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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 14: Ice

Allan stood and walked toward the depth of the forest. After climbing a mountain, he reached a waterfall. Allan made his mind to start training in the water aspect of ‘Ice’.

The Water fell straight down to the mountainside, which created a breathtaking sight.

Allan took off his shirt, revealing his well-trained body.

After training for so long, Allan’s figure changed greatly as his muscles were chiseled like a masterpiece.

He jumped down to the waterfall’s center into a smooth rock while the Water from the waterfall pushed him down.

To understand Water’s characteristics, He needed a direct and personal experience with it, and this was the most effective way he can think about.

As he sat down on the Rock, Allan activated his Nen, using Ten to cover his entire body, which will help him greatly as this process didn’t just involve his body experiencing Water, but even his Nen had to experience it.

One day, two days, three days…

On the ninth day, Allan stood up and jumped out of the waterfall.

After days of being under the waterfall, Allan was sure that he knew the water characteristics as he experienced firsthand.

It’s an experience that can’t be described with words as it was just something he could feel with his heart.

The characteristics of Water are already imprinted in his mind and body.

Allan left the waterfall and started climbing the highest mountain on the island. On that same mountain, a huge tree stood straight, almost reaching the skies.

After jumping a few times, Allan stood on top of the tree. This was his way in training in Wind, because the top of the mountain contains the strongest Wind he can think of, Allan can get the experience he wanted here.

Allan once again used Ten to cover his entire body with Nen as he started feeling the Wind.

He opened his arms and let his entire body get the experience he needed, and in the same way, nine days later, Allan had what he needed.

His understanding of Wind rivaled his understanding of Water.

With persistence, Allan was currently familiar with the two attributes he needed to form his Nen’s trait.

The last step was to understand the Coldness of Ice.

Allan left the mountain toward Mito’s bar on the island.

The bar was yet to open as Mito was making preparation.

Seeing Allan coming over, Mito asked in confusion: “Allan, where were you the last few days?”

Allan briefly explained what he was doing. Hearing that he stood under a waterfall for nine days straight before going on top of a mountain and standing in the Wind for another nine days made Mito think he was crazy and was glad he didn’t catch a cold.

Allan briefly informed Mito of his purpose, and although she didn’t understand what he meant, she knew that it was important to Allan.

After hearing his reasons for coming here, Mito was concerned and asked: “Are you sure you want to use the freezer for training?”

Allan nodded: “Yeah, I want to experience being Frozen.”

Mito suddenly put a hand on Allan’s forehead and was confused: “Strange. You don’t have a fever.”

Allan was speechless. Mito was treating him as if he was crazy. Well, he was crazy, as normal people won’t entertain the thought of being frozen.

In fact, he didn’t want to do this himself, but there was no snow on the island, and the only way for him to understand the Coldness of Ice is to experience it in the freezer. But the freezer had more advantages as well because he won’t just experience the Coldness, but he can even experience what it was like to be frozen.

Mito was still puzzled, but Allan directly said: “Just let me borrow it.”

Mito finally accepted after seeing his determination: “Well, you can use it.”

Allan directly chose a vertical freezer and took everything that was inside it, and removed them with their shelf. After cleaning it up, he put the freezer down, plugged it in power, and adjusted the temperature before going in and closing the door.

To understand the Ice attribute, there is nothing better than lying down inside a freezer.

But from another perspective, it seemed like he was lying in an Ice coffin, which was creepy.

Allan laid down inside the freezer and started using Ten.

Allan felt like he was in a world of Ice as the Coldness invaded his body.

Less than an hour later, Allan was trembling from the cold. The Coldness passed through his Nen and into his chest without any resistance.

His consciousness started fading as he started freezing.

At this time, Mito pulled the door of the freezer open and pulled Allan out.

As soon as she touched Allan’s body, she felt Coldness coursing through her body and quickly retracted her hand.

Looking at Allan again, she saw frost already forming on Allan’s eyelashes.

His whole body was releasing a freezing cold air, and even his breaths were cold.

‘What a lunatic,’ thought Mito while feeling very worried.

She was a woman, and she couldn’t understand how men thought, the same way men couldn’t understand a woman’s thoughts.

Allan quickly regained consciousness and rubbed his hands together in an attempt to warm himself a little. Fortunately, his body was strong, and he could hold on a little longer.

If he was an ordinary person, he wouldn’t be able to actually stand such pain.

Even if he was stronger than ordinary people, if he stayed inside the freezer for a little bit longer, he might’ve died.

He lost consciousness, and if Mito didn’t intervene in time, he would be an ice sculpture by tomorrow.

Mito didn’t say a word as she hurriedly took Allan and put him inside a hot bath.

As Allan soaked in the bathtub, the Water’s temperature dropped suddenly, and finally, Ice started forming on top of it. Meanwhile, Allan still didn’t notice anything.

After a while, Mito walked in and saw Allan soaked in the bathtub while sleeping, and couldn’t help shaking her head.

As she put a hand in the water to feel the temperature, she quickly retracted it. She was shocked by the cold water that started to freeze.

Mito immediately woke Allan up. As he looked at the Water, he felt strange as he could’ve sworn that he fell asleep in a bathtub filled with hot water.

He didn’t realize that the Nen he released, whether intentionally or not, contained an Ice-cold property. He thought the Water become cold due to his body being so cold that it cooled the Water down.

Mito once again filled the bathtub with hot water and asked him to hop in.

As Allan did so, the Water once again grew colder, and a few minutes later, Ice-covered its surface.

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