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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 182: Janus

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Martin’s aura exploded out of his body and rose steadily.

Allan stood still while looking at Martin with interest.

‘Well, he is worthy of his bounty. At least his aura is higher than average.’

Although the amount of Nen doesn’t always decide the outcome of a battle, the more Nen one possesses, the stronger he is generally.

With the amount he was releasing, Allan could tell that Martin’s power is already close to Feitan’s and the other members of the Ryodan.

This made Allan looks forward to the fight.

With Allan’s current strength, someone with Martin’s Nen isn’t eye-catching, but it should be a fun fight.

The most important thing in Nen is the Ability of the user.

That’s what Allan wanted to see. Since each person would develop a different ability, he wanted to see Martin’s Nen ability.

It wasn’t easy to develop a Nen ability since you need to master the basics and advanced application of Nen beforehand.

And after that, the person needs to see which type of Nen they possess before they start developing their Nen Ability.

The mindset of a person can reflect on the Nen type that person possesses. With Martin’s cunning and despicable personality, he is either a Manipulator, a transmuter, or a specialist.

Of course, this wasn’t a general rule, but more of an easy way to guess your opponent’s Nen type.

While Allan was observing Martin, the latter was doing the same.

Seeing Allan so confident that he didn’t even use his Nen, Martin felt that his opponent is underestimating him, but at the same time, he was laughing coldly.

Allan’s arrogance was really stupid, in his opinion, and the behavior will cost him dearly.

Martin seemed to distort, and a black hole spread strangely from his position.

The black hole formed a crack about ten meters big.

Allan stared at the black hole without blinking. This was Martin’s Nen ability.

From sight alone, Allan couldn’t see anything inside the black hole, which is why he released his Observation Haki.

Sure enough, he felt a strong Nen inside the Blackhole.

“Well, is there something coming out of there?” Allan narrowed his eyes slightly.

Allan started feeling the Nen gushing out of the black hole, and at this time, Martin said: “Come out, Janus!”

It seemed like Martin was summoning someone or something from the black hole.

A black mist suddenly emerged from the black hole before it formed a creature Allan never saw before.

“Huh? Nen beast?” Allan’s eyes were looking at the strange creature curiously.

The Nen beast transformed from the black mist into a humanoid appearance that stood on two feet.

It didn’t look human, as its body was covered in green scales that appeared like a defensive ability.

In addition to that, the beast’s hands and feet were like sharp claws.

Allan could feel the strong Nen it released, and from what Martin said, this beast is called Janus.

Martin looked at Allan maliciously and said: “You’re done for now. Janus has been hungry for a while, and his favorite food is human’s flesh. Especially the flesh of those who are strong.”

Allan didn’t do anything. Instead, he decided to wait and see.

From Martin’s words, this beast can eat people, which was kind of rare for a Nen beast.

However, this reminded Allan of Shizuku’s vacuum cleaner, which can eat almost anything.

However, the Vacuum cleaner needed a wielder to operate, while this beast could act individually.

“You will regret being here right away.”

Seeing that Allan wasn’t afraid, Martin snorted and then gave Janus an order: “Janus 140th, kill that guy and eat him.”

Janus received his order, and his beast-like eyes focused on Allan.

Suddenly, he disappeared from his place.

“Oh? That’s fast!”

Allan could see Janus rushing toward him quickly. To normal people, Janus may seem to disappear, but to Allan, he could clearly see him.

Along with Observation Haki, Allan could predict the trajectory of Janus’s attack fully.

However, even though he knew where the attack is heading, Allan didn’t make a move or prepare for confrontation.

He just stood there, did nothing, and waiting for Janus with an expressionless face.

Martin could only think that this kid was looking for death.

He could almost foresee the scene where Allan is being torn to shreds by Janus.

It was a scene he was looking forward to seeing.

But in the next second, Martin’s smile froze.

He saw a huge phantom shining from Allan’s body and easily blocking Janus’s claws.

“What?! What is that?!”

Martin’s eyes widened.

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