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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 183: Star Platinum

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A humanoid figure appeared before Allan and easily blocked Janus’s claws with one hand and sent the beast away with a punch.

Janus flew away through several walls before crashing down with a boom.

Martin’s face turned ugly as if he had eaten crap.

“It actually knocked Janus away with a punch! What the hell is that thing?”

He stared at the humanoid figure in front of Allan’s body and couldn’t help asking: “What the hell is that, is it also a beast?”

Allan sneered: “Don’t compare your beast to my stand!” The only thing that was left is for Allan to do a pose, and it would look the same… Ahem!

Anyways, as most people know, Star Platinum is a stand from Jojo’s bizarre adventure. It belongs to Jotaro Kujo.

Allan had this ability after he rescued Neon from Chrollo in Yorknew City.

This is the first time he actually used it.

Star Platinum is quite strong, and it can move at the speed of light or even exceed it.

It has unmatched precision and can be called the strongest stand in History.

In general, it has three abilities.

The first one is super speed. Simply put, it is so fast that I can surpass the speed of sound, the speed of light, and time itself.

The second ability is overwhelming strength, which is embodied in the power to destroy even the hardest diamonds.

And the third ability is derived from the first one, which is literally stopping time.

He can stop time for 5 seconds, which is an ability beyond any Nen beast in this world.

Therefore, he already believed that with Star Platinum, he didn’t need to care about any attack, and it will block every attack and defeat any enemy he faces.

A black shadow suddenly emerged in front of Allan and attacked.

Janus was indeed fast, but in front of Star Platinum, his speed was negligible.

Therefore, once again, Janus’s attack was blocked, and the Nen beast was sent flying.

“You see, in terms of speed, Janus is as fast as a snail compared to Star Platinum.”

Facing Allan’s sneer, Martin became angry.

“Bastard! What Star Platinum, don’t underestimate my Janus.” Martin was getting angry when he witnessed Janus getting beaten.

“Oh? Your Nen increased.” Allan was a little surprised. Generally, the Nen beast won’t be affected by the summoner’s mood.

Allan suddenly had an idea. There are three types of Nen that can conjure a Nen beast, and they were Emission, Conjuration, Manipulation. The created Nen beast will have an ability corresponding to the Nen it was created from.

Judging from Janus’s performance, it should be an Emission-type Nen beast.

In this way, it was understandable that Janus possessed so much Nen and was influenced by Martin’s anger.

But there should be more, as Allan believed that Janus should be created using two types of Nen.

The second type should be Manipulation, and that’s because Janus obeyed every order Martin gave, which is the characteristic of Manipulation.

As Janus’s anger rose, strong energy emerged from it.


Now Allan was surprised.

This Janus seemed to have enhancement as well and can actually strengthen his body and increase his strength.

The scales on its body were growing and covering every inch of his body.

Its sharp claws grew three times as Janus seemed to be evolving, but in reality, it was just enhancement.

So, is Janus a hybrid between Manipulation, Emission, and enhancement?

“Kill him, Janus.”

Martin looked at his masterpiece and ordered.

Once again, Janus disappeared, but this time, he was two or three times faster than before.

Allan remained calm because Star Platinum was here, and Allan had 100% confidence in its power.

When Janus’s claws were about to touch Allan’s body, Star Platinum moved and clenched Janus’s arm before punching his head with his free hand.

Janus was hit hard, and for the third time, he was sent flying away.

But this time, it stopped its body quickly as if the punch didn’t hurt it and rushed again.

Allan said plainly: “Use your true power, Star Platinum.”

Receiving Allan’s order, Star Platinum responded directly.

As soon as Janus was close by, Star Platinum revealed his true strength.

Janus’s scales could very well block bullets, but under Star Platinum punch, the scales broke and shattered.


Martin couldn’t accept this.

He didn’t expect the Nen beast he was so proud of would lose so easily.

But he quickly sneered: “Do you expect that with Janus killed, it will be the end of the battle?”

“Oh? Do you have something else?”

Allan looked at Martin expectantly.

Suddenly, Martin stepped into the black hole.

Before he went completely, he looked at Allan and said: “To be able to defeat Janus, I have to admit, you’re very strong.

So, in order to kill you, I will make a little sacrifice. Keep your eyes open and look at the power I will gain.”

“Oh, so you will sacrifice your life in order to gain strength and kill me? So, you’re that desperate, huh.”

Allan watched Martin disappear completely into the black hole, and after a while, Allan could feel an astonishing power emerging from the black hole.

A figure came out, and it didn’t look like a human being.

“Did that guy sacrifice himself to turn into a Nen beast? In exchange for power?” Allan thought.

“See, this is the power I gained after being desperate. This power is so strong that I think I can kill you with a wave of my hand.” Martin said.

“Star Platinum, take him out.”

Allan directly ordered Star Platinum, who directly rushed toward Martin.

Facing the current threat, Martin wasn’t afraid, but instead, he faced Star Platinum head-on.

The two of them were fast, and as the fight continued, the buildings were destroyed around them.

Suddenly, black wings emerged from Martin’s back as he flew into the sky and shot his feathers as arrows toward Allan.

Star Platinum directly appeared in front of Allan and defended him.

After blocking the feathers’ attack, Star Platinum jumped from the ground directly toward Martin and threw punches.

Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora…

A rain of fists blasted Martin like meteors. Each punch moved faster than the speed of sound with enough power to crush diamonds. Martin couldn’t withstand such attacks.

With a bang, Martin’s body fell from the sky. Star Platinum didn’t give him a chance to breathe and swooped down to finish him off.

A crater appeared on the ground as Martin fell, with his whole body damaged and almost impossible to repair.

Seeing Martin was dying, Allan shook his head as he already expected this.

Martin’s power, even after the sacrifice, was nothing in front of Star Platinum, and with this, Allan caught the criminal.

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