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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 191: Fear

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Looking at the Spear, Allan raised his hand and said: “Ice Time.”

Cold air emerged out of Allan’s hand, and once it touched the spear, the aura around it was extinguished, and the spear was frozen.

Yan’s eyes widened, and before he could react, he followed the spear’s example and was frozen solid.

With a simple wave, Allan already defeated Yan, and looked at the two-floor masters, and said: “You can come together.”

The 235th Floor’s master and the 242nd Floor’s master looked at each other. The first one is called Shinji, and the second one is called Takeo, both of them were floor masters and had their own self-esteem, so they didn’t want to face Allan together.

“I will go next.”

Shinji was the second one facing Allan.

Shinji’s face was serious. He had a basic understanding of Allan’s power after the last fight.

First, Allan can make Ice and freeze the target, which means he is a transmuter, and secondly, he can heal his injuries.

The Ice ability is a strong ability, and it was the first time Shinji encountered something like that.

Although Shinji had a headache due to Allan’s ability, he was already facing Allan and didn’t forfeit.

Shinji was ready for the fight, and he looked at Allan said: “You said that you would let each of us attack once, right?”

Allan nodded: “I did say that, and I will abide by what I said. But if you don’t manage to defeat me with that attack, you will end up like Yan.”

“Well then, you said it yourself.”

With Allan’s assurance, Shinji was relieved.

He knew that in terms of power, he was no match to Allan. Allan was stronger by far, and this move was his only chance of winning.

Therefore, Shinji wanted to take advantage of this free attack and deal with Allan directly.

Allan stared at Shinji, and suddenly, the scene in front of him changed as Shinji’s figure blurred from Allan’s vision.

Allan glanced around and found that his surrounding had changed.

Everything was constantly changing as if it was an illusion.

“Is this Shinji’s Nen ability? Interesting.” A smile appeared on Allan’s mouth.

At this time, Allan found himself standing on a cliff.

He glanced at the bottom of the cliff and couldn’t see the end of it.

If he takes one step forward, he will fall down into a bottomless abyss.

The wind blew into his face, and his clothes fluttered freely.

There was no other foothold except for the one under his feet.

When standing in such a place, ordinary people’s mentality would crumble with time, and finally, they would either jump down or go crazy.

This is Shinji’s ability, Illusory Abyss. He can create this world using his Nen and confuse his opponent, thereby causing his opponent’s mind to crumble and experience great fear.

Shinji’s ability attack the person mentally without any need to touch or come in contact with that person.

Suddenly, Shinji saw Allan taking a step forward and sneered.

Allan took a step forward which means he fell directly into the Abyss.

Shinji was happy. Since Allan took a step forward, it means that he was mentally unstable and close to going insane.

However, Shinji noticed that there was no fear in Allan’s face.

“Could it be he took the initiative to move forward, and he isn’t feeling any fear?”

Shinji was shocked. Allan faced the bottomless Abyss without any fear.

The Illusory Abyss had no effect on Allan.

“His mentality is too strong.” Shinji sighed.

This is the first time he has encountered something like this.

“Actually, your Nen Ability is very good, but unfortunately, you used it wrong.” Allan chuckled lightly.

Shinji said solemnly: “I lost, I admit defeat.”

Allan shook his head and said: “It’s not good to admit defeat. I said before that if you can’t deal with me in one move, you will end up like Yan.”

After saying this, Allan raised his head, and Shinji’s entire body started freezing.

Finally, only the 242nd Floor’s Master was left on the ring, and his name was Takeo.

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