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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 186: Desert Kingdom

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Two days later, Allan and Elena arrived at The Azian Continent safely.

Allan hired someone to get them to the desert kingdom.

When the driver heard their destination, his complexion changed, and he became reluctant.

Fortunately, Allan gave him double the normal price, so he agreed.

From the driver’s words, Allan learned that only a few people would go to the desert kingdom nowadays.

Allan and Elena concluded that it was mostly due to the Reverse Crusaders and the kingdom’s army’s constant wars.

After a day, they arrived at the gate of the kingdom, which is also called a checkpoint with a few soldiers.

“What is your purpose of coming here?” An old man carrying a gun asked.

“Tourism,” Allan replied.

“Tourism?” As if he heard a big joke, the old man laughed loudly.

The soldiers behind the old man were also laughing.

“What are you laughing at?”

Elena frowned and said unhappily.
The old man stopped laughing and explained: “Sorry, I’m not laughing at you, but our country is in a mess currently, and if you want to take a tour and visit places here, we can’t guarantee your safety. You must’ve heard on the way here, but rebels started creating a mess, and the army had to intervene and eliminate them, so it isn’t a good time for tourists to come here.”

“Don’t worry about us; we aren’t afraid of them.” Allan smiled lightly.

“Yeah, uncle, you can let us in, and you won’t need to worry about anything else.”

Seeing both of them set on entering the kingdom, the old man was taken aback and said helplessly: “It seems like you’re really not afraid, hahaha.”

The old man gave the two of them a tourism visa each.

According to the visa, they can stay in the country for 15 days, and if they don’t leave by then, the army would take a move and force them to leave.”

“Fifteen days is enough,” Allan said to Elena with confidence.

After successfully entering the kingdom, it was like entering another world, as everything was yellow. The entire place was filled with sand.

Looking around, Elena finally suggested: “Mr. Allan, let’s rent a camel.”

Allan nodded and followed Elena to a nearby town.”

There were many animals kept in farms, including horses, but the most suitable for traveling in the desert would be camels.

However, the price of camels here is much higher than normal.

Renting a camel would cost 500,000 Jenny per day, and they need to deposit 10 million as assurance.”

“It’s so expensive because we are tourists.” Elena was dissatisfied.

Allan didn’t care and rented two camels for half a month. The price amounted to 35 million Jenny.

Just renting two camels cost Allan 35 million, and that made Elena sad.

“Mr. Allan, actually, renting one camel is enough. There is no need for two.”

Allan smiled: “Although one is enough for the two of us to ride, but you’re a woman, and I’m a man, it isn’t appropriate for us to ride the same camel.”

Allan’s behavior touched Elena.

“Okay, let’s go to the town and buy some water and food and then leave,” Allan suggested.

Elena nodded and then led moved toward the town.

The prices were too high that even a bucket of water costs over 100,000 Jenny, and beef is around 10,000 Jenny.

The price of water is ten times higher than meet.

However, both Allan and Elena understood that since it is a desert, water is more precious than anything.

Even then, Elena wasn’t satisfied. She felt that they were taking advantage of them.

Allan didn’t care and used his money to get water and food.

For him, money was disposable and can be earned back anytime, so he didn’t care.

Elena also bought a map toward the capital of the kingdom.

With a map, they weren’t afraid of getting lost in the desert.

Their current destination was the headquarters of the Reverse Crusade, where Helphes should be.

After purchasing everything, Allan and Elena rod on their camels and prepared to set off.

However, before they left, suddenly, a large group of people riding motorcycles arrived with green-dyed hair and many other colors and tattoos.

They were some of the local gangs that robbed the town constantly.

The merchants started closing their doors hurriedly and took shelter, but unfortunately, some of them weren’t fast enough and were robbed clean.

If anything resists, they would be shot to death.

After looting, they noticed Allan and Elena.

Because they knew the prices of renting camels, they knew that Allan and Elena were well off.

As a result, they looked at them like a kid looks at candy.

“Go get both of them, and they must have a lot of money on them.” The leader ordered.

His subordinates instantly surrounded Allana and Elena.

Elena whispered to Allan: “Mr. Allan, they are from the Reverse Crusader.”

Allan nodded.

He also noticed this because those people had a tattoo of a reversed cross, so their identities were clear at a glance.

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