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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 193: Back to Whale Island

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Allan defeated the 227th floor’s master, Yan, the 235th floor’s master, Shinji, and the 242nd Floor master, Takao, in a three-on-one match. This was an impressive record that made him famous in The Heaven’s Arena.

However, on the second day after the fight, Allan left The Heaven’s Arena.

He decided to contact Gon.

Allan hasn’t contacted Gon for a long time since their separation, and he was curious about where Gon is currently.

However, after calling a few times, no one answered.

Allan had no other way than to call Killua, who should be with Gon. However, Killua didn’t answer either.

He didn’t call either Kurapika or Leorio since both of them shouldn’t be with Gon.

Allan gave up and decided to go to whale island instead.

It has been a long time since Allan left.

After traveling on the ship for a day, Allan arrived at the whale island.

The port was as lively as before, with many people coming and going.

Allan didn’t linger here for long as he directly moved toward the town.

His destination was naturally Gon’s home.

When he arrived, he didn’t see anyone and couldn’t help going to Mito’s shop.

There were only two or three guests in the pub and Mito as the bartender.

Seeing Allan at the door, Mito was stunned for a moment and then asked in disbelief: Is that you… Allan?”

Allan smiled slightly: “Yup, it has been a long time since I saw you.”

“I thought that you weren’t coming back.” Mito sighed.

Mito looked intently at Allan to see how much he changed.

She found that Allan has indeed changed.

He was taller, and his figure seemed stronger.

Allan seemed to have grown a lot and looked like a mature man.

“Although I don’t know what you experienced outside, you seem more energetic than before,” Mito said.

Allan smiled: “You two, you are more beautiful than before.”

Mito blushed and lowered her head and asked: “By the way, why did you come here?”

“Well, I couldn’t reach Gon on the phone, so I come here to take a look.”

“Well, it turns out you wanted to find gone, huh.” Mito seemed disappointed but quickly hid her feelings.

“Gon comes back with his friend Killua, but it seems that he found something his father left him and then left again saying he was going to find Ging.”

“So that’s what happened.” Allan nodded and could tell that Gon and Killua weren’t in trouble for the time being.

“How long do you plan on staying here this time?” Mito asked.

Allan thought for a bit and said: “I’m not sure. I will stay for ten days or half a month before making a plan.”

“Ok then, I will go clean Gon’s room so you can stay in there.”


Allan nodded at Mito’s thoughtfulness, then took a golden card and handed it to her and said: “There are 100 million Jenny in that card, take it.”

“Why are you giving it to me?” Mito heard such a large number was on the card and was startled and didn’t take it.

“It’s just a thank you for your care.” Allan laughed.

He didn’t forget the kindness Mito showed him when she took him in before.

Now that he had money, he naturally will return the favor even if it’s not actually much.

Mito hesitated for a bit before finally accepting the gold card.

During the days Allan stayed on whale island, he got together with Mito.

Mito felt that Allan was the right person for her, and so she was honest with her feelings and told Allan.

Allan accepted her feelings since he had a very good impression of Mito, and they got together naturally.

Allan tried contacting Killua and Gon on the phone dozens of times a day, and finally, Killua answered.

“hey, Killua?” Allan asked.

“Yeah, it’s me. Are you Allan?” Killua’s tired voice sounded from the other end.

“Yup, I’ve been trying to contact you guys for some time now.” Allan jokingly scolded with a smile.

“Excuse me, I was playing a game called Greed Island with Gon, so there was no signal there,” Killua explained.

“Greed Island?” Allan remembered the game which was made by Gon’s father, Ging Freecss, with some other people.

Although the game was made with Nen’s ability, the island actually existed, but ordinary people can’t find it.

“Then, did you guys clear it?” Allan asked.

“Well, after a lot of hard work, I cleared the game along with Gon and someone else,” Killua said lightly.

“That’s great.” Allan smiled then asked: “Where are you guys now?”

“After finishing the game, we got a card that allowed us to travel to someone’s location, and when we used it, we arrived at a place called NGL, a country part of the Mitene union.”

“You guys are in NGL?” Hearing their location, Allan knew that this country is where the Chimera Ants appeared.

In other words, it’s very likely that Gon and Killua will encounter Chimera Ants there.

The Chimera ants are creatures from the Dark Continent, and there were quite dangerous.

Even if Gon and Killua mastered their Nen abilities, they can’t defeat them.

In other words, their current situation was quite dangerous.

Allan said seriously: “Wait for me there, don’t go deep into that place, and wait for me, I will set out now.”

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