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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 181: Escape

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Suddenly, Allan jumped out of the crowd and rushed from below the stage very quickly toward the center.

“So Fast!”

Elena looked at Allan in surprise.

On the platform, the seven Holy light’s bearers also noticed Allan, and their expression changed.

Obviously, Allan didn’t have any good intentions. However, with Allan’s speed, they couldn’t react fast enough as the latter already arrived on the platform.

“Who are you?” One of the Bearers of light stared at Allan vigilantly and asked.

Allan didn’t answer as his eyes scanned the seven bearers, and finally, his eyes were fixed on the third one from the left.

He was staring at his target, the criminal Martin, with a bounty of 500 million Jenny on his head.

When Allan’s gaze met Martin’s, the latter felt a chill on his back.

They just stared at each other for a bit, while the others felt that Allan was very dangerous.

From Allan’s eyes, Martin could feel the hostility.

Martin instantly realized that Allan was after him. With this conclusion, Martin withdrew his gaze from Allan and started looking around evasively.

His face was pale, and you can see some panic starting to appear on his face.

‘I need to escape!’

This thought popped in Martin’s head, but Allan seemed to see through him in an instant.

Without any words, Allan stretched his hand to grab him. Martin reacted quickly and pushed one of the bearers beside him toward Allan and jumped off the platform, and started running away.

Allan snorted but didn’t expect this kind of disgrace from Martin. He actually used one of his coworkers as a shield.

The substitute was frozen instantly and turned into an Ice Sculpture.

Witnessing such a weird thing shocked the crowd greatly.

Allan looked at Martin’s figure that was already pushing the people below and trying to escape.

At this time, the other holy light’s bearers reacted.

“Who are you?”

Seeing his friend frozen, one of them shouted and decided to take action.

Allan glanced at them and saw that those five were releasing their aura.

Allan was slightly surprised by this since he didn’t expect them to know how to use Nen. Even their aura was quite strong, actually.

“Although I would like to see your abilities, I apologize. I’m somewhat in a hurry now.”

Without giving them a chance to attack, Allan stretched his hand and shot ice at them.

As soon as the ice touched them, the five of them were frozen solid like their friend, and even when they tried to use Nen to defend, it was no use at all.

All of this happened in mere seconds, but Martin still managed to disappear from Allan’s sight.

Allan jumped from the now frozen platform and started going toward the same direction Martin run away from.

After leaving the church, Allan called Feitan and Franklin. He previously made them wait for his orders. Since they looked suspicious, he didn’t bring them along.

With Yatsufusa in hand, both of them followed will follow every order Allan gave.

Allan directly ordered them to go and search for Martin, and both Franklin and Feitan nodded and left.

In order to find Martin, Allan used his own technique as well, The Heaven’s eye, to search in every direction surrounding the church.

The Heaven’s eye can see five times better than normal, with a 360-degree field of view. It can also give real-time feedback to the user, which is great for searching for enemies.

With every Kilometer The Heaven’s eye traveled, it consumed 1,000 Nen points, so ten Kilometers means 10,000 Nen points.

The Heaven’s eye started searching everywhere.

At this time, Elena arrived, and Allan couldn’t help asking: “How is the situation in the church?”

“It’s a mess,” Elena said in worry.

“You froze the light-bearers, and the church and its believers won’t let you go easily.”

Allan smiled indifferently without taking them seriously.

Suddenly, he received feedback from The Heaven’s eye. Martin was currently in a dark alley, hiding.

“I found him. Wait for me here.” Before Elena could answer, Allan already disappeared. He used Flash Steps to speed up toward his prey’s location.

Martin was trying to think of a way out currently in a dark alley, but suddenly, someone appeared at the entrance of the alley.

At the same time, Allan ordered Feitan and Franklin to block any escape route, so Martin can’t escape.

Of course, Martin didn’t know this, as he only saw Allan.

Martin looked at Allan in surprise, and he couldn’t figure out how Allan found this place and became curious about Allan’s identity.

“Who the hell are you?” Martin grumbled.

“My name is Allan, and I’m a professional Bounty Hunter.”

Hearing this, Martin suddenly said: “So it’s a bounty hunter. No wonder you’re looking for me.”

“Martin Char, bounty: 500 million Jenny, a first-degree murderer.

Well, you hid pretty well since you are also a holy light’s bearer in this kingdom with so many supporters.

I don’t know what the believers would say if they knew that you’re a criminal.”

Martin heard Allan’s sarcasm and snorted: “Stop talking nonsense. What do you want?”

“Of course, I’m here for your head. After all, it has a 500 million Jenny price on it.” Allan smiled lightly while looking confidently at Martin.

Martin replied in a deep voice: “There are over a hundred people who came after me, but they failed, do you know why?”

Allan shrugged: “They were probably weak and couldn’t match your skills.”

“Yes! They thought they could kill me, but I kill every last one of them.

So far, I called a dozen of those so-called bounty hunters. And like those stupid guys, you will die by my hands.”

Allan sneered: “Unfortunately for you, you fell in my hands today.

However, I will give you a chance to make a move. Let me see how strong someone with 500 million Jenny on his head can be.

If you don’t use all of your strength, you will regret it. After all, it’s the only attack you will get. I won’t even defend myself.” Hearing Allan’s arrogant remark, Martin felt very uncomfortable.

After all, he was a high-end criminal, with millions on his head. Allan’s provocation made him gloomy.

“I will let you witness my power!”

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