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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 154: Start

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The group returned to the hotel, and Allan told Neon about the auction tonight, which made her like a child from excitement.

As night fell, each auction location was filled with gangs from all over the world.

They were wearing black suits, leather shoes, and black sunglasses.

All of them came from a major family or organization without exception.

The gangs were accustomed to such a high-profile gathering since gangs were legal in the Hunter X Hunter World.

The local laws have no right to arrest them.

And they have the qualification to hold guns and use them as well.

Of course, because they were legal groups, the gangs had to pay very high taxes to the government.

According to statistics, every year, Mafia worldwide pays more than 10 trillion Jenny as taxes.

The taxes were equivalent to an annual GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of an entire country, and for this reason, the gangs were considered legal.

It is a kind of cooperation between the government and the gangs.

At this moment, the three auction sites were filled to the brim.

The Security was tight since anyone unrelated to this event will be chased away, and no one can get through till the auction ends.

Only those with the invitation cards can pass.

Moreover, after passing the checkpoint, anyone who had a weapon can’t pass until he passes his weapons to the Security.

If anyone dared to attack the auction, almost all gangs had an agreement to retaliate together.

Ninety-five percent of these gangs are under the Ten Dons.

The Ten Dons are the highest leaders of the Mafia in the world, and they control thousands of men and mafia families.

And they are also the organizers of the underground auction.

Attacking the auction is tantamount to offending the Ten Dons.

It can be said as long as someone doesn’t have brain damage or has absolute confidence in his strength, he wouldn’t dare to attack the auctions.

But do such people exist in the world?

The answer is certainly.

And it isn’t just one-two, but many.

To such people, be it the Mafia or the Tendons, they are nothing but ants.

“The scenery tonight is beautiful.”

At the top of a building, a young man with a cross necklace and blue gem earrings looked at the Mafia down inside the auction building with a smile.

This person is Chrollo, the leader of the Gen’ei Ryodan.

Chrollo took out his cell phone and notified the others: “The Mafia Families are all gathered here; when the auction starts, you can take everything and everyone. No need to hold back, have fun.”

The Spiders, under Chrollo’s command, started acting.

On the other side, Allan has left the hotel with Neon and the others to participate in the auction.

Squala was in charge of driving while Allan sat beside him.

Neon sat in the back with Baise and Ivienkov.

Tonight’s mission was to help Allan protect Neon’s safety.

Although they are not professional bodyguards, they are capable people, and they are much better than ordinary bodyguards in terms of skills.

With the invitation card of the Nostrade Family, the group passed successfully and entered the auction.

In addition to the numerous mafia heads who are here to participate in the auction, many security companies are deployed in the building.

The Security were members of the Mafia here to protect the prominent figures gathering for the auction and make sure no problem occurs here.
After entering the auction building, Allan and the others went to the banquet hall on the 33rd floor, accommodating up to 500 people.

About nine in the evening, all guests entered the auction room.

Allan and Neon sat in the last few seats near the door. The reason was simple: if someone attacks the auction, they could escape as soon as possible.

Of course, Allan wasn’t worried about himself but about Neon, so he needed to be cautious.

Soon after, the Host appeared on the stage, and after a long speech, the auction officially started.

Several staff members pushed the auctioned items backstage and entered the stage to show the items to the guests.

The Host started introducing those items after clearing his throat.

Suddenly, two figures walked out of the audience, one big and one small, as they made their way to the stage.

Without waiting for the Host to speak, and the staff to react, the short man in a suit suddenly launched an attack quickly.

A cold light flashed, and the Host and the staff on the stage fell one after the other with blood pouring around their necks.

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