decided to complete the mission first.

Allan got Guere’s current location with a little trick and drove toward the mansion he was currently in.

This mansion was in the northern suburbs of Yorknew city with vast land. It has wineries, swimming pools, and golf courses, amongst other facilities.

“Stop. Who are you?”

When Allan approached the gate, a security guard immediately stopped him.

Allan sneered, and before they could approach Allan, both fell to the ground unconscious.

To deal with those small fries, all he needed was Conqueror’s Haki.

With a leap, Allan directly crossed the ten-meters high gate and entered the mansion.

Allan walked straight toward the villa.

Just as he was about to enter, the security guard in charge of patrolling the villa discovered an intruder.

They were Guere’s security guards and in charge of escorting any guest to him.

There were many of them, but all Allan needed was once again a glance, and instantly all fell down.

Allan easily entered the villa and saw several people in the hall.

They were different from the bodyguards outside, and Allan could easily tell this from their aura.

“Who are you?” The man leading them stared at Allan coldly but didn’t act rashly.

The reason was simple since Allan could get here, it showed his ability.

“The one who came to take your boss’ life,” Allan said indifferently.

“How arrogant! This is the Dahl family property. Who do you think you are?”

The man snorted and rushed at Allan with the people he had.

They were quite fast. Of course, they were fast to ordinary people.

For Allan, they were quite slow.

Allan didn’t bother engaging them, and with a simple thought, cold air spread around him, and all of them were turned into ice sculptures.

Allan shook his head and walked around them to enter a certain room.

When he walked into the villa, he already spread his Observation Haki along with [En] to increase his perception.

At this moment, this villa was shrouded in Allan’s perception, and nothing can escape him.

Allan stood in front of a door before he pushed it open.

In the room, an old man in his fifties, along with a young woman in her twenties, was panicking because of the intruder.

“Found you.” Allan showed a chilling smile as the old man was his target, Guere.

As for the young woman, she was obviously Guere’s lover.

“Are a killer sent by the Nostrade Family?” Guere suppressed his fear and asked.

“You’re only half right. I’m here to take your life.” Allan sneered.

“Don’t kill me, and I can give you money, a lot of money. How about a billion Jenny?”

Seeing that Allan was unmoved, Guere pushed the shivering woman and said: “Do you know this woman? She is a supermodel. I will also give her to you. Here you go, as long as you let me go.”

Allan didn’t even look at the woman. After Hancock, most women weren’t attractive to him.

Seeing Allan smile without speaking, Guere felt like he was facing the Shinigami.

“Before death, the so-called powerful person is nothing than this.” Allan sighed in disappointment.

The next moment, a cold light flashed in Allan’s hand, and before Guere could see anything, he fell dead.

Seeing that Guere was dead, the woman was so frightened that she started begging Allan: “Please, don’t kill me, I have nothing to do with Guere. He paid me 100 Million and wanted me to play with him. We are just business partners.”

“Don’t be silly, I don’t hit woman, just go.” Allan waved his hand.

“Thank you!”

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