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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 185: New Target

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According to the information Elena provided, Allan learned that the noble’s name is Helphes. He wasn’t an ordinary noble, as he owned an organization called Reverse Crusader.

As the leader of the Reverse Crusaders, Helphes is quite a prominent figure.

Furthermore, Helphes is a strong person and should not be underestimated. Knowing this, Allan became excited.

Allan wasn’t just after status and money, but also powerful opponents, and those are hard to come by.

The stronger the enemy, the more interest Allan has, and if the target is too weak, he won’t waste his energy.

Seeing Allan’s confidence, Elena couldn’t help saying: “Mr. Allan, I don’t mean to underestimate you, but I still want to remind you that you still can back down.

Even if you don’t do this favor, we can still be friends if we can’t be companions.

So, if you think that it’s too dangerous, you might as well give up right now.”

Allan smiled and patted Elena’s shoulder: “Don’t worry, Elena, since I have promised you, I won’t go back on my promise. (T/N: That’s my Nindo.)

Moreover, I take this matter as a mission to perform and the reward of getting a companion.”

Hearing this, Elena blushed inexplicably and lowered her head: “Helphes is very strong, and the Reverse Crusaders under him is very large. You’re only one person, Mr. Allan. It’s too dangerous.”

Allan smiled and looked at Elena seriously: “Elena if I can’t do this for you, I won’t be able to get you to join me.

Don’t worry about me, and I will take Helphes’ head off for you.”

“Mr. Allan…”

Elena’s heart throbbed.

Although he knew the basic information of Helphes, it won’t be easy to kill him.

The most troublesome thing is to actually find him.

If he can’t find Helphes, knowing more about him is useless.

Fortunately, Elena provided some clues.

Helphes and his Reverse Crusaders are located in a desert in The Azian Continent. Hekphes and his organization is the largest force in the desert, and even armies of the surrounding kingdoms are no match for them.

He controlled two-thirds of the desert, and if he wanted, he would be able to overthrow the kingdoms and make a new one.

With this information, Allan directly took the next flight there and departed.

Even with an airship, it would take at least two days since they are flying from one continent to another.

Since Elena seemed worried about Allan, she followed along.

Although she didn’t agree to join Allan, she gradually regarded Allan as her companion.

Allan didn’t object to this since he knew that he had the strength to protect Elena.

“Elena, what did this Helphes do to you?”

On the airship, Allan was bored, so he asked Elena curiously.

Elena knew that sooner or later, Allan would ask that question and didn’t hide anything.

“He abducted my sister, so I want to kill him.”

When Elena said this, Allan could see her clenching her fist and could tell that she didn’t lie.

This aroused Allan’s curiosity even further: “How was your sister kidnapped by Helphes?”

Elena took a deep breath and said: “This happened five years ago when my sister Alice and I were living in a peaceful village until a group of people invaded the village and robbed and injured many villagers.

Those people were the Reverse Crusade, and after some time, the leader of the crusade appeared and took a fancy to my sister. He asked her to join the Reverse Crusade.

If my sister refuses, Helphes will kill the villagers. As a last resort, my sister sacrificed herself and joined his organization.”

Allan couldn’t help asking: “Is your sister that beautiful?”

“We are twins. We look the same. Do you think I’m beautiful?” Elena asked.

Allan was a little surprised at this as he didn’t think Elena had a twin.

“Why aren’t you speaking? Am I ugly?” Seeing Allan silent, Elena asked directly.

Allan calmly said: “No, you’re very beautiful. You can be ranked at the top three of the most beautiful women I’ve seen so far.”

Elena nodded in satisfaction and said: “My sister looks almost the same as me, so she is really beautiful as well.”

Allan said: “Since you sisters are so beautiful, why did Helphes took your sister, but no you?”

Elena sighed and explained: “It’s simple. Helphes didn’t like my sister’s look, but her ability.”

“Ability?” Allan was slightly surprised. “Does your sister know Nen?”

“No.” Elena shook her head and explained: “My sister is born with an ability to heal injuries. At the time Helphes arrived, she was healing the villagers, and he saw that.”

After hearing Elena’s explanation, Allan nodded while feeling slightly surprised. He never thought that Elena had such a past.

“Don’t worry, Elena. I will kill Helphes and his army and rescue your sister.”

Allan patted Elena’s shoulder reassuredly.

“Thank you, Mr. Allan.”

It was the first time that Elena met someone like Allan, and his words deeply moved her.

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