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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 174: Spiders’ Dilemma

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Soon, Shizuku wrote down her information on a piece of paper.

Name: Shizuku Murasaki

Gender: Female

Place of Birth: Meteor City

Blood type: O+

Height: 160cm

Weight: 45kg

Nen Ability: Conjurer

Number: 8

Hobbies: Reading books, Shopping, and collecting treasures

After taking Shizuku’s information, Neon once again started writing her poem.

It said:

The calendar is missing a part, and the forgotten month will be mourned.

In order to not leave the frost moon alone, you and your partners will splash the tombstone with blood.

In a dark storage area, you’re about to enter eternal sleep.

Solitude is terrible, because nothing is more terrifying than being alone.

After taking a look, Shizuku said: “It looks like I might die as well.”

Shizuku gave the paper to Chrollo, and he nodded after reading it.

“According to what it said, there is no doubt that it’s a prophecy about Death, and you’re not alone in that. Because it said, you and your partners will splash the tombstone with blood. The tombstone represents Death, which means, other than Shizuku, others will die as well.

According to the sentence ‘Not to leave the Frost moon alone’ should mean that one of us has died. The frost moon mentioned should be the moon of November, the 11th month, which is Uvogin’s number.”

Hearing Chrollo’s analysis, the members present frowned.

“I’ll see my future as well,” Pakunoda said.

So, she started writing her information.

Name: Pakunoda

Age: 27

Gender: Female

Blood type: O

Height: 182cm

Weight: 52

Nen Ability: Specialist.

Hobby: Traveling

Neon once again started writing and, in the end, the poem said:

There is brightness in the dark, and you will make too many choices in a cramped room.

As long as Death lingers around you, you will have to choose glory or betrayal.

“It seems that I will also die,” Pakunoda said after reading the poem.

“Based on the content inside, it seems that you will be faced with two choices, either betrayal or honor!

The betrayal is undoubtedly referring to betraying the Ryodan and your companions. If you choose to betray, the god of Death may give you a way out to stay alive, but if you choose to honor, you will die.

This should be the meaning of your fortune-telling.”

Shalnark became curious as well and filled his paper next.

Name: Shalnark

Gender: Male

Blood type: O

Height: 180cm

Weight: 72kg

Nen Ability: Manipulator

Hobbies: surfing the internet, being a hacker, and collecting information

Neon once again started writing, and the result was:

In the dark, Death will stare at you and torment you.

To avoid Death’s eyes, you must choose to escape the darkness.

“It seems that I won’t be spared either.” Shalnark smiled wryly and said: “The first sentence should mean that I will be targeted by someone who can kill me and then attacked by him, and the next one means that if I want to survive, I must flee.”

Chrollo’s face was gloomy. Through those poems, he can tell that Shizuku, Pakunoda, and Shalnark will face Death.

With the disappearance of Nobunaga and the others whose lives and deaths are unknown, more than half of the Ryodan are facing Death.

“Phinks, Bonolenov, Kortopi, and Hisoka, please come and try.”

“No, I don’t need it.” Phinks refused decisively.

“I don’t need it either because I’m an atheist,” Kortopi said.

“The same for me, I don’t believe in divination, and even if there is a god of death, I will kill him,” Bonolenov said.

“Then, I will try,” Hisoka said as he played with a card in his hand.

Therefore, he started filling the paper with his information.

Name: Hisoka

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Blood type: B

Height: 187cm

Weight: 91kg

Nen ability: Transmuter

Profession: Professional Hunter, Assassin

Hobbies: Playing cards, doing magic tricks, and looking for prey.

Once again, Neon started writing his fortune, and as soon as Hisoka saw the poem, his expression was weird and excited.

Chrollo looked at him curiously and asked: “Hisoka, can you read your poem for everyone?”


Hisoka smiled and read his poem.

The spider hiding in the darkness will be targeted by Death.

The eight feet will another two.

Get out of the dark and damp cave as soon as possible because you’re one of the feet as well.

“What does this mean?” Phinks asked.

“It probably means that we will be targeted, and if we want to survive, then we need to leave quickly,” Hisoka said.

Chrollo’s expression was gloomier as he said: “Hisoka’s poem is the most informative so far. The spider mentioned is undoubtedly the Ryodan, and the eight feet are the current members present here, each one corresponding to one leg.

The damp cave is probably referring to the current temporary hideout.

The last sentence means that if we want to escape this catastrophe, we need to leave or else at least two members will die here.

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