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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 16: Allan-Sensei

Fearing Allan noticing her glances, Mito quickly withdrew her gaze as she felt guilty of even entertaining such thoughts.

But she confirmed one thing, this boy, no, this young man is up to her standards.

If she was to end up with him, it wouldn’t be a bad thing.

After mustering up her courage, she looked at Allan to give him an answer, but before she could talk, Allan patted her shoulder and said: “Okay, Okay, I’m kidding, don’t get so nervous.”

“Eh? Kidding?”

Mito was taken aback and looked at Allan dumbfoundedly.

For a while, Mito tried to sort out her complicated feeling as she was obviously ready to agree to his request, but he went and said that he was kidding.

What is this?

Is it fun playing with my feelings?

Mito bit her teeth and glared at Allan fiercely.

Allan avoided her gaze as he didn’t in his wildest dreams think that Mito would look at him so favorably. He only thought that she glared at him because of his joke.

“Well, I shouldn’t have made such a joke. I promise I will teach you Nen to make it up for you.”

Mito was still unhappy.

She felt that it didn’t matter whether she learned Nen or not because she was currently too mad at him.

With her strong character and stubbornness, she wasn’t willing to let it go.

After making up her mind, she decided to train hard and let the boy notice her charm as a woman.

Mito directly said: “Than teach me as fast as you can.”

Seeing that she was no longer angry, Allan took her to the forest, where he usually practiced.

The place was a bit away from the village, about three or four Kilometers away from the village.

When they reached the forest, Allan didn’t speak, and this got in Mito’s nerves, so she asked: “Now, what are we going to do?”

“What should you do? Mm, let me think for a bit.”

Allan pretended to be deep in thoughts before he playfully said: “I think you should, first of all, call me Sensei.”

“What?” Mito thought she misheard him and asked: “You want me to call you Sensei? Why?”

“If you ask me to teach you, then you should call me Sensei, right?”

Mito was speechless. This wasn’t excessive, but she really couldn’t say it.

“S-S… Sensei.” Finally, she stuttered and was red from shyness before she could say it.

“No, that not right.” Allan corrected her: “You should call me, Allan-Sensei.”

Mito blushed even harder. She knew that Allan was doing this on purpose, but she couldn’t do anything.

“You…” After she tried to retort, she swallowed it away and said while struggling: “A… A… Allan… Allan-Sensei.”

Hearing her saying ‘Allan-Sensei’ made him feel very happy.

Mito saw his enjoyment and couldn’t help saying: “Allan, I’m older than you, shouldn’t you be kind to your elders.”

“Of course.” Allan nodded. He can live here thanks to Mito, and he knows that he should treat her kindly.

Mito finally sighed in relief.

But again, Allan did let her go: “But this and that are two different matters! I’m now your teacher, so since you are the student, it normal for you to call me Sensei, right?”

Mito felt that his words were reasonable, but calling him Sensei was one thing, but adding Allan to that made her too embarrassed.

“Hai, Allan-Sensei, please teach me Nen! I will be obedient.” In the end, she surrendered.

A victory smile appeared on Allan’s lips. He felt accomplished, as if he just conquered this woman.

Mito blushed and lowered her head without daring to look at Allan in his eyes.

“Then, let me first teach you the Theoretical knowledge about Nen before we start anything else.”

Mito listened carefully as the boy started teaching her. She was determined to train hard and prove to the boy that she wasn’t an ordinary woman.

Allan was also teaching her seriously.

Mito was gifted in Nen the same way Gon and Ging were, and this was probably because they had The Freecss family blood in their veins.

Rumors said that the Freecss had an ancestor called Don Freecss 300 years ago, who was a very powerful character.

(T/N: Don Freecss is supposedly the Ancestor of Gon, who was the one to write the Journey to the new world, which was a book about the dark continent, but this isn’t confirmed yet in the Manga.)

And Mito was different from Gon. She wasn’t dumb, so she quickly understands what Nen was after just his first explanation.

And with her understanding of what Nen is, she can start training in it.

Like with Gon, Allan gave Mito a choice to choose if she wanted to learn Nen gradually with Meditation or use the same method as Gon and forcefully open her Aura Nodes.

Mito’s choice was the first one.

Three days passed like this, and on the fourth day, Mito successfully opened her Aura Nodes by relying on herself.

Allan used Gyo, only to see Mito’s body Exuding a great amount of Nen.

Mito felt the energy coursing through her body and was happy with her achievement.

“Congratulations, you successfully took your first step in learning to use Nen.” Allan’s words were sincere, as he really felt happy for her. She only took three days, which was indeed an accomplishment.

“So this is what Nen is like. It’s really amazing.” Feeling the amazing energy moving through her body, Mito raised her head and said gratefully: “Allan, Thank you.”

“No, these aren’t the right words to say.” Allan shook his head directly.

Mito blushed and immediately corrected herself and said in a low voice: “Thank you, Allan Sensei!”

“You’re welcome,” Allan said happily.

“Next, I will teach you the basic skills of Nen, so you need to train hard to master them.”

“I will train hard,” Mito answered seriously.

She felt that a new world was about to open in front of her because of this boy.

While Allan smiled, looking at the serious Mito who can be a first-class Nen user in the future.

And he can proudly say at that time: “Do you know her? She is my student.”

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