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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 170: Gap in Strength

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“Chief, how will we find the shadow Beasts?” Machi asked on the way.

Chrollo replied: “It’s simple. The Shadow Beasts belong to the Ten Dons, so as long as we cause trouble in their territory, we will attract the Shadow beasts to us.”

“This is the quickest and most straightforward way.”

Phinks Magcub said: “Chief, let me deal with this. You don’t need to take action. When the Shadow Beasts appear, I will deal with them.”

“Okay, you can deal with it.” Chrollo agreed.

Chrollo knew Phinks Magcub’s power very well. The mobs can’t cause him trouble.

Soon, Shalnark stopped the car at an intersection.

“This is one of the places for the auction. Franklin and Feitan disappeared here.” Shalnark said.

“I’ll go then.” Phinks Magcub opened the door and directly walked toward the building.

At this time, dozens of Mafia members were outside the building and noticed a blond man coming over.

“Hey, stop.” Someone shouted.

Phinks Magcub didn’t stop and walked straight toward them.

“Stop for me.” The Mafia took their pistols and pointed at Phinks Magcub, and asked: “Who are you? If you don’t stop, we will shoot.”

Phinks Magcub sneered: “aren’t you guys looking for who attacked the auction? I’m one of them.”

“What?” The Ten mobs present froze when they heard this.

“Quick, shoot him, kill him now, kill him. We can get a billion if we kill him.” All of them pulled the trigger one after another.

However, Phinks Magcub was faster than their bullets.

With a bone-cracking sound, the necks of all the mafia members there cracked as they went limp on the ground.

“What trash.” Phinks Magcub looked at them in disdain.

The only remaining mafia member alive was trembling, but Phinks Magcub didn’t attack him and said: “Go inform your people that we are waiting for them here.”

The man quickly ran away.

Soon after, dozen of cars came outside the building and blocked the street.

A large number of suits wearing Mafia surrounded Phinks Magcub.

“Are you the one attacking the auction of the Ten Dons? Aren’t you brave coming here and offering your bounty to us? Tell me the whereabouts of your accomplices, and we will let you die quickly.”

As soon as he said this, a shadow appeared in front of him, and with a crack, the leader who was talking died.

“Shoot, shoot!”

All gangsters present started shooting at Phinks Magcub, who didn’t care and started a massacre. Everywhere he passed, a crack sounded, and a man died.

In less than three minutes, 100 gang members died.

“Cheh, no matter how many of you are here, I can kill you easily. Is there no one better here?”

Phinks Magcub deliberately left a few alive again. One of the mobs remaining alive dared to stand up and say: “You wait here. The Ten Dons will clean you up.”

“Okay, I will spare your life. You go call someone, and I will wait here.” Phinks Magcub was arrogant and didn’t put them in his eyes.

The ten dons were informed immediately and soon contacted the Shadow beasts.

Half an hour later, Phinks Magcub, who was waiting there, felt several aura’s approaching.

“Oh? There are here?”

Feeling them getting closer and closer, Phinks Magcub released his aura as well.

A dozen figures appeared around Phinks Magcub, and each of them looked very weird, not resembling humans.

“Are you a member of the Gen’ie Ryodan?” One of the Shadow Beasts asked.

Phinks Magcub sneered and glanced at them: “Are you guys the Shadow beasts belonging to the Ten Dons? All of you look ugly.”

“You are the only one here, and you seem pretty arrogant.”

“I want to cut your tongue off.”

“I will pull your ears.”

The Shadow beasts were irritated by Phinks Magcub’s arrogance.

Faced with the threats, Phinks Magcub wasn’t moved at all.

“Before I kill you, I have a question. Some of my partners are missing, and one of them is dead. Was it you’re doing?”

The Shadow beasts didn’t answer.

“If you don’t answer, then it doesn’t matter.” Phinks Magcub stretched his arm and continued: “I will just kill you all.”

“Do you think you can kill all of us alone?” one of the Shadow beasts sneered as they decided to capture Phinks Magcub alive and interrogate him.

“Who said that I’m alone here? Idiots.”

Phinks Magcub’s words made all the Shadow Beasts stunned, and their expression changed as they felt several auras around them. It was Chrollo and the others making their presence known.

“Okay, let’s fight.” Chrollo appeared, and Phinks Magcub rushed up.

The battle started quickly.

Explosions lightened the dark sky, and in ten minutes, the Shadow beasts were dead.

Phinks Magcub said: “I thought they are powerful, but they’re just some third rate.”

The battle only lasted for ten minutes, and the result was unexpected to the Ryodan since they thought that the Shadow beasts were strong.

Chrollo looked at the last member alive of the shadow beasts and asked: “Some of ours disappeared. Did you do it?”

“No, No, we didn’t catch any of you.” The Shadow beasts member replied feebly.

Hearing this, Chrollo frowned and then asked another question: “then the picture of the dead spider you posted, how did you get him?”

“That guy… was killed by the bodyguard of the Nostrade Family.” The Shadow beast replied.

“Are you sure they were the bodyguards of the Nostrade Family?”

“Yes, they gave us the dead body.”

“That’s all.” Chrollo nodded and shoved his hand into the Shadow beast’s chest, killing him.

After killing him, Chrollo said: “Immediately investigate the details of the Nostrade family and find out the bodyguard’s location.”

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