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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 199: Ponzu

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An hour later, Allan followed the squadron leader’s aura and arrived in front of a cave.

The cave was definitively a Chimera Ant’s nest.

It may be the hiding place of that Squadron Leader.

However, using his Observation Haki and [En], Allan couldn’t find the Squadron leader that escaped inside. Instead, he found many Chimera Ants, and one, in particular, was stronger than the rest.

Allan decisively made his way in, and as soon as he went in, he met a group of Ants.

These ants seemed to be waiting for Allan’s arrival, and as soon as he went in, they sealed the exit with a rock.

“Hey, are you the human that made Zac so frightened that he fled? It seems like you are indeed capable, but you out of luck since you met me now.”

The Squadron Leader said in a confident voice and looked at Allan with eyes full of greed. This Ant was the one who refused Zac’s suggestion of escaping before Parker.

Seeing the Ant speaking to him, Allan sneered and asked: “You should be a high-ranked Chimera Ant. Are you a Squadron Leader?”

“Oh? Do you actually know my rank? It seems like you’ve done your share of information gathering here.” Parker was slightly surprised.

“Since you are a Squadron Leader, you should know where the Queen is currently, right?” Allan asked.

“What?” Parker froze: “Are you looking for the Queen?”

Allan nodded: “Well, that’s right, tell me where she is, and I won’t mangle your body after killing you.”

Hearing this, Parker laughed: “What a joke, a mere human thinks he can defeat me. What qualification do you have to even glance at the Queen?”

“My strength!”

Allan directly waved the Sword Of Storm in his hand.


The violent wind swept inside the cave and sliced the Chimera Ants inside.


Seeing Allan wiping all of his subordinates in one strike, Parker’s eyes widened.

At the same time, Allan disappeared and reappeared in front of Parker’s face.

Parker was tall, shaped like a brown bear, and looked really fierce, but in front of Allan, he was just an Ant, pun intended.

He started regretting staying here and not leaving with Zac, but there is no medicine for regret.

Since Allan appeared in front of him, he had no chance of survival.

“So, tell me, where is the Queen, and I will leave you with an intact body,” Allan asked indifferently.

Parker didn’t say anything but rushed at Allan instead.

Seeing Parker planning on dying with mentioning the Queen’s whereabouts, Allan snorted and waved his greatsword, splitting Parker in two.

Allan walked out of the cave and touched his stomach, which growled in protest since h hadn’t eaten anything in a while now.

“I’m hungry.”

There is nothing to eat around here since all of the animals were eaten by the Chimera Ants.

Allan finally returned to the cave and roasted Parker.

Although it was a Chimera Ant, its meat was quite good, and it tasted like chicken.

After filling his stomach, Allan went to the next village.

After entering, he didn’t see a living soul there, which means that this place was also attacked by the Chimera Ants.

Allan expected this. Since this place was in the middle of the NGL, and Chimera Ants were all around, it would be weird if the village wasn’t attacked.

Suddenly, Allan could feel the presence of the Chimera Ants and a lot of them.

In addition to this, he felt the aura of a human.

When Allan rushed over, he found traces of battle. However, nothing was there anymore.

As he moved forward, the earth’s surface vibrated, and a huge worm-like creature penetrated the ground while opening its mouth to eat Allan.

Allan waved his sword and cut it into four and thought: “It seems that the Chimera Ants are stronger the closer I’m to the center of the NGL.”

Suddenly, Allan saw a group of wasps flying by.

“Huh? Isn’t this?”

Allan suddenly thought of a girl who had wasps like those, Ponzu.

“Could she be nearby?”

Allan knew that Ponzu was an expert in Beekeeping and can control wasps.

Right now, Allan noticed that the wasps seemed to be sending a distress signal, and they pointed toward a certain direction.

“Let’s go, lead the way.”

Allan remembered in the original show that Ponzu seemed to have been killed by the Chimera Ants when she came to the NGL to do a biological survey.

At the moment, those wasps are sending distress signals under Ponzu’s orders, which means that she is in danger.

A few Kilometers away on a hillside, a team of men and horses were fighting fiercely with a group of Chimera Ants.

Those people had good skills, but they didn’t have any weapons and couldn’t fight efficiently against the Chimera Ants.

One of the teenagers screamed angrily as he saw some people die under the Chimera Ants’ attacks.

His aura burst out, and he opened his hand and maintaining an archery posture while aiming at the Chimera Ant.

“Red Arrow!”

The boy condensed a red bow and arrow using his Nen and shot at the Chimera Ant.

The red arrow accurately hit the Chimera ant then burst into flames, Burning the Chimera Ant directly.

After killing one Ant, The boy, who is, in fact, Pokkle, continued to launch an arrow after the other at the ants.

But there were many Chimera Ants, and alone, he can’t kill them.

Seeing his companions die one after the other, Pokkle didn’t stop shooting the ants.

“Runaway, I will stay behind and hold them.” The young man shouted.

Upon hearing this, his companions had no choice but to disperse and flee.

In the forest, a young girl was running for her life while three ants were chasing after her.

Suddenly, the girl stumbled on the ground and her leg entangled in a tree root.

The girl’s expression turned desperate as the three Chimera Ants caught up.

She closed her eyes, waiting for death, but nothing happened.

The girl suddenly heard a voice and opened her eyes in doubt, only to see three chopped Chimera Ants.

Naturally, it was Allan who saved her.

“Are you Allan?” Ponzu was surprised.

“Well, long time no see, Ponzu.”

Allan smiled at the girl.

Allan helped Ponzu before in the hunter exam, and if it wasn’t for the stupidly strong people there, she would be a hunter already.

“Allan, how did you know that I’m here?” Ponzu asked in surprise.

“Your wasps brought me here,” Allan said.

“So that’s what happened.” Ponzu breathed a sigh of relief and rejoiced that she avoided this disaster.

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