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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 161: The power of Level 7 Swordsmanship.

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Suddenly, the system’s notification rang in Allan’s head.

[Ding! You successfully beheaded Franklin and Feitan. You obtained Swordsmanship Level 7.]

Suddenly, the knowledge, skills, experience related to Swordsmanship melted into Allan’s brain and body.

Feeling the information invading his brain like a warm current, Allan felt that his power made another leap to the next level.

In terms of Swordsmanship, he was a master currently.

The system ranked the Swordsmanship by levels, Level 1 was entry-level, Level 2 is a bronze swordsman, level 3 is a silver swordsman, level 4 is a golden swordsman, level 5 is a platinum swordsman, level 6 is a diamond swordsman, and level 7 is a great epic swordsman.

Now, with his swordsmanship level reaching level 7, Allan was a great epic swordsman. With his current strength, he can send a flying slash that can cut a forest.

“Let’s try it.”

Suddenly, his aura changed as he took out Shusui.

Although Yatsufusa was sharp, it’s more inclined toward its ability to manipulate its victims than actually being a sword.

Shusui was more worthy of the power of a great swordsman and could demonstrate his full power using it.

Allan held Shusui in his hand and waved it directly above his head.

In an instant, a ray of light emerged out of his sword and turned cyan before slicing through the ceiling and continued from one ceiling to the other till it reached the top and broke free into the night’s sky.

The clouds parted ways as if making way to the mighty slash in fear till the cyan energy disappeared.

Only a few people frowned at this spectacle as they could feel this scene was caused by something or someone, while others looked at the sky in awe.

Those who felt something couldn’t imagine what kind of person could perform such a feat.

Even Netero, who was far away in the Hunter Association building, noticed the short-lived phenomenon in the cloud.

His eyes showed extreme excitement as he said with a tone full of emotions: “Such a strong sword strike that could reach the sky. Where did it come from, who did it? I want to see.”

His eyes narrowed and turned into thin slits. He looked in the direction where the sword soared into the sky and said to himself: “Um… Isn’t that Yorknew City’s direction?”

After determining the direction, Netero left his office.

On the other side of the auction hall, Allan looked at the sky in shock before he laughed.

This kind of power made him feel quite confident in himself.

He can completely ignore the Ryodan right now. Even if all of them come together for revenge, Allan wouldn’t take them seriously.

Now he had a higher Vision.

He was looking up toward a higher goal.

After a while, Allan said: “You two hide in the dark and follow me temporarily, don’t show yourself. I will call you out if necessary.”

After saying this, Franklin and Feitan obeyed and hid in the darkness.

Although those two became puppets, their appearance hardly changed much.

Without careful observation, it will be difficult for anyone to notice the difference.

The reason he didn’t allow them to follow him mainly because he was currently the bodyguard of the Nostrade Family. If he brought those two, others would notice this easily.

Therefore, in order to avoid this unnecessary trouble, Allan decided to hide them temporarily and call them when it’s necessary.

At this moment, Baise, Ivienkov, and Neon, who were hiding, were rendered unconscious by Allan’s Conqueror’s Haki in the battle between him and Franklin.

Therefore, the three of them had no idea what happened to those two.

When Allan came up to them and woke them up, Baise and Ivienkov couldn’t help asking about Franklin and Feitan’s whereabout.

Allan didn’t tell them the truth, but he told them that he chased them away, and he also told them that the items were destroyed in the battle just now.

At first, both of them were suspicious, but after looking at the aftereffect of the battle, they believed his words.

“Let’s go. Since the auction is destroyed, we have to go back. Furthermore, I think that there is an uproar outside, and most likely, the other two auctions were attacked as well.” Allan said.

“What do you mean, is there an attack outside as well?” Baise asked.

“No one has come in for so long, which means that something happened outside. Maybe the security forces are completely wiped out by the enemy.”

Hearing Allan’s words, Baise and Ivienkov couldn’t help feeling fortunate that they followed Allan. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so lucky.

Sure enough, as Allan said, when they walked out of the auction hall, they saw the members of the mafia were scattered everywhere. All of them dead. The scene was quite frightening.

It seemed like every one of the security was killed, total annihilation.

As for who did this, it can only be the Ryodan.

As for their current whereabouts, it’s unknown.

But since this place was attacked, then most likely, the other two auction halls were also attacked by them.

The Ryodan, including Chrollo, amounted to 13 members.

There are three auctions tonight, so Allan believes that the Ryodan separated into three groups to attack all auctions at one time.

The proof for his guess is that even though he killed Feitan and Franklin, the others didn’t show up till now. So it’s most likely that they are scattered all around the city.

Franklin and Feitan are responsible for stealing the goods, while there should be another one or two responsible for cleaning the guards outside.

After that, they would meet somewhere in this city.

Allan’s guess was correct, the other two auctions were attacked as well, and the security in both places attacked and suffered heavy losses.

At this moment, a fierce battle broke out where Kurapika is, as a burly man stood in front of him with hair like a Hedgehog.

Kurapika was facing the 11th member of the Ryodan, Uvogin…

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