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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 206: Killua vs. Pitou

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Seeing the Catwoman being blown away by Gon, Kite immediately shouted: “Hurry up, Take Gon and run.”

“I got it.” Killua nodded. He knew that Gon’s punch wouldn’t damage the Catwoman. He directly shouted: “Gon, let’s leave quickly.”

Gon realized that his attack didn’t have any effect on Pitou, but he still worried about Kite yelled: “Kite, let’s leave together.” He knew that if Kite stayed back, he would die, and Gon didn’t want that to happen.

Although Kite was very helpless about Gon’s impulsiveness, he knew that the latter was just being his kind self.

At this moment, a terrifying Aura enveloped Gon and Killua.

Kite was taken aback: “It seems that Gon’s Nen is completely useless against that monster.”

The aura seemed to turn into two dark claws grabbing Gon and Killua, respectively. Although Kite wanted to save them, he was powerless in front of the Monster.

If he did anything, that woman would kill them.

At this time, Gon and Killua couldn’t move.

“This killing intent is too strong.” Killua’s forehead oozed with cold sweat. Pitou’s killing intent dwarfed Illumi’s by far.

“Meow! If you try to run away, I will kill you immediately.”

Pitou opened her ruby red eyes and stared at Gon and Killua like a god of death.

At this moment, they knew that Pitou wasn’t someone they could contend with.

“Meow! That power you used was good, but it wasn’t enough to break my defense. In other words, I’m stronger than you. So now, it’s my turn, be ready.”

Pitou moved and was in front of Gon in an instant.

Although Gon was prepared, he couldn’t react to Pitou’s speed.

Under the watch of Killua and Kite, Gon’s body flew like a cannonball due to Pitou’s kick.

Gon flew back and broke several big trees along the way before he finally stopped.


Killua shouted.

“Bastard! How could you hurt Gon.”

Killua was really angry at this time.

He can no longer calm down.

Kite was very nervous when he saw Killua couldn’t keep his calm, and at the same time, he was even more worried about Gon.

Even if Gon used Ken to defend against that kick, he wouldn’t be able to defend.

Killua rushed at Pitou using Rhythm Echo, which creates several afterimages to confuse the opponent while making his nails sharp.

Killua suddenly waved his hand at Neferpitou without hesitation, trying to kill her.

However, Pitou easily avoided his attempt. It was like a ten-year-old kid fighting an adult, and there was no chance of winning at all.

“Meow! Your speed is good, and your skills are splendid as well, but you don’t have enough power to hurt me.”

While avoiding Killua’s attacks, Pitou evaluated the former’s power.

“Humph! Try this then.”

Killua was a Transmuter that could transform his Nen to Electricity, and right now, he activated that ability.

“Lightning Palm!”

Killua charged his hands with electric current and then waved them at Pitou.

The destructive power of this skill wasn’t great, but it can paralyze the target for a few seconds if hit.

Sure enough, Pitou was hit by the lightning palm and couldn’t move. Killua didn’t let this opportunity slide and attacked.


Killua leaped into the air above Pitou and projected a bolt of lightning from his fingers.

Killua’s attack hit Pitou directly, and her curly hair stood due to the electric shock.

“Did I make it?” (T/L: Flag!! Flag!!)

Killua was breathing hard as he retreated back, creating some distance between himself and Pitou.

Two seconds later, Pitou said: “Meow! A good attack, but it couldn’t cause any damage to my body.”

“What kind of monster is this?!”

Killua’s heart turned cold as he muttered. This Monster was too strong, and even his strongest attack couldn’t cause any damage.

“Then, it’s my turn to attack you, then, be ready.”

In the next second, Pitou disappeared and rushed toward Killua quickly that Kite could hardly follow her.

“Avoid quickly, Killua.”

As soon as Kite shouted, Pitou was already in front of Killua.

Killua was prepared, but he still couldn’t keep up with Pitou’s speed and could only cross his arms, waiting for her attack to land.


Just like Gon, Pitou Kicked Killua, and just like Gon, Killua was launched back like a cannonball.

Kite was anxious, he was worrying about Gon and Killua, but at this time, Pitou said: “Now, it’s your turn.”

After kicking Killua, Pitou directly stood in front of Kite as if looking at prey.

Kite knew that with Gon and Killua’s vitality, they wouldn’t die easily, so he temporarily stopped worrying and decided to try dealing with this Monster in front of him.

If he didn’t use 100% of his power, he would be definitively killed, so he could only try his best.

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