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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 207: Number 3, Magic Wand

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“Meow! I can tell that you’re stronger than those two.”

Feeling the Nen emanating from Kite’s body, Pitou could tell that the latter was Stronger than Gon and Killua.

Cats are curious by nature, so when they find prey they fancy, they won’t kill it directly, but instead, they would play with it till they get bored.

Pitou had the characteristics of cats, and in her eyes, Kite was a worthy prey to have fun with.

Facing Pitou’s playfulness, Kite didn’t slack off.

“Come out.”

Kite activated his Nen ability.


Kite’s Nen ability is called Crazy Slots and allows him to conjure some weapons with a clown affixed to them. A roulette appears on the clown’s tongue with numbers 1 to 9, each corresponding to a specific weapon. Whatever number randomly appears, the weapon that corresponds to that number is conjured, which means that Kite cannot choose what weapon to summon.

“What a terrifying enemy, Kite. You’re in a really dangerous situation.”

Kite said coldly: “Stop talking nonsense and give me a weapon.”

“Okay, okay, I will give you a good number this time.”

In the next second, a roulette appeared and began spinning frantically.

Then when it stopped, the number 3 appeared.

“Transform into the weapon Number 3.”

In the next second, the clown transformed into a magic wand.

“Tsk, it’s actually number 3.”

Kite wasn’t satisfied with his weapon but could do nothing about it. He will use his strongest attack with the wand.

Pitou looked curiously at the magic want in Kite’s hand: “Meow! What does that wand do? Come on, use it and let me see.”

“As you wish.”

Kite snorted coldly and rushed toward her.

“Here I go.”

Pitou tried into position but discovered that she couldn’t move.


Kite directly hit Pitou and sent her back a few meters.

“Meow! What happened just now? I couldn’t move. Is it the wand’s ability?”

After asking this, Pitou adjusted her posture and looked at Kite curiously.

Kite looked at Pitou and rushed forward again.

“I will go again. Take a look.”

Seeing Kite approaching, Pitou readied her claws to attack, but once again, she couldn’t move.

Pitou felt that her hands and feet were bound by something invisible.


Once again, Kite hit Pitou, and the latter flew back and broke two trees.

However, even though Kite used all of his strength in that attack, Pitou wasn’t harmed at all.

At this time, Pitou aimed her claws at Kite. Those claws cut Kite’s hand easily before, and if he was hit again, he would die.

Facing Pitou’s attack, Kite used the wand in his hand to block her claws.

However, even though he blocked her, he was still sent back a few steps.

Pitou took advantage of this and rushed again, attacking Kite frantically.

In front of such a fierce attack, Kite could only stand still and defend.

But Pitou’s attacks were getting stronger and stronger, and Kite could hardly resist anymore.


Suddenly, the magic wand in Kite’s and released a huge amount of Nen and imprisoned Pitou.

Pitou’s attacks stopped as Kite’s wand affected her again.

This wand had the ability in which it can stop the target and imprison them for some time, and Kite could use this ability to attack and defend.

After using this ability, Kite instantly distanced himself away from Pitou and took a fighting stance.

The effective range of this ability is only 3 meters, so if he was more than three meters away, it wouldn’t work.

Moreover, this ability consumed a lot of Nen and had a cooldown time, which is 30 seconds.

And since Pitou was too strong, he could only stop her for a second, and she would be free again.

Pitou suddenly released a huge amount of Nen as she got serious.

Kite, who was planning to take this opportunity to attack her, was shocked by the sudden burst of Nen.

In a second, Pitou was in front of Kite, who could do nothing..

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