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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 13: Abilities and Paths

Allan was stunned by the number of choices, but looking closely, he noticed that each reward was the same.

The difference lies in the element he would train that each granted different developing direction.

Allan scratched his head as he couldn’t pick one of the choices over the others.

Fortunately, there was no time limit for him to choose from, so he didn’t have to worry about time.

He immediately sat cross-legged on the ground and started thinking. In the Show, he remembered four famous characters with Transmutation ability, which were Killua, Hisoka, Feitan Portor, and Machi Komacine, with the last two belonging to the Phantom Brigade.

The four of them were Transmuters, but each had a different ability.

For example, Killua could change his Aura into an Electric current, which granted him the ability to efficiently kill and paralyze his enemies. He takes advantage of the characteristics of electricity to increase his power and speed as well.

Although he only uses ordinary electric current, it was the closest to lightning.

If Allan wanted to develop toward that direction, he would need to shock himself with electricity constantly to build immunity and get a feel for its nature.

And that’s without mention the word ‘lightning,’ the system said, which means he would have to face lightning, not just Electric current.

Because the transmuters’ training method is one of the hardest, if the transmuter wanted to change the property of his Nen, he needs to be familiar with that element or object, so the change can occur.

In the show, Killua mentioned on many occasions that he received the worst torture from his family, and being electrified was one of the methods of torture, which was the reason he could develop his ability.

(T/N: Btw, Nen and Aura are basically the same. That’s why you find me changing from one to another.)

Hisoka could change his Aura into Chewing Gum, which means he often ate chewing Gum when he was young that it allowed him to be very familiar with its nature and properties.

Allan first thought was to eliminate lightning from the options. And his reason was simple, his body wasn’t trained like Killua, and even a normal electric current would be too much for him to handle currently.

Chewing Gum is the rubber ability without the ability to stick to other surfaces because Chewing gum contains rubber.

Allan didn’t like to have the same ability as others, and he didn’t particularly like Chewing Gum or Rubber, so he gave up on them as well.

The remaining were Fire, Light, Ice, and Barrier.

From these four, the Fire can be directly eliminated.

Like lightning, he didn’t want to burn himself with Fire.

Allan was not familiar with the Light, and he knew that he needed a strong source of Light nearby, like lazes, flash bombs, and so on, to understand Light enough. If he can learn it, it will be just a BUG ability in this world, at least in speed, so he didn’t banish this choice yet.

When it came to the Barrier, Allan’s only thought was to turn his Aura into a glass-like substance, and this ability seemed more like a defensive one, so he wasn’t interested in it and directly ruled it out.

The only one remaining was Ice, and after thinking deeply about it, No one in Hunter X Hunter world learned it.

Changing the Aura properties into the properties of Ice is a novel idea and had a lot of room for development.

When it was strong enough, he may even freeze his enemies into ice sculptures.

It was fun just thinking about it.

Allan finally chose his future path.

He chose to get the Ice nature change.

Only after choosing a goal can you move forward in life after all.

[Ding! You chose to change your Aura properties into Ice. Reward: the Nen’s nature change has been Double!]

Allan tried to feel the change in his body, but unfortunately, he felt nothing at all.

But now wasn’t the time to think about this, he needs to start training as a Transmuter, and the first step is Nen Numbers.

It’s the most basic training for Transmuters, which require them to form numbers from 1 to 9 with Nen above their fingers.

If they can finish going from 1 to 9 in 5 seconds, then it means the first level is mastered.

With Allan’s current ability, it was a piece of cake because he already Mastered Nen very well.

Allan stretched his index finger directly and controlled his Nen to form the numbers in less than five seconds, and he succeeded.

As he finished with the first level, Allan directly started practicing the next level, which is forming more complex forms with Nen, like creating a stone or a dagger with Nen.

These were not that difficult for the current Allan, so he easily finished them as well.

As there is no problem now with the change of form, he can now try training in the change of Nature.

The so-called Nature can also be called a trait., which represents the properties of the element, or in this case, Ice.

Nen didn’t have a trait by itself, so what Allan had to do is add that trait himself.

His goal was to add the Ice element to his Nen, and Ice was a combination of Water and Wind (T/N: Naruto’s Yuki Clan? Haku?)

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