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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 167: Taking Actions

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“Excuse me, can you please leave me alone with him? I have something private to ask.” Kurapika asked all the others.

They nodded and left the basement one after the other, and when it was only Kurapika and Uvogin, the former started questioning.

Allan could guess what Kurapika was asking about. He wanted to know the details of the massacre of his clan and where all their eyes were.

He also wanted to know how many members does the Ryodan have and how many of the current members participated in the massacre.

But regardless, Allan didn’t want to intervene. Although he knew those things about the Ryodan, he didn’t want trouble.

After a bit, Basho was also back, but unfortunately, he was the only one to make it back.

“What happened?” Dalzollene asked.

“We were attacked when at the end of the auction, I’m afraid that all the items were stolen. Unfortunately, the others didn’t make it, and I’m the only survivor.” Basho said with a solemn expression.

“What about the security and the other guests?” Dalzollene asked.

“Nine out of ten people died.” Basho took a deep breath then continued: “The enemy was too strong. Although we both can use Nen, they weren’t normal. Everyone was like a chicken ready to be killed.”

“Damn, who are those guys? They dare attack the auction organized by the ten Dons. Are they crazy?” Dalzollene said angrily.
At this time, Allan spoke: “Basho, did you see who the person who attacked you is?”

“Yeah.” Basho nodded before describing him: “The man was wearing a black suit and sunglasses, and he was about 1.85 meters high, with blonde hair. He didn’t seem like a local.”

Allan pondered for a moment, as he knew three blondes in the Ryodan, there is Pakunoda, Phinks Magcub, and Shalnark.

Pakunoda can be excluded since she is a female, while Shalnark can also be excluded as he had a baby face and he wasn’t that tall, so the only one left is Phinks Magcub.

“The other one is a woman wearing glasses and holding a weapon that seemed like a vacuum cleaner. She looked harmless, but she was exceptionally vicious.” Basho said.

“Wearing glasses, vacuum cleaner….”

Allan directly knew who that was, and she was Shizuku.

The Ryodan failed in raiding two of the three auctions since Allan dealt with Feitan and Franklin while Kurapika captured Uvogin.

So, the Ryodan lost three of their members at the same time, and all three of them were vanguards.

With that loss, the Ryodan would lose power considerably.

At this time, in a building in Yorknew city, Chrollo sat down inside a gloomy room.

“Feitan, Franklin, and Uvogin are not here? They should be here already.”

“All of them can’t be contacted temporarily, and they probably encountered some accident.” Phinks Magcub said.

“Accident?” Chrollo frowned.

“Well, they seem to have failed, and there is no trace of them at the scene. Only Shizuku and Phinks Magcub came back.”

“Where is Nobunaga?” Chrollo asked as he didn’t see him.

“Nobunaga acted with Uvogin. The former was responsible for the security, while Uvogin was to take the items and kill the people inside the building. After each deal with his responsibility, they would meet here, but since Uvogin hasn’t shown up, Nobunaga went to look for him.

Nobunaga just called and said that there was a fierce fight but no trace of Uvogin, and he was still outside trying to find his whereabouts.”

Chrollo frowned, and after thinking for a while, he said: “Uvogin, Franklin, and Feitan were responsible for taking the item. Maybe there were masters in the auction venue, which led to their failure.

Magcub, is there a way to find who participated in the auction? If you can find out their personnel detail so we can find the ones responsible for the disappearance of those three.”

Phinks Magcub nodded: “Yes, leave it to me, but it will take some time because most of the participants were killed.”

On the other side, the news of the attack on the auction reached the Ten Dons.

Therefore, they immediately organized manpower and started investigating the mastermind behind the attacks, and posted a bounty on the ones who attacked the auction.

Faced with the huge bounty, many started investigating the attacks.

In the villa, Dalzollene got the news of the bounty and directly informed the others.

“Boss wants us to find the attackers as well, and we will get a high bonus and the appreciation of the Ten Dons. Kurapika already captured one of them, and if we hand him over, we can get the reward.”

“You’re the captain. It’s up to you, but I don’t think Kurapika will hand over that person, and the latter won’t tell you the whereabouts of his companion.”

“How can you tell if we don’t try.”

At that moment, Allan followed Dalzollene into the basement.

They entered to see Kurapika beating Uvogin with a punch after the other.

“Kurapika, calm down,” Allan said.

Looking at the angry Kurapika, they knew that Uvogin didn’t give any information.

“Take your last chance and tell me how many you are? Where are the others.” Uvogin’s only answer was: “Kill me.”

“Well, I will kill you.”

Kurapika said blankly.

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