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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 173: Lovely Ghostwriter!

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In an abandoned building, Chrollo stared at the woman in front of him.

Neon was horrified as the other members of the Ryodan stood behind Chrollo and shouted: “What do you want to do?”

“Shut up.” Phinks glared at her.

“If you yell again, I will pull your tongue out.”

Neon closed her mouth obediently as she was scared of Phinks.

She realized that if she dared to disobey, they would kill her.

At the same time, she was guessing their identities.

They the thieves or the Mafia?

She couldn’t find the answer.

But judging from the way they dressed, they didn’t look like the Mafia.

“Before answering your question, answer one of mine,” Chrollo said.

“What is it?” Neon realized that this person was their leader.

Chrollo looked at Neon and said: “I heard that you could predict the future. Is that true?”

Neon hesitated and slowly nodded: “I can. Many people ask me to look into their future. Did you take me for that?”

Chrollo didn’t answer and instead asked: “Then have you used this ability on yourself?”

“No.” Neon shook her head: “My ability can only look at other people’s future, not my own.”


Seeing Chrollo in doubt, Neon quickly said: “I’m not lying, if I can predict my future, I wouldn’t have been kidnapped, because I would’ve been able to escape this by following the poem, but I didn’t because I can’t use it on myself.”

“Okay.” Chrollo could tell that she wasn’t lying.

“I would like to ask a favor from you, if you are willing, of course. If not, then I will let you go.” Chrollo said.

“Do you want me to help see your future?” Neon asked.

“Yes, you’re very smart.” Chrollo smiled slightly.

“Yes, as long as you let me go, I will do it.” Neon readily agreed.

“How accurate is your divination?” Chrollo asked.

“It should be 100% accurate.” Neon said with confidence.

As long as she had that ability, no one will hurt her, but they would come and beg for help instead.

“Then, first tell me my fortune,” Chrollo said.

Neon nodded, took out a paper and pen, and handed it to Chrollo.

“Then please write down your name, date of birth, blood type, and address. The more details, the better.”

Chrollo took the pen and started filling in his information.

Name: Chrollo Lucilfer.

Nickname: Gen’ie Ryodan’s Leader

Place of birth: Meteor City.

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Blood type: AB+

Height: 177 Cm

Weight: 68kg

Hobbies: Collecting treasure, looking at beautiful things, and reading books.

After a while, Chrollo handed the paper to Neon, who took the paper and, after taking a look, held the pen and said: “Then, I will start the Divination.”

In an instant, Neon’s Demeanor changed, and her right hand holding the pen started writing quickly.


Chrollo used Gyo and saw the demon appearing on Neon’s hand.

“So, that’s her ability. It’s like a demon controlling her hand and writing the prophecy.” Chrollo commented.

Soon, Neon handed out the paper to Chrollo: “Please take a look.”

The poem said:

The calendar is missing a part, and the forgotten month will be mourned.

With the orchestra’s songs, and the mourning clothes, the moon of November will pass steadily.

The chrysanthemum will wither along with the leaves, lying down beside the blood-stained eyes.

Even if only half of the partners are remaining, your superiority will still stand.

Enjoy the time you have, or find new partners.

You can go east to start again as people are waiting for you.

Looking at those lines, Chrollo stayed silent as he contemplated the meaning of those words.

“… hey, why are you crying?”

Neon suddenly noticed the tears on Chrollo’s cheeks.

Pakunoda and Machi found tears falling down from Chrollo’s eyes, and they were stunned.

“What exactly is the poem talking about that made the Chief cry?”

The Ryodan members were curious about this.

After a while, Chrollo wiped away his tears and said: “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help my tears when I understood the meaning of the poem.”

“Chief, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, but….”

Chrollo stopped for a bit before continuing: “some of you will have an accident, and this already happened. Maybe some of you will die next time.”

Chief, this is only fortune-telling and not the reality.” Phinks said.

As an atheist, Phinks never believe in those things.

Chrollo said solemnly: “I believe it because Uvogin is already dead, and Franklin and Feitan are missing. We can’t contact Nobunaga as well, and that’s four who had an accident.”

Hearing this, the Spiders stayed silent, and the atmosphere became gloomy.

“Chief, I want to look at my fortune as well.” At this moment, Shizuku said.

Chrollo nodded and looked at Neon and said: “Can you help my friends with that?”

“Well, yes.” Neon nodded as she knew she couldn’t refuse.

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