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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 162: Devil’s Music Note

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Going back ten minutes, inside the auction hall for the scarlet eye.

Before the auction started, a large number of mafia gangs gathered around the building, securing it from any attack.

In the building, Kurapika wore a suit and sunglasses along with his partner Melody. With his status as a bodyguard for the Nostrade family and the invitation card, he easily entered the auction.

“Kurapika, do you think someone will attack the auction? Inside the venue, Melody asked Kurapika, who was sitting on the side.

“I don’t know, but maybe they will,” Kurapika said coldly.

“Kurapika, I’m curious about something, can I ask?”

“What is it?” Kurapika’s tone was still cold.

Melody hesitated for a bit before she asked: “Kurapika, you seem to care greatly about the scarlet eye in this auction.”

“Why do you think so?” Kurapika’s tone warmed up a bit, but his expression was still cold.

“In the morning, when the captain assigned us our auctions, your heartbeats increased quickly at the mention of the eye. Later you insisted on changing the auction to come here.

From the sound of your heartbeat, I could tell that you’re restless, and you were kind of angry and full of hatred.

So I thought that there was a connection between you and the scarlet eye in the auction.”

Hearing this, Kurapika stayed silent for a while before saying: “You’re amazing, Melody. You can actually know my mental state just from hearing my heartbeats.

Well, I will tell you my true identity.

I’m the last survivor of the Kurta clan, and those scarlet eyes are unique to my clan.”

Hearing this, Melody was taken aback: “I didn’t expect you to be from the Kurta clan. I remember that that clan was attacked a few years ago.”

“A few years ago, a group of people came to the residence of our clan and killed every one of them before taking their eyes.

In order to take revenge and take back the eyes of my clan, I will do anything.”

When he said this, Kurapika was almost expressionless, but his voice contained anger and hatred.

“So you’re here to get back the scarlet eye that belonged to your clan?”

“Year.” Kurapika nodded.

Melody didn’t ask any more questions as she could tell that Kurapika was determined about his revenge from his heartbeats.

“What about you, Melody? Are you a professional hunter?” Kurapika asked after some time.

Melody nodded: “Well, I’m a music hunter.”

Kurapika looked at her in surprise: “Music hunter? So you know music?”

“Yes, I know how to play the flute best, and I understand rhythm and tunes. I can also write lyrics and compose music.” Melody replied with pride as she was confident in her ability.

“I didn’t think you’d be an artist.”

Seeing the look of triumph on Melody’s face, Kuapika smiled lightly.

“What do you mean? Are you saying that I’m ugly?” Melody could tell what Kurapika was thinking about and raised her head angrily.

Kurapika quickly shook his head: “No, I didn’t mean that.”

“Haha, it’s okay. I know that I look ugly, and the music is beautiful, which really doesn’t match my look. I don’t blame you.”

Those words made Kurapika feel quite guilty as what he said seemed too direct and hurtful.

He didn’t want to mock melody and was just surprised that she was a proficient musician.

Melody didn’t seem to care as she said: “Actually, I’m looking for the Devil’s music note. I heard that it might appear in the auction. In order to enter the auction, I applied for the job of a bodyguard.”

“The devil’s Music note?”

“Well, to put it simply, it’s a cursed music score, and its name is the Sonata of Darkness.” Melody explained.

Kurapika frowned: “Just hearing the name makes me feel uncomfortable.”

“Well, because that music score is cursed and wasn’t composed by humans, it was created by the devil,” Melody said.

Kurapika was surprised to hear that: “Devil? Does such a monster exist in the world?”

Melody paused for a bit before replying: “I haven’t seen him, but I think devils exist in our world. Because the Sonata of Darkness is real, and there is more than one copy of it. It is said that several copies exist, four for piano, violin, flute… If a human plays this music, a terrible disaster will befall them.

Even if you accidentally listen to it, you will get in trouble.”

Kurapika couldn’t believe it: “That seems like nonsense. How can such a terrible thing exist.”

Melody said seriously: “It’s not nonsense. What I say is the truth.

My friend once played the Sonata of Darkness. At that time, he played it with a flute solo.

There were seven people, including me, present and we listened to it.

A terrible thing happened afterward. Those of us who were listening felt our bodies burning, and skin fester.

My friend who played the flute was severely mutated before dying.

I look like this now because I listened to the Sonata of Darkness. I was disfigured from just listening to it.”

Kurapika didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t believe it, but Melody revealed the burn marks on her body, and he couldn’t say anything else.

“By the way, I used to look very beautiful.” Melody smiled.

Kurapika glanced at Melody in disbelief.

The current Melody was quite ugly. That’s why Kurapika was very skeptical about her being beautiful before.

Melody didn’t seem to care about this and said: “Let me show you my photo before the accident.”

Melody took a photo and showed Kurapika.

He saw seven people in the photo, and one of them was a beautiful girl with long hair and a fair complexion.

“Could this be you?” Kurapika asked Melody.

Melody nodded: “That’s me from before. Didn’t I say I used to be beautiful?”

“Well, you were really beautiful.” Kurapika nodded sincerely.

“So, the other six are those friends who listened to the Sonata of Darkness?” Kurapika asked.

“Well, the one in the middle was the one who played the score, except for her. The others were lucky enough to survive.” Melody said sadly.

“Then where are they now? Are they looking for the copies like you?”

“Well, yes, after what happened, the six of us realized that the Devil’s music score would bring a huge disaster to humans. So we agreed to find all of the copies and destroy them.”

Kurapika nodded and followed with some curiosity: Do you really think that this piece of music was created by a Devil and not by a human?”

Melody shook her head and said: “I heard the music, and I can tell you that no human can create that kind of music.”

“The devil always feels like an illusion,” Kurapika said.

Melody thought for a bit before she said: “Devil’s might not exist in our world that is inhibited by humans, but it can be somewhere in the dark continent.”

“Dark Continent?” Kurapika felt Melody’s words become more mysterious the more he listened.

But Melody has no reason to lie to him, and he didn’t think he was lying either.

“I have looked up the history books, and the dark continent seems to be a dark world unlike ours.

There is all kind of alien creatures there, and there are no humans.

According to an ancient book, whenever humans set foot there, a huge disaster would be brought back with them.”

“Bring back a disaster?”

“Well, a disaster capable of destroying the human world. I suspect that sometimes, humans went there and brought back the Sonata of Darkness which is the symbol of disaster. Anyone who heard it would mutate and experience great pain.” Melody said seriously.

“So, do you think that the Sonata of Darkness will appear in the auction?”

“I don’t know, and I just heard from a friend that the Sonata of Darkness might appear here.

I’m not sure about that, but I plan to find out.” Melody said.

Kurapika nodded, then asked: “That sheet of music is terrible; why do you still want to find it yourself?”

“Because it is so terrible that I want to destroy it myself,” Melody replied firmly.

“You’re so great,” Kurapika said.


“Well, compared to me, your goal is for the safety of mankind, while I’m just after revenge.”

“Well, everyone pursues their goals. Kurapika, the pain you went through is by far greater than mine. Therefore, I will support you. I hope you find the stolen eyes of your clan.” Melody said in encouragement.

Kurapika nodded. He wasn’t talkative, but he felt that Melody could feel his pain.

During the conversation between the two, time passed, and it was exactly nine, and the auction officially started.

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