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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 157: Face of The Reaper

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“One minute, within one minute, I will kill you, Franklin. So, use your full power, or you won’t get a chance later.”

“Humph, keep bragging.”

Allan’s tone had absolute confidence in his words which made Franklin quite angry. He was furious as he roared like a beast. The moment he was angered, his Nen exploded out of his body.

Franklin released all of his Nen so he can kill Allan, who was arrogant and belittled him.

Allan didn’t move at the time, just looked at Franklin, amused.

No matter how strong you are, you will die soon. That was the kind of words Allan’s gaze said at Franklin.

Baise, who was hiding in the last row of the auditorium, was greatly surprised by Franklin’s power.

Only now did they understand how terrifying the person who attacked the Auction was.

Although they were capable, they understood that they weren’t at the same level. At most, they were C rank while Franklin was an A rank elite.

If Allan wasn’t here, then all of them would’ve died with bullet holes all over their bodies.

Allan, who was facing Franklin, was also an A rank elite in their eyes.

Franklin continued to exude Nen from his body amazingly.

Allan looked at him and said: “That’s the way, give your full power, or you will have regrets later when you die, Franklin.” Seeing the Nen around Franklin’s body, Allan was slightly interested.

At Allan’s current level, he no longer felt any thrill from a fight with small fries. Only when someone uses his full strength can he feel satisfied after killing them.

It wasn’t that Allan was a psychopath or anything. It’s just when someone like the members Ryodan, who kill without purpose, or goal are facing him. He would enjoy toying with them, making them struggle with everything they had, only to realize that in the end, everything they had done was in vain.

Although Allan killed many, he either killed as a job, like Guere or because those people had done something to him. He never killed someone just for the joy of it, like the Ryodan is doing.

At the moment, after getting used to all the Nen he released, Frankling pointed at Allan with both fingers and said: “Double Machine Gun, strongest firepower.”

The difference between this and the previous attacks is the bullet speed and power.

Allan responded by waving his hand and forming five Ice Walls blocking in front of him.

The bullets hit the Ice walls. If anyone heard the sound produced, they would think that it was a battlefield with hundreds of soldiers firing at each other.

After some time, the first Ice wall shattered, then the second wall.

“Break for me.” Franklin’s veins bulged on his forehead as he condensed all of his Nen on his finger while launching even more bullets.

As an emitter, the bullets he releases remain at one hundred percent power even after moving a great distance away from him.

After a while, the third wall couldn’t withstand the attacks and shattered.

After breaking the third wall, Franklin didn’t stop.

He vowed to break all five-wall made by Allan and turn him into a sieve.

With this obsession, Franklin continued to use his full power and finally broke the fourth wall, then the fifth.

Franklin’s obsession with breaking the Ice Walls seemed to increase his Nen’s power, and he finally succeeded.

Franklin, who achieves his goal of breaking the Ice Wall, consumed at least seventy or eighty percent of his Nen, leaving him with twenty or thirty percent.

At this moment, he was panting hard, looking ahead while his arms were still in the Double Machine Gun mode, but without firing any bullets because he was surprised to find that Allan unexpectedly disappeared.

“Where is he?”

“Has he been killed by the previous firepower?”

Franklin looked around with confusion.

“Be careful, Franklin above you,” Feitan shouted a warning.

“What? Above?!”

An Iceball like a meteorite was falling from above, intending to smash Franklin to death.

When he saw this, Franklin raised his hands and fired as much as he can to save himself.

Surprisingly, the Ice Ball couldn’t withstand the bullets and shattered.

Franklin heaved a sigh of relief as he was fortunate to respond on time. Otherwise, he would’ve died under that Iceball.

However, at this moment, he felt like death was approaching him quickly.

Franklin seemed to hear birds sing in his ear, but unfortunately for him, they weren’t birds but death itself.

Suddenly, a face appeared in front of him, and he could’ve sword it was the Face of a Grim Reaper.


Something sharp pierced his chest, and he felt a rusty taste in his throat before he spat a mouthful of blood.

He looked at Allan’s face in front of him before his gaze shifted downward and finally saw Allan’s right hand piercing through his chest.

Dazzling blue electric light danced in Allan’s hand as Franklin felt his body paralyzed, and his soul was quickly slipping away from his body.

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