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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 192: Boots

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Takeo watched Yan and Shinji defeated by Allan, and his expression became ugly.

Because if he loses, it means that they were utterly defeated.

On the ring, losing was common, but losing in a three vs. one match is a great humiliation, especially to the floor masters.

It would mean that they aren’t qualified for their positions as floor masters, and countless challengers would appear to take their throne.

Takeo clenched his fist unconsciously as his pride didn’t allow him to admit defeat to Allan.

He didn’t want to be a loser.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Takeo is full of fighting spirit. Defeat him without breaking him. Reward: Divine Fists Gloves.]

[2: Overwhelm Takeo and break his fighting spirit. Reward: Boots of the Fast Walker.]

Facing the long-lost system’s option, Allan chose the second option.

He won’t just defeat Takeo, but his fighting spirit as well. He will shatter his confidence and completely crush him.

‘Huh, when did I become such a sadist?’ Allan thought

‘The system changed me. Well, I need to get the boots, so I have to do it.’ Allan sighed.

At this time, Takeo started exerting his power and rushed up and slammed his palm on the ground.

Takeo is an enhancer, and his Nen ability is called Wrath of the Earth. He can enhance his palms using his Nen and send a strong impact through the ground, creating a spike.

Sharp spikes penetrated the ring and launched a surprise attack at Allan.

Three spikes appeared under Allan’s feet and hit him directly.

The spikes penetrated Allan’s body, making the audience look in disbelief and Takeo laugh proudly: “Haha, my wrath of the earth is invincible.”

“Oh really? That not exactly true.”

The smile on Takao’s face suddenly vanished as his face stiffened.

He looked at the spikes that penetrated Allan’s body, and to his shock, they turned into Ice and crumbled down while Allan stood there uninjured.

“How I this possible? My attack hit him.” Takao exclaimed in surprise, and he quickly calmed down.

He remembered that Yan also pierced his with his spear, but Allan emerged intact after that.

“Is he immortal?”

Takao couldn’t help thinking such an absurd idea facing his current predicament.

“No, that’s impossible, even if the most powerful Nen user can’t have an immortal body.” Takao quickly denied that idea.

If Allan is immortal, then he is no longer human, but he is human.

Although he denied that Allan is immortal, he couldn’t deny that Allan has a strange ability that made him immune to damage.

“Damn it, what should I do?”

Takao was in trouble; he didn’t know if he should attack or defend.

Because he believed that even if his attack hit Allan, he won’t harm him.

“Wait, even if he is immune to damage, he will consume his power as long as he used that ability, or if the damage reaches a certain level, he won’t stay immune.”

Thinking about this, Takao decisively decided to attack with his full power.

He used Ninety percent of his Nen to enhance both of his palms, intending to give Allan a heavy blow.

Allan looked at Takao with interest and didn’t interrupt him.

There is no doubt that Takao will use all of his power in the next attack.

“The Fury of the Giant!”

Takao slammed his palms on the ground, and a strong impact shook the ring violently.

Immediately after, the ring split into four or five parts, and a giant composed of gravel and mud formed.

The giant fist hurled toward Allan with one punch after the other.

Takao believed that even if Allan is immune to damage, it’s impossible for him to remain unscathed after the bombardment from the giant.

However, at this moment, Takao felt the temperature around him drops.

“What going on? Why is it so cold?”

Suddenly, his eyes widened as the giant was suddenly frozen solid.

The cold air froze the entire Arena and froze Takao along with it.

Takao used all of his power and broke the Ice, freeing himself.

Takao was exhausted, but the coldness in the air didn’t disappear, and it made it hard for Takao to breathe.

His whole body was shaking uncontrollably.

“It’s so cold….”

Takao curled up on the ground as frost gradually appeared around his body, and in a moment, he was frozen.

[Ding! You successfully overwhelmed Takao and shattered his fighting spirit. As a result, you got Boot of the Fast Walker.]

A pair of shoes appeared in Allan’s hand as soon as the notification occurred.

The boot of the Fast walker can increase his speed by 30%.

“I like this reward.”

Although Allan was already quite fast, more speed wouldn’t hurt.

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