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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 159: Swordsmanship Fight

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“Quick reaction!”

Seeing Feitan react to his dodge and aim an attack quickly, Allan commented before he sneered and waved Yatsufusa.

Yatsufusa collided with Feitan’s umbrella producing a few sparks.

Feitan’s umbrella was something conjured with Nen, so it can withstand a powerful attack from Yatsufusa and not break.

You can say that Feitan’s umbrella was a very good weapon.

In addition to that, inside the umbrella was a rapier, which Feitan currently unsheathed and slashed at Allan.

Seeing an attack coming from his ‘blind’ spot, Allan didn’t panic. Instead, he turned around and easily blocked it.

Then he waved his hand, forming a few icicles that slammed into Feitan.

Feitan wasn’t careless, as he retreated Sharply and blocked the Icicle with his sword.

Ice storm!

With a wave of his hand, Allan produced an extremely cold air current that turned into a storm.

Feitan decided to dodge and didn’t want to touch the storm.

“You’re quick to flee, but didn’t you say you’d avenge Franklin?”

Facing Allan’s sneer, Feitan couldn’t tolerate it and stopped dodging and stared at Allan.

Allan also stopped his ice Ice fruit ability and looked at Feitan provocatively.

“I don’t even need my Ice ability to deal with you. What are you best at, Swordsmanship? I will fight you in Swordsmanship.”

Hearing this, Feitan said coldly: “This is your choice.”

Allan’s ability to create Ice on a whim was tricky, so when he heard that Allan wouldn’t use it and instead will fight using Swordsmanship, he sneered.

Because in the Ryodan, in addition to speed, his Swordsmanship was one of the best.

Except for Nobunaga, only a few people could actually compete against him in Swordsmanship.

Feitan was extremely confident in this battle because he didn’t think that Allan stood a chance against him in Swordsmanship.

“Listen well, and this sword here is called Yatsufusa, which I will use to kill you and turn you into a puppet.”

Allan said as he waved Yatsufusa.

Although Allan knew it was better for him to fight with Shusui, he still decided to use Yatsufusa in the end, simply because he wanted Feitan to become a puppet.

“Feitan coldly said: “Will turn me into a puppet? Hahaha, we will see in the end.”

The next moment, Feitan disappeared as he rushed at Allan again.

Allan didn’t avoid but waved his Yatsufusa instead.

Since it’s a swordsmanship fight, the two can only fight head-on.

For the two of them, the end won’t be decided by simply landing a blow or admitting defeat, but by one of them dying.

In the Auction Hall, two figures appeared from time to time in a burst of speed as shock waves and sparks from the swords’ collision appeared along with them.

The more Feitan fought, the more solemn he became. He really didn’t expect Allan would be such a strong swordsman.

He was surprised because currently, Fetain could tell that Allan’s Swordsmanship wasn’t inferior to his own.

Feitan became surprised at first, but he became excited in the end.

To meet such a strong opponent that equaled himself in the way of the sword made him want to fight more.

This drove Feitan to fight even harder and faster.

“Fighting me with speed? Well, let’s see how the fastest member of the Ryodan deals with speed. Don’t disappoint me.”


Allan’s figure disappeared.

Yes, it looked like he completely disappeared.

Feitan could see him moving extremely fast and wasn’t surprised by it because when Allan was fighting Franklin, he noticed Allan’s speed.

“Too slow, you’re too slow. If you’re this slow, then why are we still fighting?”

Facing Allan’s taunt, Feitan became furious.

Even though he always appeared calm and quiet, he was short-tempered and hot-headed.

He couldn’t tolerate Allan’s taunting him as if he was playing with him.

“Faster? Then I will show you speed.”

Feitan decisively used his Nen, and his speed increased.

“Well, what about now? Am I too fast that you can keep up?” Feitan sneered at Allan, wanting to return the taunt.

“Barely qualified,” Allan said calmly.

Hearing this, Feitan coldly said: “You mean you’re faster than me?”

“Of course.” Allan nodded.

While they were talking, they already exchanged hundreds of moves.

They were too fast that no ordinary person could see them.

Only a master can see them, and after fighting for a while, Allan felt a little tired. He already knew everything about Feitan’s moves and wanted to end the battle already.

Using Observation Haki to predict Feitan’s movement, Allan used Soru, and with a drawing posture (Iaido), he slashed at Feitan.

Feitan felt a sense of dread approaching him and instinctively stepped back.

However, he was a little step slower, and Allan’s sword slashed him.

Fortunately, he avoided most of the slash but a wound larger than ten centimeters had already appeared on his body.

Allan’s strike broke through his defense and severely wounded him.

Feitan clutched his wound, and his eyes stared coldly and viciously at Allan.

He didn’t remember the last time that he was actually injured, and now he received such a large wound.

This meant that he lost to Allan in Swordsmanship and speed.

At the same time, he felt that this was unacceptable. He was strong and wasn’t injured for so long, and he had confidence in his strength.

When this confidence was broken, he lost his mind to madness and anger.

At this moment, Feitan stared at Allan, and a dark purple aura emerged around his body.

Allan narrowed his eyes when he saw the unidentified Nen.

Obviously, Feitan decided to use a big move.

However, Allan didn’t make a move to interrupt this power accumulation. Instead, he looked at him indifferently and waited.

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