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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 169: Chrollo!

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In an abandoned building, Chrollo waited for the other members to return.

His face was quite gloomy, and it was the first time the other members actually saw him looking like that.

It’s been three hours, and four members were missing.

They were Franklin, Feitan, Uvogin, and Nobunaga.

They were four fighters, and losing them would be quite a blow to the Ryodan.

“Wait till six in the morning, and if they don’t return, you guys leave temporarily.

At this time, Phinks Magcub said: “Chief, someone posted a bounty on our heads.”

Everyone directly looked at Phinks Magcub.

“Who posted the bounty?” Chrollo asked in a cold tone.

“It’s the gang belonging to the ten Dons.” Phinks Magcub said: “They announced that they killed a guy who attacked the auction and discovered that he was one of the Gen’ie Ryodan. If they kill any member, they can get between 500 million and 1 billion.”

“Who was the guy they killed?” Chrollo frowned.

“It’s… Uvogin.” Phinks Magcub hesitated as he informed Chrollo.

“What?” Chrollo was surprised.

Everyone there was shocked as well and couldn’t believe this.

“Are you sure it’s Uvogin?” Chrollo asked in a deep voice.

“Well, they released a picture of Uvogin’s body. His body was in the trunk of a car with a pale face and no sign of life.

“Is the picture not tempered?” Chrollo asked with suppressed anger.

Phinks Magcub shook his head: “I think it’s authentic.”

“That means that Uvogin is dead,” Chrollo said with a green face.

“Yes.” Phinks Magcub nodded.

He didn’t feel good about the death of his comrade.

The same goes for the others. They all showed a sad expression when they confirmed Uvogin’s death.

At this moment, the spiders were at a loss and were sad.

After a while, Chrollo said: “Uvogin’s is a strong individual, and it’s not easy to kill him. It’s impossible for the fellow of the Ten Dons to kill him, which means this was done by someone else.”

“I found that the ten dons hired a gang by the name of Shadow beasts, and they are supposed to be quite strong. Maybe they are the cause of this.” Phinks Magcub made a guess.

“Shadow beast?” Chrollo wasn’t certain: “I’ve heard about them. In that case, Uvogin’s death and the disappearance of the others make sense.”

“So, what should we do now?” Machi asked.

“Find the Shadow beast and ask for Franklin’s whereabouts, then kill them to avenge Uvogin,” Chrollo said.

“Ok then, I will go.”

“Ok, I will head there.” Phinks was the first to stand up.

“I’m going too.”

The spiders who were there stood up one after the other.

Phinks Magcub said: “Chief, what about the ten dons? If we don’t deal with them, the bounty will stay there.”

Chrollo pondered for a while and said: “Leave this to me. I will find someone to kill them.”

“Find someone?”

The spiders were stunned.

The Gen’ie Ryodan would unexpectedly look for someone to deal with their trouble?

“Chief, let us do it,” Machi said.

“We have to deal with the Shadow beasts, and we are short on manpower right now. The ten Dons’ current location is secretive and other than the shadow beasts, there may be others to protect them, so it is the fastest and safest way to hire a professional Assassin for the job.”

“Who is the one you will ask for?” Machi asked curiously.

“There are many professional Assassin in the world, but when it comes to fame, then the Zoldycks are the best.” Phinks Magcub said.

Chrollo nodded: “Well, I happen to know an Assassin from the Zoldyck family. If I ask him to do it, I will get a 20% discount.”

Even though it was a 20% discount, it will be a sky-high price.

“It’s okay, we can make more money, but the Ten dons must die,” Pakunoda said.

Although they were famous thieves, they won’t let trouble makers off the hook.

In addition to the trouble, Uvogin died, and some other members disappeared, so the ten dons must be dealt with.

Chrollo took his cells phone and made a call.

“Hello, illumi?” Chrollo said.

“Chrollo? What a surprise, you actually called me?” A slightly surprised voice transmitted from the phone.

“Illumi, I have some business for you. I don’t know if you will take it.” Chrollo asked.

“Of course, since you’re an acquaintance, you take priority if there is money,” Illumi said

“Then, I want you to get rid of the ten Dons. Can you do it?” Chrollo asked.
“Well, I can, but those old men are high up in the food chain, and it would be a little troublesome to get rid of them. The price will be high.”

“It doesn’t matter, and I will pay. I hope you can finish them as soon as possible.”

“Well, I will give this mission priority and go right now to get rid of them,” Illumi answered.

“Well, sorry for the trouble then,” Chrollo said.

After the call, Chrollo said: “It’s done. The ten Dons will soon be dead. Now, go out and find the Shadow Beasts and get rid of them to avenge Uvogin.”

“Chief, should I go too?” At this time, Hisoka spoke for the first time.

“Of course, don’t forget that you’re a member as well, Hisoka, and with our combat power as low as they are now, you’re needed.” Chrollo glanced at Hisoka and walked out first.

“Hehe, So the combat power now is low? That’s great, and I can find a chance to fight Chief secretly now.” Hisoka thought.

He joined the Ryodan for two purposes. The first one to get some fun as he was bored, and the second one is to fight against Chrollo.

However, there were at least two people always following him, so he didn’t get a chance to do it.

But with Uvogin’s death and the disappearance of the others, he can get his chance soon.

Of course, Hisoka won’t reveal his secret too soon and won’t rush into this.

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