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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 153: Command

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Facing Kurapika’s proposed change of group, Dalzollene asked: “I need a reason.”

“There is no reason. Just let me change groups.” Kurapika said in his cold attitude but extremely determined tone.

For a while, no one spoke, waiting for the decision, and it was apparent that Dalzollene was displeased with Kurapika’s attitude.

The others looked at Kurapika in confusion as they had no idea why he was determined to change groups.

Only one person knew why and that person is Allan.

He knew that Kurapika was from the Kurta Clan, and the scarlet eye is something from his clan.

A few years ago, the Kurta clan was slaughtered overnight, and all of their eyes were gouged out.

Kurapika had two goals, the first is to find the scarlet eyes, and the other is to kill the killer of his family, the Gen’ei Ryodan.

Therefore, whether Dalzollene agreed or not, Kurapika will go.

“Captain, I think you should agree. I think Kurapika has his reasons.” Allan suddenly said as he wanted to help Kurapika.

Hearing this, Dalzollene was amazed as he didn’t think that Allan would help Kurapika, so he finally nodded: “Well, Kurapika and Melody would go for the scarlet eye, and Basho and the others go for the other item. Is there any problem?”

Basho said that there isn’t along with the other two.

Kurapika said: “Thank you.”

“You must be careful when you go to the auction tonight. Yesterday, a group of people ransacked an underground auction. The affected parties directly sent over a hundred people in pursuit, but all of them were killed.

Moreover, all of the items that were stolen caused heavy losses, so tonight, that group will continue with their actions.

We can’t rule out the possibility that one of the auctions tonight will be a target. That’s why the organizers of the auctions strengthened their defenses, but we can’t rule out the possibility of another attack. All of you must be careful….”

Facing Dalzollene’s reminder, all of them nodded.

Allan narrowed his eyes. He thought about the group of lunatics Dalzollene mentioned, which should be the Gen’ei Ryodan.

If they were really to attack the auction tonight, then without a doubt, Allan will encounter them.

Allan didn’t want to talk with them, but if they offend him, he will take action.

“Captain, um, you didn’t mention me. What do I do?”

Squala suddenly asked.

“Sorry, I forgot about you,” Dalzollene said honestly.

Everyone laughed at Dalzollene’s straightforward answer.

On the other hand, Squala seemed embarrassed as he didn’t expect himself to be forgotten like that.

“Well, you can help Allan and listen to his orders.” Dalzollene thought for a bit.

“Okay, then.” Squala looked at Allan and agreed.

Dalzollene said: “I still have something to do. I will go ahead and leave you to your jobs.”

After Dalzollene left, Basho and his team, along with Kurapika and Melody, left.

All those lefts were Ivienkov, Squala, Allan, and Baise.

At this moment, Baise stood up and went toward Allan.

She leaned down and said: “There is still a while before the auction starts. Would you like to relax, acting captain?”

With this kind of suggestive tone, Squala and Ivienkov could help to gulp.

After all, Baise was indeed charming, and she was using that charm against Allan.

Most people wouldn’t have the ability to refuse her request. However, Allan was indifferent.

“You’re not qualified,” Allan replied lightly.

“What did you say?”

Allan’s words made Baise flushed in anger.

“Your appearance is not enough to move my heart,” Allan said.

“Hehehe, Is that so?” Baise suppressed her anger and sneered.

Without waiting for Allan to answer, she suddenly kissed Allan.

“Hehe, now you are captured by me. Anyone I kiss will become my servant and obey all of my commands.”

“Yes, then you can try to order me now.” Allan smiled contemptuously.

“I want you to kneel down.” Baise immediately said.

Baise’s Nen ability is instant Lover, an ability that manipulates anyone who she kisses for 180 minutes, making the target almost a slave to her.

However, when she gave Allan an order to kneel, Allan was still sitting on the sofa and looking at her indifferently.

Baise was surprised and asked: “How is that possible? Why aren’t you affected?”

“No, you have indeed used your ability on me, but your ability isn’t enough to affect me,” Allan said lightly.


“In other words, my willpower is enough to keep me unaffected by your control.”

Hearing this, Baise’s looked at him in awe.

This is the first time she encountered something like this.

The first time a man wasn’t affected by her Instant Lover ability.

“Good, You’re good,” Baise said as she looked at Allan. A man who has such strong willpower was definitively attractive to her.

However, Allan didn’t react to her and stood up.

“Get ready, and we’re going back to the hotel before taking Miss Neon to the auction in the evening.”

After this, Allan looked coldly at Squala and said: “Squala, you’re responsible for driving us and picking us up. You’re a full-time driver.”

“That’s it?” Squala asked as he felt that his job was too simple.

“Why, you don’t like it?” Allan sneered, patted his shoulder, and said: “If you don’t want it, you can leave at any time, but once you do, you’re fired.”

Squala thought for a bit, then nodded.

“Okay, I will be the driver.”

Getting a salary of a bodyguard and working as a driver made Squala feel aggrieved, but he had no choice in this matter.

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