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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 15: Icicle

Allan was surprised as he saw the water turn colder by the second and Ice forming out of nowhere and exclaimed: “I did it?!”

Allan was taken aback and directly grabbed another bucket of water and used Nen this time.

As soon as his Aura touched the water, its temperature dropped sharply before finally turning into Ice.

“It seems that the System did indeed doubled my Nature Change. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to freeze all the water at once so quickly.”

Allan felt the coldness released from his Aura, and everything he touches with it will turn into Ice.

“I need to try this.”

Allan immediately started using his Nen. A Frost white Energy erupted from his hand, and in a blink of an eye, a crystal-like Icicle floated above his hand.

He was trying to make a sharp Icicle, and it really succeeded.

“I need to know how strong this is.”

Allan directly went to the clearing behind the warehouse and slashed a rock using the Icicle.

The Icicle shattered while the rock split in half.

The power is there, but the hardness was not enough.

Allan wasn’t disappointed at all. Instead, he started making another Icicle.

This time, he hit a boulder and split it in half while the Icicle was intact with not even a sign of damage.

Allan beamed with joy. By wrapping the Icicle with Nen using Shu, its offense and defense skyrocketed.

Allan was really excited as he continued to test his new ability.

He squatted down with one palm touching the ground and channeled his Nen. A blast of cold air swept out of his hand, directly covering the ground in Ice with him in the center.

The larger the Area was, the more Nen he consumed.

But seeing such results, Allan couldn’t hide his joy.

Allan returned to the bar and quickly thanked Mito for saving his life.

Without her Freezer, he would still be struggling with understanding Ice, and if she didn’t get him out of it, he would’ve turned into an Ice Sculpture by now.

Mito still couldn’t understand and asked: “Why are you thanking me for no reason?”

Allan smiled and said: “I will show you a magic trick.”

“Magic?” Mito was a little confused, but she was eager to see this Magic as no one ever performed in front of her before.

Allan brought an empty glass and filled it with Wine.

He held the cup with his right hand and used his Aura. Suddenly, the Wine inside the cup froze in an instant.

Mito opened her mouth wide. This is the first time she saw such a magical scene in her life: “Is this Magic? It’s amazing. How did you freeze the Wine? Did you change it when I wasn’t paying attention?”

Allan shook his head and said: “Neither.”

“How did you do it then?” She seemed to have the same strong curiosity Gon had.

Allan smiled: “I used Nen.”

“Nen?” Mito didn’t understand what Nen meant. She knew that Allan trained in Nen because he did explain that, but she didn’t know what it was exactly.

Allan nodded. In this world, as long as you learn Nen, anything should be possible.

Mito suddenly exclaimed: “I want to learn it too.”

Allan was taken aback.

She looked at Allan with her Amber eyes and asked: “Allan, can you teach me?”

Allan didn’t know what to say, but as always, the System made its appearance.

{Ding! Please Choose.]

[1: Promise Mito and successfully teach her Nen. Reward: Double the Nen’s Nature Change.]

[2: Reject Mito and ignore her request. Reward: Double the Aura Shape change mastery.]

Allan just drank the frozen Wine glass without making a choice.

Doubling the Aura Shape change meant he would be able to form many complicated shapes with his Nen.

Double the Change in nature was just the same reward he got previously.

The Nature Change would increase the power and efficiency of his Ice attribute, making him much stronger.

Between the two, Allan was more inclined toward the first Choice.

Mito saw that Allan was deep in thought and felt a little frustrated: “I’m sorry.”

Seeing her like this made Allan want to tease her: “I can teach you Nen, but I won’t be easy.”

Mito was a smart woman, and upon hearing Allan’s words, she knew that he wanted something, so she hurried said: “I will agree with anything.”

Allan raised his brows and said: “Really?”

Mito nodded her head and said: “Well, as long as you teach me, Nen, I will agree to anything you want.” She thought that since Allan will teach her, he wouldn’t ask for something impossible.

Allan looked at her and suddenly became serious: “You know, there is a saying that goes like this, behind every strong man, there is a woman who supported him.”

“What do you mean?” Mito asked in confusion.

Allan pointed at her and said: “It’s very simple, really, you will be my woman.”

“What?” Mito was startled and blushed like crazy.

Allan didn’t speak and only looked at Mito.

Mito was blushing even more as her heartbeats increased. She looked at him and said: “You… What are you talking about? Don’t you know that I’m a lot older than you?”

“It’s only a few years.” Allan didn’t mind.

“That’s still too old for you.” Mito seemed to mind the age difference, but she didn’t reject Allan.

She didn’t even think that she was worthy of being with Allan, who was still a teenager.

Allan disagreed: “Age doesn’t matter if love exists.”

Mito was speechless for a while.

She never considered this before

Even when she grew up, she’s never been in love with a boy, let alone hold hand with one or anything for that matter.

It’s clear that she reached the age of marriage a long time ago, but she never found a suitable person.

In fact, she often felt lonely, hoping to find someone to rely on, but no one on the island met her standards, and she often thought that her standards were a little too high.

As she took a quick glance at Allan, she inexplicably found herself blushing further.

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