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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 151: Yorknew City’s Auction Festival Part 2

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Allan was a little embarrassed since he forgot that he was under disguise.

But if he reveals his real appearance, Alisha wouldn’t laugh.

“Hey, you two are talking and laughing there. What did you get so familiar with already?” Neon, who came out of the store, saw her personal attendant and Allan laughing and immediately assumed her old lady role.

“I’m sorry, miss,” Alisha said apologetically.

Allan shrugged and said: “We are discussing the Issue of like, you little kid won’t understand.”

“Who’s a kid? This lady is an adult.” Neon retorted violently.

“Are you an adult?” Allan didn’t believe her.

“Humph, of course.” Neon said triumphantly.

Allan looked at Neon up and down and couldn’t help saying: “Okay, forgive my eyesight since I couldn’t really tell you’re an adult.”

“What do you mean?” Neon wasn’t fooled.

“Nothing.” Allan spread his hands.

“Humph, you obviously think that I look like a child. You think that my body is not well developed, don’t you?”

“No, absolutely not.”

Allan didn’t want to quarrel with this wayward lady, so he glanced at Alisha next to him.

Alisha nodded and changed the subject: “Sister, let’s go for a stroll. When I was looking around, I seem to see a circus.”

Hearing this, Neon instantly looked excited: “A circus? What are we waiting for then? I didn’t see a circus before.”

Allan, on the side, couldn’t help sigh. As soon as she heard about something exciting, she would turn into a child. And she still says she is an adult. Allan really couldn’t believe it.

“What were you talking about with sister just now?” Alicia asked curiously.

“Just chatting casually.” Allan glanced at Alimie and couldn’t help notice the difference between the twin’s character. Alisha seemed easily frightened and quiet, while Alimie seemed lively and open-minded.

The lights on the street illuminated as night fell.

Allan, who was with Neon the whole day, yawned boredly.

Looking at Neon, who was full of energy, Allan admired her stamina.

After having dinner at a high-class restaurant, they went to hang out in the night market.

“Uncle Allan, you must be tired after spending a day with the lady today, right? Do you want to go back first?” Alisha asked.

Although he felt strange being called uncle, Allan could only accept it since it was his current appearance.

But Alisha is sure considerate and gentle. He was just a bodyguard, and she cares so much about him.

Allan smiled and said: “It’s okay. This is my job, after all.”

At this moment, a girl with short black hair and glasses passed by Allan.

Allan felt something and instinctively looked at her. Feeling someone looking at her, the girl looked back, and their eyes met.

“So it turns out to be her.”

Allan recognized this girl. She was Shizuku Murasaki, the Number eight of the Gen’ei Ryodan.

Seeing Allan staring at her, Shizuku walked toward Allan and said: “Uncle, are you looking at me?”

“No?” Allan denied.

“Well, you have been staring at me since earlier.”

Seeing Shizuku’s determined eyes, Allan shrugged: “Well, I admit, I was looking just now.”

Allan could feel that if his answer made her feel dissatisfied, she would fight right there.

Although Allan wasn’t afraid, he doesn’t want the trouble either.

He thought for a while before saying: “Because you look just someone I know.”



“Then what’s her name?”

“She is called… Shizuku.”



“What a coincidence. I’m also called Shizuku. Am I the person that you know? But I don’t know you, uncle.”

Faced with Shizuku’s doubt, Allan smiled: “Maybe it’s just the same name.”

“Okay then, excuse me.” After saying this, Shizuku bowed and apologized before she turned and left.”

“Do you know that person?” Alicia came over and asked.

“I don’t know, let’s go.” Allan didn’t want to say anything else.

Since Shizuku was here, it can only mean that the others were here in Yorknew city, including Chrollo.

Although he could guess that they are here to rob the auction, Allan didn’t intend to stop them.

His job is to protect Neon, and anything else has nothing to do with him.

No matter how much trouble The Ryodan causes, he didn’t want to be a busy body.

Of course, if it is a conflict of interest, he will step in if necessary.

At this moment, Allan received a message on his phone. It was from Dalzollene asking them to return.

“Miss, we should go back.”

Allan said to Neon.

“It’s only seven right now. I will go back at ten.”

Neon was being willful.

“In that cause, sorry in advance.”

Allan didn’t talk nonsense with her and directly chopped her lightly on the back of her neck.

“Let’s go back.”

Taking a look at the stunned twins, Allan directly carried Neon back toward the hotel.

In the hotel, Allan gave Neon to the twin to take care of her and opened the system to get his reward.

[Ding! You opened a Silver Treasure Chest. Item’s obtained: Ten Years of Life.]

Add ten years of life to the person who eats it.

Allan’s eyes lit up as he couldn’t think that he could obtain such a rare thing.

A human’s life span was only a few decades.

Even in this world, a human’s life span wouldn’t exceed two hundred, and only a few reached over a hundred years old like Maha Zoldyck and Netero.

An increase of ten years wasn’t small.

The next morning, Allan received a message from Dalzollene asking him for a meeting.

Half an hour later, Allan came to a mansion.

As soon as he entered, he saw a few familiar guys.

They were the bodyguards hired by the Nostrade family.

They were Baise, Basho, Ivienkov, Linssen, Melody, Squala…

Although it was the first time Allan saw them, he still recognized them at first sight.

Allan’s eyes finally fell on a young man, who he didn’t see for quite some time, Kurapika.

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