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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 152: Teams

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Kurapika seemed to feel Allan’s gaze and raised his head to look at Allan.

His eyes didn’t change as he glanced coldly then withdrew his gaze.

The others did the same as they swept Allan with their gaze without paying much attention after that.

After all, Allan’s current look was too ordinary and average even for a middle-aged uncle. It really made them disregard him as nothing special.

Allan didn’t care as he found a place to sit down in the lobby.

Soon after, Dalzollene came out.

“They’re just like you, the bodyguards recently hired by the Nostrade Family.”

Allan nodded and said: “You didn’t call me over to introduce us, right? Because if you did, the Miss would really blame me for what I did.”

Dalzollene smiled awkwardly and said: “There is really something important.”

Everyone, including Kurapika, turned toward Dalzollene, who started speaking: “At nine this evening, there will be an underground auction, several which our boss likes very much like the mummy of Princess Corco and the scarlet eyes of the kurta clan. Therefore, I need you to go to the auction to bid on them since each will be in a different location.”

“Captain, since they are organized by underground forces, why separate the location of the auction?”

Basho asked.

Some of the others were thinking about that curiously as well.

Only Allan was smiling as he knew the reason in advance.

“The gangs don’t want to spend so much effort either, but they are fearful of any attempted theft. Separating each piece will assure that a huge loss is avoided even if someone attacked one of the locations.”

“Someone would dare go against all those gangs? It would be like offending every underground gang there is. Would such a person be afraid of death?” One of the bodyguards asked in disbelief.

“Hehehe, wouldn’t dare? There are too many lunatics out there. Even if you didn’t see one, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.” Hearing Allan’s sneer, Squala, who asked, seemed uncomfortable.

Squala stood up awkwardly before walking straight toward Allan and said: “What do you mean?”

Allan’s expression was indifferent as he didn’t pay any attention to him.

Squala suppressed his anger and said: “What you said just now was to refute me, nothing else.”

“Indeed, in my eyes, you’re just a frog at the bottom of a well.”

Allan glanced at him and sneered.


Squala furiously punched Allan.

Allan, who was sitting down on a sofa didn’t avoid it.


Even though Squala was the one to punch Allan, he was the one to cry in alarm as he clutched his arm.


Squala couldn’t believe that his attack had no effect on Allan, but instead, he hurt himself.

The other looked at Allan in shock.

Allan received a punch with his face, but the other party was the one getting hurt as if he punched steel.

“Strong.” Kurapika’s eyes flashed with surprise.

“Do you still want to continue?”

Allan looked at Squala with a playful expression as if he was looking at a clown.

Squala clenched his arm, looking embarrassed but didn’t want to back down.

“It’s alright, Squala. Sit down.” At this moment, Dalzollene intervened.

Allan ignored Squala and looked at Dalzollene, and said: “Go on.”

Dalzollene nodded and said: “Because the auction is organized by underground gangs, the items are banned from normal auctions. Therefore, all the guests are from mafia families as well as some rich and powerful people closely related to them.

This time, the Nostrade family got nine places, which means that three of each can go get the items our boss wants.”

After a pause, Dalzollene started dividing the group: “Basho, Squala, and Linssen, you are responsible for the scarlet eye.

Melody, and Kurapika, you’re going for the Solid-Gold Execution Sword.

Allan, you go for the mummy.” Dalzollene looked at Allan as if asking if he was okay with it.

Allan looked at him and said: “My duty is to protect Miss Neon, which is out of scope for me to participate in the auction.”

“Okay, course I know, that’s why you’re bringing Miss Neon with you to the auction. In that way, you will protect Miss Neon.” Dalzollene said seriously.

“You just said that the auction is dangerous, so why make Miss Neon taking that risk? Just make someone else do it.” Allan said.

Dalzollene put a hand on his forehead and sighed: “We also don’t want Miss to participate in that auction, but the boss promised her that he would let her participate.

If we don’t let her participate, the boss will have a huge headache over this.

To make it easier to understand, Boss’ current position is due to Miss Neon’s Ability to predict the future, and if Miss Neon is angry because of this, the boss will be in trouble.”

Allan shrugged and stopped asking: “Well, I will take Miss Neon to attend the auction then.”

“Please make sure you protect her,” Dalzollene said.

“Of course,” Allan promised.

Dalzollene nodded and looked at the other two and said: “Baise, Ivienkov, you are to assist and follow Allan’s commands. When the auction starts, you will mix with the crowd and pay attention to the situation and report to Allan at any time.”

“If he is a handsome guy, I won’t mind listening to him, but it’s not possible,” Baise said.

Baise was a beautiful woman and charming, and it’s hard to imagine she is a bodyguard.

“Baise, this isn’t a suggestion. Since you are a member of the Nostrade Family, then you will obey orders; Allan is stronger than any of you so, you will listen to his orders. Are we clear?”

“Damn it, okay.” Baise glared at Allan uncomfortably. Although she wasn’t convinced, the incident with Squala made her realize that Allan wasn’t a simple person.

Allan ignored the angry woman. As for the other person, Ivienkov, he seemed professional and obeyed orders without asking too much.

Such a person is the most suitable for the bodyguard job.

“Okay, now that the allocation is complete, do you have any questions?” Dalzollene asked.

“I have,” Kurapika said.

“What is it?” Dalzollene asked.

“I want to change the group to be on the Scarlet eye auction,” Kurapika said coldly.

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