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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 158: Killing

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The Chidori had a strong penetration power, and even Ken can’t block it.

Allan did just that, and he took advantage of Chidori’s characteristics to bypass Franklin’s defense.

Franklin looked at Allan’s hand inserted in his chest and felt numb all over, and knew that he was about to die.


When Allan pulled his hand from Franklin’s Chest, blood gushed forward and stained Franklin’s body red.

Franklin took two steps back and fell on his knees.

He supported his body with his left hand and covered his chest with his right hand but couldn’t stop the blood from slipping through his fingers.

A large hole was apparent on his back, and blood flowed from the front of the back while his complexion turned pale as he was losing consciousness.

“Your body is strong, and I think that I will keep it.”

While talking, a sword appeared in Allan’s hand. It wasn’t Shusui but Yatsufusa. Being a cursed sword, anyone killed by it will become a puppet for the user to command. Franklin was a top-notch Emitter, and he thought that it would be a shame to let him die like this.

So, Allan decided to use Yatsufusa to turn him into a puppet.

And since he killed Franklin now, he is officially an enemy of the Gen’ei Ryodan, so it’s inevitable that he will fight others.

Therefore, he will take advantage of the opportunity to turn Franklin into a puppet along with anyone from the Ryodan that can be useful.

In the long run, those powerful puppets would come in handy to deal with strong foes.

Although with his current power, Allan didn’t need so much to deal with the Gen’ei Ryodan, he didn’t have to deal with them himself when the time comes.

At this moment, Allan felt a strong Killing intent rushing at him.

“Humph, you finally want to join the fund.”

Allan looked and saw Feitan rushing over at quickly.

In fact, Allan always paid attention to Feitan when he was fighting Franklin and didn’t let him slip from his perception at all.

The Ryodan members were confident in their strength, and they usually rushed head-on with their enemies.

The only exception was Feitan, who was more of an Assassin than a thief.

In other words, if Allan had any flaws in the battle with Franklin, or if Feitan realized that Franklin could be in danger, he would most likely take action.

Seeing that Franklin’s life was hanging by a thread, Feitan couldn’t bear standing aside and took action.

However, Feitan’s speed wasn’t faster than Allan’s sword.

Allan decided to kill Franklin here, and even Chrollo won’t be able to stop him if he wanted.


Allan didn’t hesitate and pierced Franklin’s throat with Yatsufusa.

When Franklin come to, he saw a sword piercing his throat.

Just as Allan killed Franklin, a small figure rushed at Allan as fast as it could.

Feitan was holding an umbrella in his hand, and the back of the umbrella was printed in a dark red skull pattern.

At this moment, Feitan was using the umbrella-like sharp sword as he aimed at Allan’s heart.

Allan already saw everything with his Observation Haki and didn’t panic. Instead, he just moved slightly to the side and avoided Feitan’s surprise attack.

At the same time, Allan took out Yatsufusa from Franklin’s neck and slashed at Feitan without hesitation.

Seeing this, Feitan turned his umbrella and tried to block.

The collision made a dull sound as Feitan was directly sent away by Allan’s slash, while Franklin, who lost the support from the sword in his throat, fell down dead.

Allan waved his sword and cleaned the blood on it before looking at Feitan indifferently.

He didn’t feel accomplished by killing Franklin. Not even a pang of slight guilt like when he killed Guere’s lover.

It wasn’t because he didn’t have any humanity left in him, but because he felt that Franklin deserved death.

In fact, he felt that the scum from Meteor City deserved nothing less.

Unlike Allan, Feitan looked at Franklin’s Corpse.

His expression changed for the first time as he frowned.

The current situation was beyond his expectation.

He thought that with Franklin’s power, Allan would die in the end, or even if he was defeated, he could escape.

But he didn’t expect Franklin to lose and die at Allan’s hand while he couldn’t even intervene and save him.

At this moment, Feitan, who didn’t have any emotions usually, felt grief for the first time from his companion dying.

“Rest in peace, Franklin. I will avenge you.” Feitan said in a cold voice.

His eyes were fixed on Allan, and his aura exploded out of his body in waves accompanied by a strong Killing Intent.

“I thought that even if your partner died, you would be indifferent. It seems that I was wrong. I didn’t think you will grief his death.” While talking, Allan waved Yatsufusa in his hand and continued: “Don’t worry, you will meet Franklin soon, and will even make you a puppet along with him.”

“I will make you pay for killing him.”

As soon as he said this, Feitan disappeared.

However, Allan knew where he was. Using his Observation Haki, he saw Feitan rushing at him at an extremely fast speed.

The ten meters between them were covered in a blink of an eye.

Allan wasn’t surprised by Feitan’s speed because he had known that he was fast and maybe the fastest in the Ryodan.

The short figure appeared in front of Allan while his killing Intent filled the place.

Feitan waved his umbrella at Allan’s throat.

“You want to use a sword to slash my throat the same way I killed Franklin? I don’t think you can do that.”

Allan sneered. He already predicted the attack’s trajectory and avoided it easily.

Feitan’s eyes didn’t falter as he reacted to Allan’s dodge and his umbrella once again moved toward Allan.

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